Chapter 4 – The Curse, the Wife and Someone else

Chapter 4 – The Curse, the Wife and someone else


Rine and I are still on top of the summit. We have setting up a camp, since this is still the best place for a night’s rest within hours of walking and climbing. I put some bearington-meat on a bone, which serves as a skewer, and grill it over our campfire.

Good thing, Kyou-san and I filled our [Inventory] with some wood beforehand. But we have to organize it again, since Rine’s equipment just jumbled everything up.

If you use your inventory, a window appears, in which you just have to concentrate on the specific item and then you can take it out. The size of that window is vast, so if you want to take things out in a hurry, you have to know where what is. And it got even bigger, whenever someone joined the curse.

You can rearrange items, but now with Rine in our ‘party’, it just sorted itself by a system, I can’t understand and which is totally anti-intuitive. Why did the drop-items wander to the upper-left corner of the window, where you normally would put your consumables?


Rine is checking the skewers and I try to concentrate on the part, I’m going to talk about. How should I initiate it? I told her to sit down, then I suggested that we first set up for camp and now I ran out of things, we could put before.

“Alright, here goes nothing. Rine, it’s time for our talk.”

“Yes.” She nods strongly, as if she have waited the whole time for it, preparing herself. Well, most likely she did.

“I’m blunt. You got cursed.”

“Cursed? The one you talked about?”

“…Don’t know exactly. But both are at least related.”

“Ah. I don’t get it.”

“Look at your left hand.”

She does as I told and surprise colors her face. She’s looking at the ring, which magically appeared on her hand back then. She really didn#t noticed until know, didn’t she? What an airhead.

“It may be the same curse or a curse invoked from it, but now we’re both suffering. So…” I want to say, that I’m sorry, but I’m more feeling awkward than sorry.

“Hm…” She tries to remove the ring, but of course, it doesn’t work. “It looks like Kyou’s. It has even the same motif.”

She’s right. A lioness is engraved into the ring. It looks exactly as Kyou-san’s.

“And because of that curse, some things happened. At first, you became a hero. What you can see at the edge of your view is related to that.”

Rine widens her eyes. Then she tilts her head, checking out my face. Now she’s trembling. And then, starts to giggle.

She believes me! She believes me and is glad about it!

“I’m a hero… I can be a hero… *giggle*”

Let’s put a downer on that, she’s irritating me!

“And the curse got us in a strange relationship, which it calls ‘marriage’, so for the curse, you and I are husband and wife.”

Even though I hate that circumstance by itself, it’ll be kinda satisfying to destroy Rine’s happy mood with something like that.

Rine’s giggling suddenly stops, hearing my words.

And she becomes red as a tomato: “You and I… married?”

Halt! Why is the atmosphere turning pink and cloudy? Is the air currently sparkling? It’s scary!

“Kenta and I…”

Someone! Something strange is happening to Rine! Her eyes are dreamy and yearning and I can’t tell why!


Without a warning, Rine is knocking me over.


You gain 1 WP.

Being embraced by your wife after making her happy may be standard, but it’s still heartfelt.


She’s crushing me! Is this an embrace or a wrestling technique?

Her leather armor is pushing into my chest, making it hard to breath. Wait, it’s a bit flexible, so I get the faint impression of what’s below the armor, but in the end, I can’t feel anything beside the pain!

With a hard time breathing, I can’t do anything but groan and tapping on Rine’s back. Time out! Time out!

She finally realizes, what she does to me and let me go.

“Huff… huff… I thought I would die.”

“Ke- Dear, I’m sorry.”

“Stop calling me that! Why are you even happy about it!”

“Why shouldn’t I be?” She’s tilting her head, as if I asked her a stupid question.

“Just tell me!”

“Dear… Kenta… You’re smart, right?”

Well, I’m not a genius or so, but I may be a bit smarter than the average student. “In comparison to you and most around me, yes.”

“And you’re strong! You’re able to fight along-side me and even cover up my mistakes.”

“You’re way stronger? But yes, I did grind some levels, so I’m currently the strongest hero… at least of my class.” There may be more heroes out there, but none of my classmates could beat me.

“And even though you’re sometimes emotional, you don’t let your emotions get the better of you. You still judge calmly and even if you’re not, you do the right thing.”

“I’m not emotional! And of course I decide the best course of actions based on reason!”

“And even though I mess up so many times, you’re still with me and helps me. You’re unbelievably kind.”

It’s more about her being useful, but I may be actually kind. Kind enough to not abandon Rine at a crucial moment, even though she’s driving me crazy. “Let’s go with it.”

“So Kenta, you’re my ideal!”

Wait, wait, wait. How did she jump to that conclusion?

What did she said about her ideal, during that damn girl-talk? The ability to remember details is crucial to enjoy a good story to its fullest.

Clever, strong, kind and even-tempered.

That’s me.

I’m such a sinful man.


“Wait, wait, wait, Rine! Don’t jump into conclusions! There is no way, that I’m your ideal man!”

“Kenta, I know you’re modest, but after you helped me fighting these kobolds in the cave, I already felt, that you may be the one. But since you were together with Kyou, I tried to distance myself from you.” How did you distance yourself from me? You use any opportunity to invade my personal space! “And now we’re married!”

“We’re not! It’s the curse! It only pretends us to be! Don’t listen to it!”


“No buts! Keep your calm! If you and I were married, I would also be married to Kyou-san. Did you get the feeling, that we get along?”

“Yes.” Such naivety! “But you and Kyou married… Kenta, you cheater! Criminal! Sinner! How can you do this to Kyou!? And humanity!” She’s hitting me relatively weak into the chest, means that the rips are only feeling like they’re breaking.

“Ouch! It’s the curse! The curse!”

Even though the pain will subside quickly, it’s still pain and I’m not someone who would get off with it.

One, two, three hits later, Rine finally stops, even though she still looks suspicious.

“Phew.” This is troublesome. “So monogamy is a thing in this world as well, I presume.”

“What’s mono…”

“Monogamy. Marriage with only two partners.”

“…There is a word to it? I thought it’s normal.”

“It is in my world, even though I guess, there are some countries, where it isn’t.” I think, Japan also had a time of… multigamy? What’s the word again… poly. Polygamy. Like polyester.


“Aren’t there no cultures here, which have more than one marriage partners?” Maybe this might point to the ones, who made this cursed ring in the first place!

“Of course not! If there were, then- Ah! What do we do!?”

“What’s the problem?”

“We broke a divine law. You may only marry one partner!”

“First, we aren’t married. Second, what would be the punishment?”


“Death penalty for polygamy? What’s this!?”

“It’s a divine law. Don’t you know them?”

“Obviously not! Damn it! Why do the gods mettle so much! Can’t they lie back and do nothing!?”

“What good is a god, who does nothing?”

“Don’t know, don’t care, but your gods are annoying!” From the one who brought me here to Muaotef, everything called a god is an enemy here! “Just tell me about the laws.”

“There are only few divine laws, which exist in every culture. Elves, dwarves, the folk, even the demons abide the divine laws.”

“Even demons? Aren’t they anti-god?”

“They serve their demon-gods. And we the human-gods. It’s a bit different, but in the end, everyone are the children of the gods.”

Wait, wait, wait! Why do I get this important exposition only now?

Maybe because I skipped the tutorial?

“Go on.”

“Where was I? Ah. When there are too many divine-lawbreakers within a single race, then the entire species is exterminated by the gods. So the legend.”

“You can’t be serious. Just because some people decide to marry more than one partner, their entire species is going to get wiped out? What kind of behavior is that?”

“It’s only a legend, but to be sure, all cultures have decided the death penalty upon breaking one of the laws. So there will never be too many lawbreakers.”

“So if this gets out, then you and I and Kyou-san are going to get killed?”


“…” This is no joke. But there is a bright side to all that: “Good thing, this is a curse, right Rine?”


“Right, Rine?”



In can see a drop of sweat running down her cheek. “…Yes.”

“But to be on the sure side, we’ll never talk about this. OK?”


