Volume 08 – Chapter 6-3

Alright, Tuesday is the funeral and I hope that this will make it easier. Overall, getting on with your life is the only sensible choice after all. Let’s see how much writing I can put into action though.

MioChin sent me several drafts for the pictures and the one picture I wanted to be finished in time is finished. So happy! 😀

Last time, Ara’ainn caved in to the Oni (well, more the squirrels) and Kenta is still unconscious, though maybe safe?

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Volume 08 – Chapter 6-2

Hi, things are starting to calm down and I’ve added several pages to volume 9 in my mourning. Guess, books aren’t just escapism for readers, but for writers as well. ^^’

Last time, we checked in with Rine and Kyou and also with Kenta. Let’s see what Ara’ainn is doing! 😀

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Volume 08 – Chapter 6-1

Hey there. My personal life is a bit taxing right now, as someone close to me died, and I have to take care of the funeral. Definitely nothing to be envied with…

Last time, Kenta was almost dead at the bottom of a cliff, Ara’ainn was first stabbed through the stomach, then healed, and left behind unconscious, while Rine and Kyou have been taken away by Gottfried. The situation is kinda dire, isn’t it?

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Volume 08 – Chapter 5-6

One day later than I wanted, didn’t have the time. Or rather, I spent too much time on Sonic Frontier…

MioChin messaged me again, this time with some drafts, though I hope the one piece I really want at launch of the chapter will be there in time…

Last time, Kenta fell down a cliff and Rine, Kyou, and Ara’ainn were encased within earthen walls with Gottfried. Will there be a way?

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Volume 08 – Chapter 5-4

Tomorrow is Halloween! Make sure to enjoy it, so that all the advertisement, the changes of Discord’s loading button, and everything else was worth it!

MioChin is again not answering, which makes me sad, especially given that we chose a scene later that I really want to be illustrated, and it’s slowly but steadily approaching…

Last time, Gottfried caught up, yet the party was able to escape once again by a timely monster interference. Let’s see how much luck there is left for the family!

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Volume 08 – Chapter 5-1

I’m back to rewriting stuff I did in volume 9, because after sleeping over it, I’m not that content with it. Reality of a writter…

Last time, Kenta got some seizure, as it turns out that the air of the fantasy world is not safe to breathe for humans of our world and therefore Kenta with his [Surpressed Heroism]-condition isn’t able to deal with it anymore…

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Volume 08 – Chapter 5-1

I should have written more of volume 9, but somehow the week was over suddenly. That’s exactly why the chapter is a day later than usual. Sorry about that. -_-‘

Do you know what wordpress became unable to do? To insert bulletpoint formatting inside a table. Or to merge table cells. Unless it’s now hidden behind a paywall, but as even using “old editor” doesn’t allow me to code it directly… Such needless pain…

Last time, Kenta was hit by the strange light of the lantern and he stopped speaking this world’s language and reverted to Japanese. What will go wrong now?

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Volume 08 – Chapter 4-4

Still writing volume 9, I guess around two-thirds down, depending how much I accidentally stretch the current part. I do stretch so much already to fill with character interactions and building blocks to make sense of certain outcomes, that I’m positive that I will continue doing so… *sigh*

Last time, Kenta decided to attack Gottfried. Let’s look how this will turn out…

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