Volume 3 – Chapter 1-1

And we finally have it. When working with multiple people it’s hard to match timetables, especially if you try it within your free-time and live on other ends of the globe.

Not much to say here, a bit of insight what happened until the day the third volume starts and how the story of the prologue turned out. Here we have an image right from the get-go, but there are only 3 black-white images planned for the volume and it’ll take some time until we get to the next.

Next time we set the beginning of the next goal and we look what happened behind poor Kenta’s back. 😉

EDIT: Nobody told me, that the story was finally included in Top Weekly Fictions, so: Please vote on Top Weekly Fiction, takes only a moment. Don’t need an account or something like that, but it’ll boost the story’s publicity.


Volume 1 – Prologue Edited

While it may not excite you as much as a new chapter, at least I got the first Prologue edited. But before I get into this, first about the next chapter (Volume 3, Chapter 1-1).

The current state is: Draft completed, overhauled, artwork done, editing in process. Seems like TheDarkLink has much on his hands and the part is slightly longer than others, so while he works in his freetime there, it’s still not at a state of being released. Now that I have an editor, I like to put him at work as well.

But in November a new one might join the team, so I hope that things will get better then. And until that moment, I concentrate on some stuff like the alpha-draft of volume 5, working MioChin to get the next artworks done, and preparing some things around the story (like a map, more status screens, etc.).

And while I’m sorry about the delay, I don’t plan to rush things for now. For those who can’t wait, here a bit of a spoiler, if you haven’t already seen it: You can take a look at the new artwork here.

Now on to the edited prologue: We started it during a break and after Dreen got another look, it was somewhat finished some time ago, still lacking a last overview. But since editing the new chapter takes so long, I wanted to share at least something with you, so here it is.

In general, I make a lot of my formatting so that I have at least trouble as possible while writing. But that doesn’t always look good. So now I have actually put some effort in making actual tables here, in RRL they are even colored (well, mostly because it doesn’t work too well with wordpress).

I also put some images on that, the Lion’s Ring and Kenta’s lineart face during this time. The actual character-design (already put it in Volume 2 Prologue, you can see it there or here) is mostly about Kenta after he get his hair cut, so I put only the long haired version in it.

The content is practically the same, but I added some more sentences into it, taking into account what you, the reader, let me know about the part. So now there is, for axample, a bit more of an explanation, why Kenta tries out the rings, taking the almost non-existence risk of being cursed. 😉

Well, have a nice week, I hope as much as you, that the new chapter is finished soon. ^^’

Volume 3 – Prologue

It’s finally over, the break. Dammit, I liked that break, but it’s not like I did nothing there. But the fact that I never had to stress over getting a chapter fully edited and such was such a help. Whelp, I just need to get over it for my next break. xD

And here is the prologue. There is little to say here, just that it starts out. No adjective.

While the whole draft is already finished of the volume, much of the releases will depend on my artist, who makes in-story drawings, and my editor, who has his own life to manage, which doesn’t always align with mine. But I suspect next weekend. We try to not make any long breaks after starting a volume.

Have a fun start in Volume 3. I just hope we’ll find time to go over the older works as well, but that can be an issue. -_-‘

Will post the chapter within a few hours on RRL, for those who follow me there and just went lost on this page. 😀

First Draft Volume 4 finished!

Just a bit of bragging/being glad. I just finished up the alpha-draft of volume 4.

Yes, I didn’t released even a single part of Volume 3, but that only means, that I have a lot of time reviewing it and, well, that there is definitely a Volume 4 coming. Maybe I start writing the first draft of Volume 5 before the break ends, but one of my personal goals for the break was met.

And that was the volume I had the least amount of confidence about, when I started it, but it turned out alright! xD