The species of the fantasy world, arranged accordinly by appearance in the novel.

Humans: Chances are high, that you already know what a human is. You know, the ape-like beings, which are, despised being considered as intelligent, constantly doing things, which shouldn’t.
Examples: Katsuragi Kenta, Momokawa Kyou, Katarine von Stolzherz

Ss’rak: The lizard people, they’re nimble climbers and uses their claws, teeths and tails as natural weapons. There is a whole city in the Vulkan mountain range, all devoted to Muaotef, the god of the ss’rak, who is a dragon himself.
Examples: the patriarch (name unknown), the Voice of Muaotef

Alfar: Also called ‘the young folk,’ who are a bit too playful to most other species. They can use magic to influence living beings like plants, animals, or people. They also tend to be more intelligent than other species.
Examples: Ara’ainn, Oro’hekk

Demons: They come in many forms and shapes, but they have usually horns, claws, fangs, and other monster-like traits. They don’t think  like most other species, they have a clear desire for destruction.
Examples: The red oni (name unknown)