Volume 04 – Chapter 2-1

Hey there, the next part is out! I was a bit late this time, sorry, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to wait for certain stuff, so I was out this morning and afternoon (local time).

Now it’s time to start the next journey, everything is still tame though. It’s time to travel southwest, to visit lands unknown to Japanese heroes. It’ll take some time to get there, especially since the volumes don’t exactly use that much time… Volume 4 will also take only a few days. So 1 fantasy-month, 50 days… This will fill some volumes, I fear. 😀

I also made some changes to my former map of this part of the Wildlands, as I forgot that I trashed my former map sketch, because it looked stupid. I already written the novel around the current design, so I somehow just forgot that it’s already established…

We can also see the new character-design of Kyou, it was MioChin’s idea to haul it over for her new class-up, it wasn’t originally intended for volume 4, but look at her, she looks more adult now… Status-page will be included next chapter! 😉

There we will also see how Kenta’s family will do in the next battle, there will be also e new illustration as well… so much at once!

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Volume 04 – Chapter 1-3

The final part of chapter 1, and a new status-page there as well. The illustration was made by MioChin (in a bit of a hurry) and may be the first of an ever-growing collection of pics for the status-pages, to show Kenta and the girls in their respective classes. Though we’ll still prioritize other stuff, since there are at least 12 more to only depict volume 4 (2x Student, Ranger, Pikeman, Herbalist, Priest, Cook, Princess Knight, Accountant, Druid, Acrobat, Bookie). But having the characters in different body-types, styles, and poses is indeed a nice thought. 😀

I’ve changed the name of the [Sleepurnal]-skill to [Dormurnal], the original intent of the naming couldn’t be accomplished (discrepancies between my native language and English), so after a while I settled for something, which seems more fitting, as diurnal and nocturnal are using Latin for day and night. I chose “dorm-” because there is the term “dormant,” which at least gives the idea what this could mean.

Too bad, that there is no easy, already every-day term for being still active, while sleeping… maybe because that concept itself is so strange. 😉

What else to say to the chapter? It’s wrapping up the whole preparation-phase, a new beginning into new adventures. Of course, there is a bit of delving into Kenta’s character here, he has some time to relax, which became a luxury with 3 girls with all their needs and flaws. 😀


Still need to think about the non-canonical extra,  though I’m a bit closer to stuff that’s fun to write. I’m still taking suggestions though. The canonical extra will be most likely about 3 of Kenta’s classmates, that you’ve might forgot. Kenta really put them in a bad spot! ^^’


Next part will set the new destination and journey!


Volume 04 – Chapter 1-2

The second part of the first chapter of Volume 4. We take a look at the daily life of Kenta and his wives, but there is also the bad p-word involved… Do your best!!! >.<

On the art-side, we try to get some extra done in time, I hope it’ll be ready next week, just a slight add-on, but one that would make me happy. The other artwork is done for volume 4, will be great!

Still considering what to add as my non-canonical extra, either a chance for readers to ask questions to the characters, or maybe I’m starting rewriting a simple fairy tale, as I can’t help to think it’d be hilarious to see how things like Little Red Riding Hood would end up, if we set the “I hate wed”-cast in there. Your opinions or ideas?

Well, final par of chapter 1 will be released next week again, we’ll see one of many strategies to come up with, when the “p” emerges! 😉

Volume 4 – Chapter 1-1

Next part, you can see the next status-page design for now, it’s a bit more glamorous than what you could already see. Plus, it has actually new stats, Kenta in his [Ranger]-class.

There is a bit of a technical talk there, a new facette of the hero-system is revealed.  Also, how Ara’ainn and Kenta fare with their unwanted sexual attraction to each other.

Next time, the curse will reveal another very important change, which may be a bit uncomfortable. Especially for Ara’ainn. Also, there will be another wife-conference, let’s see what the girls are talking about, when Kenta is not around!


Another Thank you for Solracmar, who always put a good word for my story on Novel Upates.


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