“Good. Now that’s off the table, take my hand!”


“WP-grinding. And don’t look so confused, I’ll explain it, but for now you take my hand and put your head on my lap. Meanwhile, let’s talk about the hero-system, the curse and the other stuff, you better know, newbie!”

It’s not the first time, I run a newbie through a game system. This time, it only happens while holding her hands and her head on my lap.

This is messed up!



You gain 1 WP.

Your sister-wife is holding hands with your husband. You should try it together with her, to strengthen the bond between you three.


Grinding my teeth, I stare at the message. Again. He’s probably only thinking about the WPs, but rubbing this whole mess into my face is excruciating.

He is stuck in the [Student]-class again and this might make him nervous.

And I’m sure, the whole ‘second marriage’ is an accident, just like mine.

But I want to kill him right now.

Probably he didn’t even realize, how much in trouble all of us are.

At least I’m free, although I’m sure, that Teru-chan and Eri-chan are closely watching me. My own friends are doubting me!

Even Masahiko-kun, someone who is way too kind for his own good! He may be a bit arrogant and self-centered, but in the end, Masahiko-kun tries to think the best of people. That’s why he’s well-loved.

Daichi-kun have both feet on the ground and a keen protective instinct. He will never abandon a friend, but he doesn’t think highly of self-serving people.

Katsuo-kun is a rather dark character, who can only properly communicate with his friends. I guess, Masahiko-kun’s presence makes him feel better with himself.

Teru-chan is small and cute, but is secretly full of dirty thoughts. But she would never show that side to the boys. But that may be the reason, she uses a spear as a weapon. Since she’s short and dirty. But she’s good at housework.

Eri-chan isn’t that popular with the boys, but she isn’t interested in the first place, since she have Masahiko-kun as a childhood-friend. They are probably still not going out, but she’s measuring every boy with him, so who else would stood a chance?

I was freed by them, but there was one condition: I have to take them to Ken. Most likely they think something like he’s forcing me to do his bidding, but in the end, I’d better return. Since I got a certain message…


You and your husband were forced apart! If you won’t return to him, within two days, you will suffer the same curse as him. You’ll be as one, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health.


I hope there is a ‘until death do us part’-part in this whole abomination of a wedding. Since I really have the urge to kill him, contaminating me with this curse! This plaque!

What have I done to deserve this? Maybe I’m a bit harsh at times, but if I don’t do that, who knows what Ken will think he can do with me.

He helped me level up, but this isn’t worth it. And now I know, that I can’t even separate from him, without endangering my life. The SP-drain of his curse will slowly kill me.

So yes, of course I take every chance to get back to him! And here goes my female dignity, not being to let a man go, always seeking him. I want it back!

But there is a problem. Since I have no idea where Ken is, I have to find him. And having my friends around makes it safe. So I agreed to their offer. Maybe they’ll kill him and I’ll be free. Yes, that would be the best course of action.

…no, that’s only frustration of how powerless I am about the situation. Even if I want Ken to feel as guilty as possible, it’s not like everything is his fault. But it’s not mine either!

What do I do!? I’m sure that most of my friends want to jump on an opportunity to make Ken’s life miserable, but even if I don’t mind him being a bit roughed up, I get the feeling, that it won’t end well for anyone. And for me the least!

Since it’s already late, the provisional camp became a true one. I also need this time to contact Ken, even though I don’t want to be seen while doing so.

So I have to create a situation, where I won’t be.


Interpreting my look right, Eri says: “We’re back in a minute.”

Bathroom break.

I stand up.

“Wait, Kyou-chan. Do you need your backpack?”

“Don’t you?”

I’m shocked. Does that mean, that neither Eri-chan nor Teru-chan are taking ‘after care’? I suggest what I mean with a small gesture.

“Ah, sorry.” Eri blushes. “I…”

Most likely she doesn’t know if she have to treat me like a prisoner or a friend, so she just suspected me bringing my backpack with me.

“It’s alright.” I smile. I want to hurt her, but I smile anyway! I thought we’re friends!

Both of us remove ourselves from the camp and after a minute of walking, I sit down behind a bush, so Eri-chan can see the back of my head.

I take the backpack off my shoulders and pull out a writing pen and paper. After writing my message, I throw everything back into the backpack.

Ken is stupid. If he was half as smart as he think he is, he would have already figured out, that you may use our [Shared Inventory] for communication. He only needs to find my message and everything will be fine. I even put it right in the upper-left corner of the inventory-screen, since he’ll be irritated by it.

I stand up, go to Eri-chan and apologize.

“Sorry. Sorry I can’t help you much.”

She’s still watching me warily. “Can’t you talk about it?”

I shift my eyes slightly to the side. “I can’t.” Because telling them this story would not only be embarrassing, but also humiliating.

Good thing, that many movies and novels have stuff like that, so it doesn’t seem odd, that there is a kind of control device, which refrains me of doing certain actions.

They figured already out, that the ring have something to do with it. So let’s use it.

Eri-chan is embracing me. I pull her into my arms as well.

“Kyou-chan, both of us know, what we’re capable of. So I won’t fully trust you.”

“Aren’t we friends?”

“Yes, we are. So we know a lot about each other.”

Relationships between girls may have some power-struggles. Before coming to this world, I was the one in charge. For now, it’s Eri-chan. We’re friends, rivals and enemies, all at the same time.

The one who manipulated the boys to abandon me was Eri-chan. And Teru-chan supported her wholeheartedly. Knowing that I’ll try my best to get payback as soon as possible. And she thinks, this might be my chance to.

Naive. I’ll take my time. And then you’ll cry.

Eri-chan and I are friends. And because of this, we won’t hold back!


“This was intense!”

Rine is still blushing, because of all that hand-holding. Even though she says she understands the premise, that I want to grind these WPs, I’m sure, she actually doesn’t.

Her head is already too full with flowers.

After dinner and interviewing her thoroughly, I learned the five divine laws.

  1. You may only serve one god at a time.

  2. You may not change your gender.

  3. You may not bring the dead back to actual life.

  4. You may have only one partner in marriage.

  5. You may not officially change your name, unless due marriage.

These are very… strange. I mean, with all the possibilities to enforce divine will, they went with these five and are even threatening the mortals with genocide if they break them.

What about murder? Rape? Adultery? All the stuff the various religions in my world say are bad, aren’t much of a big deal here, but woe betide anyone who changes his name, because it could cause his entire species to be wiped out. Bullshit!

…nonetheless, I better write them down. Even though they’re pointless.

The hero-system lacks a journal, so I can’t reread the details of the setting, means if I want to come back to it, I better write it down manually. What a shitty system! Journals are common nowadays!

Well, this world is not a game. So why should anyone include a function, which would actually be useful here?

“Phew…” I open our [Inventory] and it’s still jumbled. Let’s look where the paper is. Wait, weren’t only drop items in the upper-left corner just now? Why is there a paper? A letter? A letter from Kyou-san!

Hastily, I take it out and read it.

Just reading the first words, I rub my eyes and read again. I really think, that I just read ‘Die Ken’ instead of ‘Dear Ken’.

Yep, ‘Die Ken!” With an exclamation mark.

Die Ken!

Please, just die! I’m currently with Inoue Masahiko’s party and we want to find you. You must also be anxious about the curse, so tell me, where we shall meet. Be quick or you will regret it. So tell me the prominent landmarks you can see, so we can meet up there.

Momokawa Kyou

P.S. I know you pulled Rine-chan into this!

I can see the anger she was feeling when writing that letter. We could probably meet up here, but then she would most likely complain, that this is too stressful. So someplace you can see from afar, but won’t be too hard to get to.

And since she’s hanging out with Inoue, it should be better be a place, where we can flee from them, if things go wrong. They’re still after Rine, even though she’s our prey! But I’m a bit vulnerable right now. So where should we meet up…

I look around and see a mountain range, a tall mountain between smaller ones. Looks like an one-finger salute. This might work. There is a forest right before it, so there would be an escape-route.

