Volume 4 – Prologue

Today we start with volume 4, one chapter-part per week without excuses (unless I end up in a hospital or something severe like that), after the disaster with volume 3, I made sure that it’s in an almost finished condition.

Well, it’s time to thank a bunch of people: Thx Overseer_Sena for mentioning my story on Novel Updates Forum. Thx truenull for the same. Very thank you, Fossil, as you have done it three times! Thank you Stuart Grosse for that Facebook-mentioning, Thank you Blakethorburn and applemonkeymanfor mentioning my story on reddit. Thank you John, for putting my on your 259  Free Humor & Comedy Ebooks-list.  😀

Finally… thank you Irina Malina Kazan? For using my first version of the volume 3 cover to be downloaded on download-wall-paper.net? I guess, it’s something? ^^’

Well, here is the prologue. It starts a few weeks after the last volume, giving Kenta the probably most important item in his whole career (even more important than the Lion’s Wedding Ring!!!).

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Cover Volume 4 here!

Currently, the workings of Volume 4 are going well, though I’m a bit greedy and want to work a bit more before starting releasing it. But as I wanted to share at least something, I remembered that I still haven’t shown the cover of volume 4! So here it is, I hope you like it.

Textless Cover

Text Cover


Doesn’t Kenta looks like a boss here? Like: I’m surrounded by women, but who cares!

This is also the first appearance of Rine on a Mio-Chan-made cover, as there was no time to make a revise of the cover of Volume 2 so far. But maybe soon… Well, first volume 4 artwork, then we look how the time-table is faring.

Had no luck so far to find someone to make status-boxes, I guess I need to look elsewhere.

OK, that’s for now, still hoping to start releasing during July. But when I start, the chapter-parts will come in weekly. 😉


EDIT: Ah, also, I’ve updated the skill-encyclopedia and added summaries of volume 2 and 3 under “Misc/Synopsis,” so that everyone who wants to remember what happens don’t need to re-read everything (though they’re welcome to).

New Status-Design?

Hey there, volume 4 is having a blast being PRed right now, I hope to start releasing it in July on a weekly basis then. But for this, there are still some small tasks to do. For example, I’m working on a new design for status pages. Mostly, because I want to make it easier to update them, and I needed some more space for the Abilities and Skills, because Ara’ainn almost broke them already… well, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the future with the old ones.

This may or may not be the new design, I’m hoping to find someone who’s really good at making smooth designs and boxes on RRL, but if any of you is interested and capable to brush those simply status pages to something nice, but fillable, I gladly accept it.

Old Design

Second Design

New Design

Colored Design

The new design may be a bit less smooth in reading, but was made with space in mind.

If you really dislike the new design or have ideas how to improve it, be sure to share!

Take this as a try of me as an amateur, and I’m looking for ways and hands to improve! 😉

EDIT: Added a new design after some feedback from IronDoge. Thx for it.

EDIT2: A colored design with boxes, after I asked a friend of mine (who meant, that the boxed design feels more like a character sheet). The green of the boxes would be only for Ara’ainn, while the other characters would get their respective colors.