Summary Volume 3

WARNING: This is a massive spoiler since it’s a summary of the whole volume 03. This is supposed to remind readers, what happened in this volume so they can pick up future novels more easily.

If you haven’t read volume 03, you will get the whole story spoiled!

If you want to read the synopsis of the full story, use the link.

Guess who it is? It’s Katsuragi Kenta, the pessimistic gamer, who was summoned into another world, and got “married” twice against his will by a cursed ring. My “wives” are my former classmate Momokawa Kyou, the super-nagging bitch, and the crown-princess of the country, which summoned us in the first place, Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine.

As returning to Feuerberg after “kidnapping” the princess was no longer an option, we set out to th Wildlands, a rather rough place. We met a merchant called Correo, and his daughter Ogra, which we saved from an attack of scaleetles, shark-beetle monsters with arms. This Correo-guy is a relic merchant, relics as in: Magic items that interacts with heroes.

Ogra told us about the elven village of Aroahenn, while we bought off the rest from her father, what we learned made us hope to find a way to break the curse of the ring. We ditched them and followed the map, Correo included in his price. The elves also had a relic, which can delete hero-classes, much to the joy of Kyou-san, who wanted to get rid of her [Healer]-class.

Then we met the elves… or better, the alfar, who are about everything but any elf I met in any game I played. The reason, why they’re called the “young folk” is, because they never grow up! It’s like they’re a bunch of puberscent brats!

After a hell of a harrassing via sex jokes and other psychological attacks, we were brought to Ara’ainn, the hero-sage, an alfr hero. She studied heroes for about a century, though she’s lazy beyond belief. But she was curious about us, so we traded ourselves for some information gathering and experiments for a place to eat and sleep plus knowledge regarding curses.

During this time, two of my former classmates arrived, Hoshibashi and Yoshimura. We let the alfar believe, that they’re bad intruders, because the only way to get pass the wards of the alfar is by being invited: Means they had no way to get to us. I just thought they were after us, because of Rine.

But when we met the Elder of Aroahenn, their true intention was clear. They were allied with the demons, Correo had given them a map as well, which summoned them. Good thing I burned ours, because of my distrust for Correo. We engaged them, pummeled them, then they disengaged to get to the treasury of the alfar, Rine and Kyou-san faced a big oni who was in the way, while Ara-san and I hurried after Hoshibashi and Yoshimura.

Rine had the fight of her life, as the squirrels attacked… yes, squirrels. They used to live in Ara-san’s kitchen, made her suffer badly once, so Rine wanted to chase them away and killed them by a dozen then. The squirrels made two other attempts to harm Rine then, which both failed (you don’t attack Rine while she’s asleep!). In the end, Kyou-san was able to give actually some assistance, it seems.

Ara-san and I had real trouble, as Hoshibashi and Yoshimura deleted their [Student]-classes, their first and original class. With it gone, something from themselves vanished as well, but boy, was that a power-up!

We struggled, but thanks to the regional effect or the mana-generating tree Aeolferelda, Ara-san got a boost, which overpowered those two over time. But the oni barged in, took them and some items and fled the scene.

Then I was tricked: Ara-san tried to become my friend before, and the moment I succumbed, was the moment she used to “propose” to me, now she’s my third “wife.” She thought, it would be some sort of party-system, so she was surprised as well, but nonetheless, now she’s also cursed and it has some strange effect on us: Because usually, alfar aren’t attractive at all for humans…