I write down that location between some insults, using the backside of the same letter, and put it in the middle of the inventory-screen. Kyou-san always wants to keep the important stuff there for some reason.

Since Rine will just follow whatever I say, I see no need to tell her yet. While she’s still trapped in her own delusions, looking at me, looking at her hand, giggling, smiling, for short, annoying me, I just check my status.

Still the same. How about abilities… I may have ground some AP… too bad, that there are no pop-up messages for level ups and acquired skills in [Pikeman] and [Scout].

What a joke. I got another [Survival]-skill: [Mountain-climber], which makes it easier to move around any mountainous terrain. Funny thing, that I found it, while I can’t use it. My [Scout]-class is blocked!

But why did I get it in the first place? Could it be, that the skills you learn are depending on your activities? Or your needs?

On the other hand, I only wear hide armor, so why did I get the [Chain] and [Cuirass] skills?

But [Hide] was the first I got back then… Then [Leather], [Chain] and [Cuirass]. So maybe it is related.

Let’s take a look at the [Perception]-ability. The order of learned skills were [Farsight], [Focus], [Darksight], [Sleepurnal], and [Pitch]. It seems almost logical, even though I needed [Sleepurnal] the most. But it may be a high-leveled technique, while [Pitch] is not. But beside that, the sequence makes sense, I needed to see the monsters from afar, focusing on their movements and attacks and then I got [Darksight]. But didn’t I start cave exploration and night-combat not only after attaining [Darksight]?

It’s not like I needed [Distraction] from the [Stealth]-ability, either.

I guess I figured it out.

After collecting a certain amount of AP, you learn a skill, which reflects your past behavior, as long as your ability-level is enough for that skill. If you can’t learn a skill, which fulfills the conditions, you learn a random skill, which is at your level.

If this is correct, I can decide by myself to a degree, which skills I want to learn. Or rather, I could, if I had any idea, which skills exist! Ah! Hero-system, you’re so non-transparent! How are we supposed to use you efficiently, if you offer no guide, besides that shitty booklet, which offers no details!


If this was a game, I would message the admin!


Or better, just log out!

I hate being in this world!


“What is it!?”

“You seem to be irritated.”

“I am. So be quiet!”

“We’ll find her.”

“Who? The one responsible for that shitty system?”


“What about her?”

“Aren’t you upset, because we couldn’t find her here?”

“…Uaah, I finally forgot! Why do you need to make everything worse?”


Wait, just stop using your weapons! I’m allergic to tears! Don’t cry!

Damn it, now I have to apologize for telling the truth!

“I- … I’m sorry. You’re- right!” I can hardly say a word because of the bitterness.

She looks up to me, even though we’re about the same height, and uses her twinkle eye beam to destroy any form of resistance within me.

Seriously, whenever I put her into a bad mood, she forces me to apologize and then hits me with a surprise attack.

“Kenta… may I sit on your lap?”

How… how did you come to that!? There is no connection, what’s going on, it’s irrational! “…why?”

“You said you want to earn that WPs. And it’s only a small thing… which would make me happy.

I just pretend, that I didn’t hear the last part. I don’t want to think about, what’s going on in her head, because I fear for my own sanity, if I do that!

So Rine has looked into the list how to earn WP. And found something she wanted to do.

I don’t want anyone to sit on my lap! I’m a healthy young man and Rine is an attractive woman. Nah, more like a beautiful girl with the behavior of a child, so only physically attractive. But nonetheless, I may ‘react’ if she sits on my lap.

I casually check her bottom. Yes, it’s beautiful. The healthiness inside me expresses its desire to fondle that behind. It seems round and firm and her pelvis are ideal for child-making.

Thinking about having this nice ass right in front of my son is quite arousing. But this is this and that is that. Mind over body, accept your arousal but never give in.

So I give her my answer: “After considering my options, I must decline.”

Oh no. Not again! Don’t look like you’re about to break out into tears!

I totally forgot about that.

There is only one way out.

“Phew… you won. Let’s get over it.” At least I’ll get a WP out of it.

And as if the sun rises, Rine’s whole facial play changes from depressed to pure happiness.

I change my sitting position, so that Rine may sit on my lap. I just have to recite Buddhistic prayers, while she sits there.

Wait, I don’t know any. So I have to make it up, I guess.

Slowly, Rine approaches me and she seems to be very careful, which only makes me more conscious about it. Come on, she only will sit on my lap. It’s like with children. Except that I never had a child sitting there before.

With an expression between excitement and embarrassment, Rine’s finally sit down and her butt is squirming on my thighs.

Stop it! Stop rubbing your ass on that location!

Let’s begin the self-made Buddhistic prayer – gamer style!

– You shall not lust after a woman, who doesn’t game, since she won’t let you spend your free-time on a PC!

– Don’t let the temptations of real life obstruct your attitude about gaming.

– Gaming is more important than having a life.

– You shall remain faithful to your marriages within games and… but games aren’t real, so it’s technically allowed to pursue love and lust in real life as well.

– Don’t let that comfortable and alluring butt destroy your reason, mind over body, soul over mind and gaming is your soul. So if you’re touching this ass, remember to do so soulfully.

Damn it! I’m already at the point, I can’t think of anything else but the sensation of my thighs!

Wait, wouldn’t I forget about Rine’s butt, if I fondle her breasts instead, which are easily touched from this position?

No! Don’t give in! If I do, Rine will never leave me alone! She’ll surely insist, that I’ll take responsibility!

I was wrong! Rine is no fake! She’s pure! So pure, that it’s way more troublesome than her being deceitful! Because I can’t oppose her honesty!

I’m no monster.

At least concerning someone like Rine, whose personality seems to stem from a game! No normal human could be so direct about her feelings!

“Kenta? Are you uncomfortable? You’re backing away.”

“Ignore it, please. Just sit still and do nothing.”


And what does she do? “Don’t lean on me!” Maximum body contact!

“But it’s more comfortable.”

“Not for me.”


“Don’t think, that ‘please’ will solve all your problems!”

“But… you’re warm.”

Pervert! She’s a pervert!

And you, son, stay low!

Rine is warm as well, it’s a kind of warm which can be transferred by other human beings.

Now that I think about it, she’s a princess. Following stories of princes in media, she may feel actually lonely. Never having much contact with anyone, except servants, not feeling personal warmth.

As if!

I’m sure she was always a spoiled brat, without a shred of real empathy, unable to restrain her urges. So she constantly verbalizes them, pressuring everyone around her with emotional outbreaks if they won’t do her bidding.

A true princess!

I want to throw her off my lap, but it’s for WP-grinding. Grinding need endurance and since I’m a gamer, that’s what I have most.

“Phew.” So I just sigh. And wait.


You gain 1 WP!

It’s natural for a young couple to seek bodily contact and having your wife sitting on your lap is a good method to fan the flames of youth.



Wait, Kyou-san mentioned that she knows, how Rine and I are ‘connected’ now. Does she get all these WP-Updates, too? That would mean, that she knows about everything I do with Rine.

Is there no privacy in this ‘marriage’?

Somehow I get the feeling, that Kyou-san will be angry with me, but most likely only because she hates me and it looks like I’m exploiting the whole ‘second marriage’ mess.

But why do I get the feeling, that I miss something elemental here?

“By the way, Rine? When do you plan to get off?”

“Hm? Oh. Can’t I just stay?”

“No? We got the WP.”

“Tomorrow then.” With these words she stands up and smiles at me.

I facepalm. I get the feeling, that I do that quite often, since I met Rine. But there is no logical reason to decline another session. Since it gives WPs.

And it should be quite profitable over time.

Let’s calculate a bit. XP-boost are 500 WPs and we have currently 112. That’s 388 left. Kyou-san and I grind about 6 WP per day plus some irregular ones. If Rine just do the same as Kyou-san, we can add another daily 6 WPs. Wait, she sits on my lap, so it’d rather be 7 WPs. If I estimate that we get about a half WP per day due irregular actions, we would get 13.5 WPs per day.

