Official Art

This artwork was made by MioChin and when we have time, we will put more into this category. First would be the new cover. But until then, I just include what’s already there and keep the old stuff around.



Textless Cover

Lion's Cursed Ring

Lion’s Cursed Ring

Face-draft Kenta

Face-draft Kenta

Momokawa Kyou Priest Level 5 (Chapter 1-1)

Chapter 2-2

character-design Momokawa Kyou (Chapter 2-2)

Chapter 2-3

Katsuragi Kenta Pikeman Level 37 (Chapter 2-3)

Chapter 3-2

Chapter 4-2

Katsuragi Kenta Pikeman Level 38 (Epilogue)

Momokawa Kyou Priest Level 20 (Epilogue)

Old Art

Artwork made by myself. I agree, that it’s nowhere the level of MioChin, but that’s how it started.

Cover Volume 1 Text

Old Cover

Katsuragi Kenta Katsuragi Kenta


First shown draft


Momokawa Kyou

Extra 1

Extra Picture -will be redone maybe!?

Volume Page Prologue