Volume 05 – Chapter 3-4

Here we are, the final part of chapter 3! With more enemies, you start appreciating any potential allies more. Kenta is

Well, first Extra is still laying low for me to get some mental distance to it. Also need to research SAO-base story once more, have some XXXs where I didn’t know a name or a number. Still, hope to polish it next week and put it on Patreon.

Also got a fast chibi when I looked at some of the design drafts for the next volume. Should I ask MioChin to make more of them when he has time?

Next time, we look at how Kenta faces the people, who are right in a sense, while he’s also right to want to stay alive, which makes it a right vs. right situation, while the wrong is doing nothing, hiding in plain sight…


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Volume 1 – Chapter 1-2 REWORKED

Hey guys, after catching up to many things I missed while I was on the convention, I was finally able to update the next of the old chapters. Nothing too fancy here, but nonetheless a needed step. Will most likely pick up the pace starting next week, though I’ll add some status-pages in addition to MioChin’s illustrations.

Then when stuff comes around, I’ll also add other status-pages. Of course you’re gonna be up-to-date, I’ll post everything image-related here.

On another note, whenever I re-read anything I’ve written, especially that early in my writing “career”, my heart is aching and I have the desire to rewrite it entirely, though I should be proud of it, as it kickstarted everything… Hope that I can keep this rewrite-mentality for the day I may want to see my work on paper, and have the time and will to make it happen. 😉

Kenta drawn by Dorothee Wittstock

Hey guys, I’m back from the convention and I brought you something, an artwork from fantasy illustrator Dorothee Wittstock. I asked for a more realistic version of a character and she chose Kenta. 😉

Kenta drawn by Dorothee Wittstock

Still, there is something wrong here. Can any of you tell me what? 😀

Volume 05 – Chapter 3-3

Here is the next part, it shows how good Kenta is thinking on his feet. Or moving on them.

Volume 1 illustrations are finished, but as I’m on the convention right now (scheduled chapter), I won’t have any time to start releasing the reworks fast enough… I’m DMing myself two sessions, so if anyone happens to be on a convention as well and read about a DM named kentusrpg, it’s me. Or an imposter, in that case, throw rocks at that evil hamster!

Next part will be about how Kenta copes with the situation he’s left with at the end of today’s part.


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Volume 1 – Chapter 1-1 REWORKED

Here it is. The longish chapter-part, as I wanted to introduce Kyou as fast as possible. Some might believe that introducing her at all was a fatal mistake… 😀

Also features an updated status-page for Kyou (I even removed the ring for new readers). Will most likely revised later, but I don’t know when we have time and resource to make a proper “Kyou Priest Before Volume 4”-picture. At least then I can ask for ringless and ring-on versions! 😀

Status Momokawa Kyou

Actually, I might soon pick up the pace with releasing the REWORKS, as the illustrations are doing well, 3 of 4 are finished and the last one only needs some minor quirks. May as well do the rest (more status pages, etc.) afterward, as the writing is more important… but doing it in one go just feels better, more complete than revisiting the rest… >_<

I’ll be at a convention this weekend (one of the biggest RPG/Tabletop-conventions of the country), so I’ll schedule the next chapter, so that you don’t have to wait for me to return. I hope everything will be alright with it…


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Kenta Pikeman Red Armor

Here we have another image of a character in another [Class], this time it’s Kenta as a [Pikeman] in his red armor. Also got a version for his old armor and even his old armor and longish hair, will put it when I’m posting the reworked volume 1. 😉

Also changed the status-page at the end of volume 4.

Kenta Pikeman Level 50

Volume 05 – Chapter 3-2

Kenta is there! He’s about to do it, something which had to be done since several volumes!

Illustrations of volume 1 are going well, another matter is even closer to being finished… the character-designs of all of Inoue Masahiko’s party members, the superfriends! Blaze you, Blaise! Without you, I wouldn’t call them that way! 😀

The alpha-draft of Extra 1 is finished, I want to say: I like the first main story of SAO (Aincrad-Saga/Volume 1 of the Light Novel), it just had… some things that cannot withstand closer examination.

Next time, we explore the brooding conflict between the girls more and Kenta will find new ways to deal with his problems.

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Volume 01 – Prologue REWORKED

Hey there, the prologue of volume 1 has been reworked… for a second time. Last attempt to rework the first volume failed due to lack of PRs, but some time ago, I asked a now disbanded group of PRs and Editors on RRL (DRAFT) to help me with this, though the job was left unfinished… well, with Orion’s help, who PRed the rest, it’s finally done, volume 1 will be updated, first on this blog bit by bit.

You can read the prologue here.

What exactly changed? Here and there a sentence more or less, trying to get past Grammar issues, and so on. Nothing big overall, but I hope that it is an improvement to get new readers more easily hooked up.

MioChin is also working on the illustrations of volume 1, that’s why I make it weekly (or try to), so that there is more time to include them when they appear. I’ll also post the new illustrations when updating on the blog.

RRL will get the updates simultaneously, so if you prefer to read there, you can do it.


Adding the stuff below just because I got used to it. 😉

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Volume 05 – Chapter 3-1

The third chapter starts! Kenta is about to implement his masterplan… or maybe more of his quick and dirty scheme to deal with his daily problems. Will it succeed?

The poll is over, SAO wins by 2 votes! Thanks for participating, though I was already about to start an MIB-story, so this may come soon enough. The structure of the SAO-story will be much different after all. Let’s see if things will be as I imagine it.

Still writing new stuff, I guess I’m around the second half of that volume, though when writing an alpha-draft it’s always hard to tell where I am, as I just add stuff along the way as I please and find logical. Plus, many, many rewrites, killing of hours of writing time, as I rearrange stuff and such.

Next time,  Kenta will find some hot action!

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