That’d be 28.74 days, so 28 days, 17 hours, 45 minutes and 36 seconds.

Wait, something is wrong! I may be good in math and did countless calculations back home on my PC to optimize my characters in my games, but I’m not that good!

Following a feeling, I open my status. And there I see it. A new [Academics]-skill, [Calculator]. It basically just makes me a calculator. Even though I want to call it useless, I can’t help thinking, that I’m constantly calculating things like XP-gain, WP-ratio and other system-related data. I sure would have needed that skill much sooner!

On the other hand, it supports my theory how I learn specific skills. I must have got the [Calculator]-skill because I’m doing all this math the whole time. But before that, it was more important to learn about this world, so I learned [Fast Learner] first.

But if I can utilize it, then…

“Kenta? What are you thinking about?”

Suddenly feeling Rine’s breath on my ear, my thoughts are wiped out. Unnerved I turn my head to Rine, who again came unnecessarily close to me. “Thanks to you, nothing.”

“Hm?” Her typical head-tilt. She doesn’t understand.

“Nevermind. Can’t you just lay down and sleep now? I’ll like to wake up early and it’s not save enough for us to sleep at the same time.”

“OK… could you tell me a story? Since it’s still that early?”

What is she-… no, Rine being childish is already an established fact. So why do I even bother to argue?

“I don’t know many.” I could retell a game story or some simple fairy tales, like Urashima Tarou or Momotarou. Maybe some western ones, too. Let’s go with Momotarou. We did a play back in middle school. I was a tree and oni underling #1. The first one, who got murdered. Somehow I’m pissed off, again. Let’s just get over it.

“A long, long time ago, there was an old couple…” I’m not that good at story-telling, and I had to stop here and then to remember the story line again, but in the end, I got it more or less right…

She’s finally asleep.

… I can’t believe how beautiful Rine looks, when she’s asleep.

However, I keep some distance. I haven’t forgotten that a sleeping Rine has a death zone around her. Her sword is right beside her, so coming close would be a fatal mistake.

Like so often, I use this time off to look at my status. Or more like, Rine’s in this case. There are some [Abilities], I didn’t know of before, like [Animal ken] and its [Riding]-skill. So Rine can ride a horse very well, huh?

But even though she have some active abilities, there are only few skills. She earned every single one of them the hard way. [Divine Magic] and [Sword] are particular high-ranked. Even though she shares some of Kyou-san’s [Divine Magic]-spells, there are still differences. Rine doesn’t know [Stamina], but [Delay Poison], for example.

Since Rine probably already had her skills before becoming a hero, I can’t prove my theory regarding skill-acquiring.

And why doesn’t Rine have skills like [Nightly Death Zone], [Killing with one blow], [One murders all] and [At-will crying]? That’s what she does all the time! At least she have one single [Sword]-skill [Dismember], that actually disturbs me. It’s an attack-combo with heavy blows, which actually might chop of limbs.

But that’s not the main-reason, why she’s so OP. It’s her sword!



Description: A royal treasure of the Feuerberg-kingdom. A sword blessed by the human gods and a gift of the founder of the ‘von Stolzherz’-family to his heirs. It’s true power can only be unleashed by its rightful owners.

Special (Exorcist): Double damage vs. undead and demons.

Special (Heritage): All special traits are only active, if the weapon is wielded by someone of the von Stolzherz bloodline.

Special (Increase attack): Added twice the wielder’s level to Attack.

Special (Keen Edge): Manifold increase of keenness.

Special (Prevail): Increases attack depending on the level of danger, the wielder is exposed to.

Status: +250 Attack (basic); +298 Attack (wielded by Katarine von Stolzherz)

Value: Invaluable


It’s like an end-game-item. The higher your level, the more powerful it becomes. And additionally, it becomes stronger, the more dangerous it gets, who knows how much of an increase that brings?

I still don’t know how exactly [Attack] and [Strength] are related to each other, but her weapon clearly outclasses my spear, even without any boost, and her [Strength] isn’t too far behind from mine.

And there is no price tag. Even if I sold it, I don’t know if I can get enough for a second decurse-attempt. Well, not like I can return to Esse after selling it. It’s a royal treasure, after all.

Again, I compare her stats with mine. I’m sure, I’m missing something.


The Etna’s blessing. It has run out.

I guess even such an overpowered status boost only lasts half a day.


Morning, Rine wakes me up. Gentle she gives me a wake-up call. “Wake up, my dear.”

I jump up as if stung by an adder, shivering. I’m wide awake and see Rine, who already put on her armor and with a dreamy look on her face.

After some breaths of unease, I asks the important question: “Why are you calling me that, again?”

“Because we’re married.”

“No, we’re cursed! Read my lips: We-Are-Cursed! We-Are-Not-Married!”

With her typical head-tilting, she listens to my words and after a second, she nods disappointed. I hope, this won’t become a daily routine. It’s bad for my sanity.

But with this matter at least temporarily closed, I explain today’s goals. “I’ve contacted Kyou-san and we will meet up before the woods of these mountains.” I point at the rocky one-finger salute.


“Kyou-san is surely accompanied by some other heroes. They are also after you, so you’ll hide behind some trees and wait what comes. If everything goes right, Kyou-san will join us again and then-” Should I tell her, that then we will hand her over then? Well, let’s see about it, after we meet up. “-then we all will be happy again.”

“OK.” She smiles, like there is no worry in this world. It makes me sick, but at least it’s bearable, unlike her tears.

Climbing down the mountain we were on was the hardest part of the whole travel. Since Rine is in kill-mode again, any combats are a cake-walk here. As long as I keep her back covered, at least. Now I know that Rine is more of a glass-canon character. And I like to depend more on her from now on.

The curse got worse. I got the first minor [Attribute]-debuffs, but I can still fight these kind of opponents. Actually, it’s still easier fighting them in this state compared to the time, when I had to protect Kyou-san as well. I just have to worry about me, after all.

Now that the pressure of retrieving Kyou-san has lessened, I can finally relax. I even converse with Rine! “And after school, you return home and can play games.”

“What kind of games? Cup-and-ball?”

“No, video games. It’s… well, where should I begin…” OK, I do most of the talking, but it’s her fault, that she asked me about Japan. Even though I miss home and have to return, it’s pleasant to talk about it.

Seriously, as long as Rine is quiet, she’s quite a pleasant comrade. Well, the same goes for Kyou-san. Why can’t both of them be quiet most of the time? Is that too much to ask for?

We arrive at the location. “So, this is the rendezvous point. I can’t see someone, but this is for the better. Rine, we go into the woods.”

“Why? Shouldn’t we wait here?”

“Like I explained before, you’ll hide in there. It won’t do good, if fake’s party detects you. And I like to set some traps.”

“Why? For hunting?”

“Something like that.”

“Kenta, I see you smiling, but it’s kinda sleazy.”

“I know.”


“Are you sure, Kyou?”

“Yes. I feel it.” I blatantly lied about how the ring is conferring to me the place, where Ken wants me to go. Masahiko-kun and the others are wary, they didn’t forget about the traps, so at the moment, we move at snail’s pace.

Teru-chan changed into [Scout]-class, the same as Ken has, and takes her time to investigate every centimeter in our path. Knowing Ken, he wouldn’t use the traps to catch us here. His tendency to put safety first will lead him to safeguard a retreat route.

Should I tell them?

No, I want to see how this all plays out. Even though I might get some of the same drawbacks of the curse as Ken, there is no guarantee, that he will be able to resist the combined force of Masahiko-kun and the others.

Seeing their performance first-hand, I realized just how much of a difference teamwork makes. So as long as Rine-chan doesn’t interfere, I’m positive that the [Student]-Ken will be defeated. They could most likely even take him out, if he has all of his powers.

But Rine-chan will probably interfere.

I didn’t tell Masahiko-kun and the others about her yet. Knowing Ken, he won’t let her participate that easily…

I’m not like him. I don’t constantly think about details, but this gives me headache.

If this was only about my friends and him, I would never side with him under any circumstances. But there is Rine-chan, the curse, and most important, my own well-being to consider.

Masahiko-kun and the others only want to capture Ken. If I told Ken that, he would go overboard, which might be dangerous for my friends. As long as he’s in the dark about their intentions, he will most likely only think, that they want to capture Rine-chan, which makes it easier for my friends.

But if I tell Masahiko-kun about Rine-chan, he might want to capture her as well. But Rine-chan is dangerous! Even though I can’t imagine, that she would do much harm to other people, it’s still possible, that she considers breaking bones as ‘not much harm’.


Teru-chan interrupts my thoughts and points with her spear to the ground. “Masahiko, there are no traps here. But I can see tracks of two people.”


Ken, you idiot! Didn’t you consider someone else might also have the [Track]-skill?

“Do you know who this could be, Kyou?” Masahiko-kun directly asks me, looking at me with his usual open-minded face.

“Erm… I have an idea. Are these a woman’s tracks, Teru-chan?” Seems like that cat is out of the bag anyway.


“Then it might be… the Princess’.”

Everyone is bewildered by my words.

The broad-built Daichi-kun put his arms akimbo. “The Princess? Are you sure, Kyou-san?”

“Like I said, ‘might be’, Daichi-kun.”

Everyone exchanges one look and I realized, that they now think, that Ken has Rine-chan under his control. This is not, what I wanted!

“How do you know?”

Eri-chan becomes even more annoying! “Because… we met before. But were then attacked by those birds.” Staying as vague as possible.

I can clearly see the wish in the faces of my friends to have another strategy-meeting. But everyone other than Masahiko-kun want to exclude me from this. They don’t trust me at all and I wouldn’t either, if I were in their shoes.

“Kyou, what do you know about the Princess?” He naturally asks me, as if I’m really part of their group. This hurts a bit.

“Like the people of Wächter told you, she’s good at fighting and dangerous. So be cautious. Even Ken and I didn’t dare to challenge her directly. But she’s also easy to trick.” They need to know that much to deal with her.

“I see. So Katsuragi-kun might have tricked her.” I seldom see Masahiko-kun angry, but this seems to be his limit. “First Kyou, now the Princess. We need to stop him, so he may redeem himself!”

Masahiko-kun, you’re also too trusting. Nobody beside you thinks he’s worth a second chance. Even I don’t, and I’m his ally technically.

But seeing Ken getting beat will fill me with pure joy, because he deserves it. That’s what I really believe. His arrogance, his words, his complaints, his insults! But I’m a great person, so I will only look at his deeds. Like when he attacked the ss’rak in Heißquellen, the chasm, getting me cursed as well, the chasm, meeting Muaotef (in the chasm), when he attacked the voice of Muaotef, or went on a rampage back in the church… Considering all of this, why am I still his ally?

I guess, I’m the responsible one in this partnership.

Masahiko-kun is also a responsible one.

“Well, thinking too much about all possibilities would be a waste of time, so I suggest we speed up things a bit. Teruko, follow his tracks, see if he tried to set a trap up. Daichi, when we see him, please stay behind with Kyou and act as her bodyguard. Also, keep a close eye on her, since we don’t know, how much Katsuragi-kun can interfere with her actions. Eri, you’ll stay back as well and provide us with cover, if necessary. Katsuo and I will build the center. Any comments or questions?”

Everyone shook their heads.


After a while, Masahiko and the others can finally see the forest and Katsuragi-kun, who leans on a tree, waving at them.

Masahiko waves back, while speaking in a soft voice: “Does he know, that we’re coming? Those in the rear will stay back about twenty meters (about 65.6 feet) from him, the rest comes with me.”

Everyone, including Kyou, is tense. The Princess is not here. She might be held hostage, hidden somewhere. Or maybe she’s skulking in the forest. But Masahiko has confidence in his friends, so there is no reason to not openly approach him.


Katsuragi-kun makes a casual greeting, even though he doesn’t even look at them. His eyes are on Kyou, who he can see over Masahiko’s shoulder.

“Good day, Katsuragi-kun.” Even Masahiko couldn’t keep the tenseness out of his words. “You knew that we’re coming?”

“…” There is no sign, that he even listened to me. “Ah, yes, yes. Thank you for rescuing her, you saved me.” Even though his words would normally include gratitude, he has the same tone as if we just picked up a book he accidentally dropped.

It’s just like always, whenever you try to converse with him, he will stare at you with disgust or acts, like you’re not even there.

Normally, Masahiko can deal with his attitude, but considering all circumstances, he’s not able to at the moment. For some reason he’s wearing his glasses again and his body shape is more like the one he had in Japan. He actually is slimmer, compared to back then, but still not in shape.

Does he have a wizard-type-class now? Maybe one, which is able to control minds?

“Inoue, what are you looking at?” Katsuragi-kun clearly shows his annoyance. This is like back in school. Somehow it’s reassuring, since this is just the usual Katsuragi-kun. But Katsuo is staring daggers at him, one hand at his bow, while Teru is clenching her spear.

Masahiko needs to be the calm one. “We need to talk.”

“Do we?”


“And it’s impossible, that I can speak to Kyou-san first?”

“It’s about her.”

“Phew.” It’s his usual sound, which always comes, if he’s annoyed at someone or something. “Then be quick, I don’t have the time.” He considered his whole situation in one glance, just like a seasoned veteran.

He knows that he has no choice, but to talk it out this time. This is not the usual Katsuragi-kun. So being in another world will change everyone, after all.

“I have a few questions.”

“Then ask.”

“Are you and Kyou really comrades?”

“…” He seems to be hard-pressed by this question already. “We’re a team. For better or worse.”

“And there is no blackmail, deception or other means of coercion involved?”

Masahiko saw how Katsuragi-kun’s eyes quickly looked at his left hand. He wears gloves, but he might have a ring underneath. The same as Kyou, or a bit different: A master-ring. Masahiko doesn’t want to believe in that theory, but that doesn’t mean that he will overlook that possibility. He shoulders the safety of his friends as their leader.

“There might?”

This is honest and confusing at the same time! “What does that mean?”

“It’s private.”


He glares at Masahiko, and shows his stubborn side. Masahiko can see him holding back any insult he would normally use. Danger is in the air.

“So, fake! Now let’s make it clear: Are you giving me Kyou-san back?” His voice is filled with malice, much more than normal.

Katsuo is drawing his bow, Teru readies her spear, and Katsuragi-kun doesn’t even flinch.

“Stop, both of you!” Masahiko wants to resolve it peacefully, if possible. “Katsuragi-kun. Watch your words. This sounds like you’re threatening us.”

“… Inoue, I’m not in the mood to play along with you. So call your dogs off, before this becomes serious.”

Calling his friends ‘his dogs’ is already too much, but Katsuragi-kun’s hand is also wandering to the knife at his belt. He’s overflowing with killing intent.

The same for Teruko and Katsuo.

This won’t end peacefully. Everyone already knew that. But that’s not what Masahiko wanted!

A single voice is intruding into this hopeless situation. “KEN, YOU IDIOT!”

Kyou calls out to Katsuragi-kun, who is certainly annoyed by her words. Ignoring Masahiko and the others, he yells: “JUST BE QUIET AND BE RESCUED! OR BETTER, JUST RUN AWAY AND WE WILL MEET UP!”

His remark causes Daichi to be even more cautious about Kyou’s intentions. He’s ready to prevent any escape-attempt, even going so far as to ready his axe.

Not that Kyou cared about that. “STOP BEING STUBBORN!”






Witnessing this confuses Masahiko-kun even more. He didn’t know that Kyou could actually be able to be that rude. Or was it more like informal? Doesn’t it seem like they’re actually getting along?


“Erm…” Unsure how to deal with this situation, Masahiko tries to regain his composure.

Katsuragi-kun, on the other hand, is agitated. “Bring it on, fake!”

“I won’t hit you for that!”

“Come, you finally have a justification.”

Masahiko is about to cry, because he can’t deal with Katsuragi-kun any longer.

“Masa. If I may?” Katsuo is clearly ready to do the deed. Teruko as well.

So it still comes to this!

“Now you’re showing your true colors. All of you, ganging up on me.”

This isn’t right. Everything within Masahiko is telling him that. “No, Katsuo. I’ll-”

Suddenly, there is a sound of breaking undergrowth. And a number of monsters appeared. They have 4 spider-like legs plus a chimp-like body with gorilla arms.

Katsuragi-kun is visibly shocked. “No… why monkey-spiders?”

And behind them, there is an especially large specimen. Bitten into one of its spider-legs is a large bear trap.

“…I hate it.” Seeing that, Katsuragi-kun seems to be in dismay.


Why? Why? WhyWhyWhywhywhywhywhy!?

Argh, how could this happen!?

I miscalculated!

And they are monkey-spiders! They are hard enemies even without my debuffs! I hate it!


Without hesitation I run through the fakes towards Kyou-san.

Even though both other fakes, ponytail and musclebrain, are still a bit overwhelmed by the situation, they still react to me. Ponytail is chanting a spell, while musclebrain builds himself up to stop me, the axe ready to strike.


Rine is already beside me. She just runs that fast. “Just distract the guy for a bit.” Musclebrain will most likely overpower me, so I rely on Rine for this.


Trusting in my decision, Rine accelerates. She stands right before musclebrain, and before he even realized what just happened, she makes a pirouette and veers behind him. It didn’t even took a second. This is an expert move!

While musclebrain tries to grasp what just happened, I’m able to slip by him. Seems like he’s not even worth being hit by Rine. Too bad.

Ponytail is still chanting, but I don’t have time to think about why she needs so long. “I don’t stop for girls!” I believe in gender-equality. So I lariat her.

Come on, she’s a hero, this will be quite painful and cost some HP. Though seeing her coughing and wailing is very satisfying.

“Kyou, come with me!” Rine grabs Kyou-san’s wrist and pulls her along.


“Keep running! And pass Kyou-san to me!” The curse is still working.

“Here, Kenta!” Rine lets go of Kyou-san, who have a hard time to regain her balance.

“Don’t pass me!”

“Don’t complain!” With this, I take her hand, while still keeping running.


The curse is dormant again.

Don’t let go of your wife! Even though stealing her back is kinda romantic.


Shut up!

I change to [Pikeman] and cast a glance behind. Musclebrain is at ponytail’s side, fake, the dark one and the shrimp are occupied by the monkey-spiders.

Did I trigger an event? A mob swarm?

Well, if I pass them off to the fake’s party, it’s not my problem anymore.

“Ken, what are these things!”

“Monkey-spiders! They would be around my level.”


Kyou-san tries to slow down and let go of my hand. Hey, we’re about to retreat, you know?

“You… ‘pulled’ these monsters to us?” Hey, she’s using almost the right term! It would actually be ‘aggroed’, and it’s more or less the perfect ‘train’, since I dropped them onto fake’s group.

“It was an accident. It just worked out!”

Kyou-san is looking at me, as if I have just declared, that I only watered the flowers, while being covered all over with blood.

Then she runs into the wrong direction: Towards the monkey-spiders.

“Wait! What are you doing!?”

“I need to help them!”

“They need to retreat!”

“Kenta, what’s going on?”

“Rine, you, Kyou-san and me will retreat immediately! It’s dangerous!”

“But Kenta, Kyou is already running into the danger you’re talking about.”

This girl… The moment I look away, she’s away!

“Kyou-san, wait!”

“No! They’re in danger!”

They certainly are. Being surprised by the situation, they have already engaged the monkey-spiders. But they only needed to run away. Monkey-spiders aren’t good at running long distances. Wait, of course they won’t know that.

Monkey-spiders use short bursts of speed, which makes them seem like they’re fast. And they’re able to outmaneuver anyone, who doesn’t understand that.

And the big one seems to be especially dangerous. A boss monster?

It’s still waiting, observing everyone in fake’s party and ours’.

“Kyou-san, we can just call out to them, that monkey-spiders are bad runners and then everything will be fine.”

“How can everything be fine!? Masahiko-kun and the others are surrounded by them!”

“They still have back-up.” Namely musclebrain and ponytail.

“Eri-chan is still suffering from your attack and the monkey-spiders are closing in on them!”

Well, I might be to blame for that one.

“Kenta, let’s help them.” Rine suggests something crazy.


“Because Kyou wants to help them.”

“Ken. Please!” No! Don’t you dare! Stop it! You can’t!

I’m hit by a combo-attack! Both, Kyou-san and Rine, are looking at me with big-eyes, appealing to me! Even though I know, that Kyou-san is just pretending, she looks just as earnest as Rine. They know that I have no resistance to that!

… …

“…fine. I’ll do it.”

Kyou-san’s tone totally changes. “Good. Now go and do your work! Or I’ll run away and trigger the curse again!” I knew she was faking it!

“We’ll do it together!” Rine, on the other hand, is excited.

As I no longer had a real choice in the matter

Oh well. Time to get serious.

“[Speedthrust]!” In an instant, I closed in to the spider-monkeys near musclehead and ponytail stabbing one of them.


Hey, musclebrain! Don’t look at me like a fish. “Kyou-san, take care of ponytail.” The spider-monkeys are wary of me, but it’s not time to wait and see. “Musclebrain, the moment we clear the way, you support your party.”

He doesn’t like me giving him orders, but I don’t have the nerve to argue with him. Since I don’t have the slightest idea of what he’s actually capable of, I can’t count on him, so I send him away. Which might match what he wants.

But there is someone, I can count on at least a little. “Let’s go, Rine.”


I rush into the enemy’s’ line and use [Whirlwind] to open it. Rine is covering my back, using quick slashes to those, who try to attack my flanks. Teamwork!

Using this opportunity, musclebrain runs through the opening and falls upon the monkey-spiders, which are surrounding the other three, at the rear of the fight.

Ponytail was healed in the meantime. Time to make her work. “Ponytail, if you know any mez or other forms of CC, use them!” We need to face fewer enemies.

But for now, it’s all about evading attacks, while counterattacking if possible.


She don’t even know, what I’m talking about! Play some games, girl! “Anything which hinders them!” Can’t be picky here.

“Erm… [Earth Grasp]!”

A hand made of earth appears under one monkey-spiders and grasp its leg. That’s it. “[Speedthrust]! And now something, which will actually stop anything, useless!” I’m fighting three monkey-spiders at the same time, which isn’t recommended!


Of course she knows this overpowered spell! With one spell, several enemies are pushed back, but that’s it. But at least she has the decency to chant the next spell.

Ah, that’s a long one. What are you thinking!? How am I supposed to buy enough time for your spell to work!?

“Kenta, do you need help?”

Rine is already finished. Around her are the disassembled corpses of at least four monkey-spiders.

“Could you take over for me?”


I just ignore my opponents and run toward fake and his friends. Now it’s time for the main event.

Considering everything, fake’s party isn’t that bad at fighting. They display excellent teamwork. While fake is on the offense, shrimps protects his back. Musclebrain shields the dark one from enemies, so he could use his bow, despise being surrounded.

But they still don’t get it. Just look at their pattern!

“[Whirlwind]!” I knock some of the monkey-spiders away. “Just get away from here!”

“Katsuragi-kun!” Fake actually seems to be delighted to see me. This feels wrong.

“Shut up! Just retreat and let-”


… … …

What just happened?

Blinking several times, I find myself on the ground. Several meters away from Inoue.

I was just hit, and I took moderate damage.

It’s the boss monkey-spider. I can’t read monkey-faces that well, but he seems to be pissed. At me especially.

How does it know, that it was my bear trap?

Well, I just need to stand up and-


Ouch. It hurts. I got hit again.

I thought, that I just let my guard down before, but it’s so quick, that I couldn’t keep up. Probably a monster skill.


Another one. It’s just chaining them up. Stop doing that!


“[Heal]! [Stamina]!”

Ah, thanks. Your concerns are warming my heart. And your healing spells are actually doing something.

Rine is still busy, evading myriad of attacks, while murdering every monkey-spider in range. But since she has to shield Kyou-san and ponytail, there is no other choice.

“[Earth Bind]!”

Ah, and ponytail finally finished her spell. Like [Earth Grasp] before, hands made of earth appears, but instead of just one, there a quite a few. And they grab the ankles of the spider-monkeys surrounding Inoue and his crew, and it’s much firmer than the one before, they’re actually struggling with it. A CC (crowd control), huh?

But it’s too bad, that it only targeted the enemies around Inoue. Because the boss mob is still free to do whatever it wants with me.

Thank you for not caring about me!


Ah, I should just stop thinking about anything else but the boss mob.

My body is aching, but I’m still fine.

I stand up and spit out the next words. “Kyou-san, be prepared to heal me often!”

There is only one way.

Currently, I’m neither able to see nor react to the enemy’s skill. That’s why I change into [Scout].

This will seriously cut into my defensive capabilities, but on the other hand, my [Agility] increases substantially. And I can use the [Focus]-skill.

I can see it!

I jump to the side, while the boss tries to tackle me. Ah, so a turbo-tackle, huh?

But still, close! I could practically feel the attacker’s breath!

In a fluid manner, I change back to [Pikeman] and attack. “[Speedthrust]!”

I missed. It quickly jumped to the side.

Then *BAM*, another turbo-tackle. While being knocked back, I change to [Scout] again.

So this pattern won’t work. With the time-lag between changing classes and attacking, the boss is able to brace itself, evade my attack and counter.

Another turbo-tackle, I’m able to evade it again. But each time I do that, it drains some SP due the stress. Moving in short bursts is exhausting!


At least Kyou-san knows what she does. Unlike me.

I only have an instant to react to its skill and even though I can evade it, I’m not confident about countering it.

Ah, I know.

I take a few steps back, increasing the distance between me and the boss. I don’t need a close-quarter-fight right now, but a turbo-tackle!

Why does it open its mouth?


Following a memory, I throw myself hastily to the side. A ball of web passes me. This bastard is trying to restrain me!

Don’t change tactics midway!

“Mez it! Or paralyze!” Mez stands for ‘mesmerizing’ and refers for effects, which renders a mob inactive. Since I have magical support with ponytail, I want to make use of it!

I may use a bomb for a similar effect, but I fear the moment I use the [Inventory] will be the moment, I get tackled.

Why am I kiting the boss in the first place? Can’t Inoue and his friends take over? Are they still struggling with the monkey-spiders, despise the CC?

“Kenta, I’m finished here. Do you need help?”

Ah, Rine. You’re a lifesaver. Already finished with the enemies I passed to you.

“Rine-chan, Eri-chan’s spell won’t hold for much longer, Masahiko-kun and the others need your help. Ken is only fighting one enemy. He can endure it for a while!”

Ah, Kyou-san. You’re a pain in the ass. Do you even know, that I’m fighting a boss monster, or even know what a boss is? … It’s certainly possible, that she wouldn’t care either way.

But I don’t have the luxury of arguing here, so I just have to hope, that you will keep up the healing.

The boss is watching me, aiming for every moment my concentration slips. Is it aware, that I want it to turbo-tackle again?

My options are quite limited, if I want to seize the moment of surprise. I should have really bought a bow, even though it depends on ammunition. That’s the only weapon-ability the [Scout]-class can learn. Now I miss the offensive option.

I haven’t made the skill sets for boss battles yet, dammit!

Here it comes!

The monkey-spider boss swings one of its muscular arms at me. I dodge it, but the next comes right afterwards. Thankfully, my [Agility] is high, so I react in time.

You suck! The pattern is easy to read!

I kinda feel like Rine right now, dancing around between multiple attacks without breaking a sweat. These normal punches aren’t that fast.

Wait, why do I see three fists?

This time, I could only narrowly escaped an attack, since suddenly a third fist appeared and took me by surprise.

… Four? No, five.

Oh shit. There are no additional fists, only optical illusions. It’s a skill!

I can’t move right or left without being hit. And staying here is no option. So backwards!

It’s following me by using a regular spider monkey speed burst and the skill is still in progress! I can’t-

I can’t see. I can only hear the sound of crushing fists and feel the pain of being hit several times. It finishes up with one heavy uppercut, which sends me flying in a big arc. I can taste my own blood. This attack is devastating.


The pain dulls, but it’s still there. My body feels numb and powerless. And my sense of time is thrown off. I’m still mid-air despise the feeling, that some time has already passed.


The problem of being hit is, that it depletes your HP, since your body takes damage, and SP, because of the stress. So I need twice the number of spells to remain capable of battle…

But there is another problem. The monkey-spider boss is speed-bursting right to the point where I’ll land. It has actually overhauled me, while I’m still in flight. So unreal.

If it uses the same attack skill again, I’m done for. The spells I just got aren’t enough.

I’m dead.

“[Wind Pillow]!”

OK, this is a new one. And it’s not Kyou-san’s.

Suddenly, the air around me becomes viscous and I lose momentum, falling down at the point I was currently at.

Ponytail, you might actually be not as bad as I thought. Or you’ve realized that your survival depends on me. I may forgive you.

Ah, the boss realizes that I have stopped and is using a turbo-tackle. It will hit and kill me, even before I crash-land. Ponytail, you suck as a support. You’ve just wasted MP!


This one is new as well, but it’s Kyou-san’s voice. There is no way that she could see, what the boss is trying to do right now. Considering my distorted sense of time, she might have cast that spell right after [Stamina].

But it works! I feel warmth around me and the impact which hit me is pillowed. A pillow about as thick as a CD box, but a pillow nonetheless. A [Defense]-buff, when did she learned that?

Finally, I feel ground again. First with my face, then my elbow somehow I overturn and my knees are next. I stop, lying on the ground like a sack of potatoes.

My vision is blurred, my head is dizzy and I’m about to vomit, but that means, I’m still alive.

Time to let everything out. “Buaaargh!” My gastric juices are spread.

It hurts. My body hurts so much!

“Kenta! Don’t die! [Heal]!”

“Keep going, Rine-chan! [Stamina]!” Kyou-san is about to mimic me, her voice is full of nausea. Maybe she’s weak against vomit.


You gain 3 WP.

Both of your wives are by your side, while you’re at death’s doorstep, doing whatever they can to save your life.


“Cover Katsuragi-kun!”



“Fine, fine.”

So they finally managed the small fry? Calling spider-monkey at our current levels small fry might be overdoing it, but seriously, aren’t you too late!?

And why are two of you actually dissatisfied with covering me!?

My vision clears up and I can see how everyone is surrounding me. So eight versus one, huh? I like it. But there is something I like even more. Being alive.

While Kyou-san and Rine are healing me, Inoue and the others are engaging the boss.

Musclebrain already has defined muscles, but the proportions are changing. He’s changing his class. “[Turbo Tackle]!” Ah, it’s the same skill the boss uses! So it really is called [Turbo Tackle].

But seriously, musclebrain’s skill is much weaker. The base stats are just too different.

Without breaking a sweat, the boss uses [Turbo Tackle] as well and flicks musclebrain away, as if he’s just an annoyance. With a loud noise, he crashes right next to me. But he’s somewhat fine, just grunting, coughing up blood and moving stiff. Seems like he is using a class with some [Vitality].

Man, seeing him like this makes me happy. Even though he actually was willing to help me out, but I just can’t help it.

Seeing his dog pummeled like that, Inoue cries out and begins his attack. “[Wolf Fang]!” A combo-skill, both of his blades are swinging and thrusting high and low, putting some cuts into the forelegs and body of the boss.

Damn it, fake! You draw first blood!

“[Quadruple Shot]!” And the dark one is covering Inoue.

“[Speedthrust]!” And the shrimp is stealing my move! “[Perforating]!” And now she uses one, I want to know! I could really use a skill, which makes several spear thrusts in high-speed.

Oh, she got bitch slapped by the boss. Definitely not a skill, but still amusing.

“[Heal]! Kyou, Kenta’s recovering! He’s smiling from the bottom of his heart!”

“[Stamina]! No, he’s just smirking.” Kyou-san is flustered, most likely she cares about the midget.

Ah, shrimp just flinched. She’s still alive. But seriously, you’re pathetic.

Despite these failures, acting as a team is a useful tactic. Inoue’s party is able to pressure the boss enough to disrupt the boss’ rhythm and moves, but every time it could find an opportunity to fight back, it’s able to K.O. one of them.

What is ponytail doing? Another long incantation? “[Slow]!” Ah, it just ended. The boss’ movements just slowed down immensely. Now even Inoue’s party should be able to deal with its attacks now.

Why didn’t you cast [Slow], when I was fighting the boss?

Ponytail walks to musclebrain and after a moment, she casts another spell. “[Heal]!” Ah, she did take up a class with [Divine Magic], maybe [Priest]?

Kyou-san is annoyed. No, actually she’s furious. “You’re ready to go, right!?” Snarling at me, she hits my stomach. Glaring a short death stare at ponytail, she walks over to shrimp.

“Kenta, what shall we do?” Rine is unsure if she should support Kyou-san or Inoue’s party.

“We observe. It must have an ace up to it’s sleeve.”

The boss shoots a white ball from its mouth and it hits the dark one, who is knocked down and covered in a web. So that is what happens if you’re hit by it. This attack is not slowed down. Since it’s a projectile? Well, not that it’s likely that either Rine or I will be hit by an attack as slow as that.

While the dark one is struggling to escape the web, Inoue has to fight it without any coverage. And now he’s targeted by the flurry of blows, which almost ended me.

This skill is actually affected by [Slow], so my guess seems to be right. Not that it helps Inoue much. He is flying away in a big arc, but the boss doesn’t care about him, he’s not even worth chasing.

On the other hand, my eyes couldn’t stop following Inoue.

“Kenta! We need to help.” Rine is getting more impatient.

“No, they’re fine. We need to get as much information as possible, before we engage it.”

“You’re smiling… sorry, you trust them so much and I…”

“Don’t worry about it.” I’m just enjoying the show, while considering my actions. The real question remains: Will it attack us or one of the others? “Be sure to cover Kyou-san if necessary. She’s still frail.” And I need her.


Ah, the monkey-spider boss running towards Kyou-san and shrimp. Only an instant later, Rine runs in their direction as well. The boss and her have made eye-contact.

The boss changes targets. With [Turbo Tackle], sprinting towards ponytail, who was healing up musclebrain. She is hit in the back. Come on, it’s slow compared to before!

Ponytail is pushed back and doesn’t stand up. Useless!

“Eri-san!” Musclebrain, only barely back on his feet, charges at the boss, but is hit by a web ball, before he could even touch it. He’s now unconscious and restrained.

I drop down and use [Camouflage].

The boss is looking for the next target and seems to be unsure, if it really wants to engage Rine and the ones she is protecting. It must have felt the presence of a fellow monster.

So the question is: If I’m hidden, who is left? The dark one, who cut himself free from the web with a dagger and is now raising his bow. Before he could even shoot, he’s already [Turbo Tackle]d. Another one down, huh?

Ah, Inoue is back up and charging the boss. Stupid, everyone of them. Especially him, since he didn’t get any healing so far. He might actually die. His problem, I presume.

“Ken, you bastard! Stop hiding and start helping!”

Kyou-san, I just want them to feel how it is, to fight the boss. But instead of saying that, I sigh. “Phew.” And stand up. “Kyou-san, look at these jerks. Save those who are about to die, but don’t go overboard. They’ll only be in the way, even if they try their best. Shrimp, if you’re awake, cover her. Rine, you and I will charge in now.”



Both of them have very different moods, Kyou-san is angrily annoyed, but I don’t think that anyone has died yet, so she should just calm down. Rine is determined.

I change into [Pikeman]. Let’s get serious. “[Speedthrust]!” My spear pierces right into the back of the boss, who cries out of pain. That happens, if you turn your back on me!

“Katsuragi-kun, let’s do it together. [Wolf Fang]!” Inoue seize the distraction for his own attack.

And Rine is swinging her blade right into the left hind leg. No chopping? Ah, we’re ganging up on a single enemy, so the amount of danger is actually not great enough for Rine’s usual performance. Or maybe the boss is too tough.

But hey, she got at least halfway through!

Limping shrimp, Kyou-san doing emergency treatment, the half-dead Inoue, Rine and I against the monkey-spider boss. So basically four and a half versus one. Three of them are Rine.

Instead of using skills, I attack normally, aiming at some sweet spots. It’s more important to disrupt the enemy’s movement, while Rine can deal the damage. And there is Inoue, who at least participates.

But the boss’ movements are becoming swifter.

Inoue knows what this means. “Careful, Eri’s spell is about to end.”

I want to facepalm. So it will move fast again, huh? At least Rine already dealt some damage to the legs, so…

Well, wounded legs won’t slow down its jabs, like Inoue has to notice. He’s staggering, but remains conscious. What’s up with this guy?

Hey, why is the boss suddenly turning to me? *BAM, BAM, BAM* With some [Turbo Tackle]s I’m isolated. Why is it after me? What did I do!?

Rine catches up. The leg-injuries are slowing the boss down, making it hard for it to outrun her. “Don’t forget about me!” With a swift thrust, she pierces the boss in the back, the point of her sword is emerging from its side.

With a roar, it uses the flurry of blows, Rine is able to dodge the first few ones, but even she can’t keep up with the increasing speed and is blown away. So this is the difference between [Skill] and normal movements.

But I already disengaged and changed to [Scout]. I check Rine’s status and it’s bad. She won’t survive a second hit, that glass-canon!

Wait, what’s that? A hand. A large gorilla-hand just landed a few meters away. Did she chop it off, while being hit by that thing? Well, the danger level was quite high, there.

The boss is looking where its hand used to be with disbelief. A fountain of blood spurts from the stump and the pain surely followed. “*GRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOON!!!*” The sweet, sweet sound of a suffering boss.

“Heh!” With a satisfied smile on her face, Rine stands up and brushes off the dirt on her armor. She looks like an anime-main-character. “I’ll get the other one next!” Without even considering failure or death, she’s about to charge in again.

There is only one choice left for the boss. It may be anti-climatic, but it’s the only intelligent option it could perform: It runs away.

It’s not as fast as it used to be, but still fast enough to escape the half-beaten us.

But I want to get the kill and the XP! Even though chasing it might be too dangerous, who knows when we’ll catch up and what kind of monsters we will encounter?

I look around, hoping to find something which will combine safety with XP. And there I found it. A bow. It’s the dark one’s. He dropped it, when he took his beating.

It’s not mine, can I really use the weapon of another person, of someone who helped me, when I was about to die?

Luckily there is a way. “Yoink!” With one word alone, ownership of the bow is transferred to me. “Yoink!” I pick up an arrow from his quiver. Then I change to [Scout] and take aim. “Phew, it’s hard to draw.” I didn’t know that you need so much power to draw a bow.

Stupid reality!

Is that enough? Only one way to find out.

I let the arrow fly.

And it hit. Sadly not the boss, but Inoue, who is falling down, eyes as wide open as mine. Oops.

The arrow totally didn’t fly like I had aimed it!

““MASA!”” Shrimp and ponytail, who just regained conscious, are rushing to him and ponytail cast one healing spell after another.

“…ugh…” Since he’s whimpering, he must be alive. Good.

“Yoink!” With another use of the magical word, I take the dark one’s quiver from him and put it into my backpack. “Rine, take Kyou-san and follow me!”

Both girls are as shocked as everyone else, but Rine is following my orders without even the need to think. Good girl!

I just want to get away from here!

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