Volume 04 – Chapter 1-2

The second part of the first chapter of Volume 4. We take a look at the daily life of Kenta and his wives, but there is also the bad p-word involved… Do your best!!! >.<

On the art-side, we try to get some extra done in time, I hope it’ll be ready next week, just a slight add-on, but one that would make me happy. The other artwork is done for volume 4, will be great!

Still considering what to add as my non-canonical extra, either a chance for readers to ask questions to the characters, or maybe I’m starting rewriting a simple fairy tale, as I can’t help to think it’d be hilarious to see how things like Little Red Riding Hood would end up, if we set the “I hate wed”-cast in there. Your opinions or ideas?

Well, final par of chapter 1 will be released next week again, we’ll see one of many strategies to come up with, when the “p” emerges! 😉


Volume 4 – Chapter 1-1

Next part, you can see the next status-page design for now, it’s a bit more glamorous than what you could already see. Plus, it has actually new stats, Kenta in his [Ranger]-class.

There is a bit of a technical talk there, a new facette of the hero-system is revealed.  Also, how Ara’ainn and Kenta fare with their unwanted sexual attraction to each other.

Next time, the curse will reveal another very important change, which may be a bit uncomfortable. Especially for Ara’ainn. Also, there will be another wife-conference, let’s see what the girls are talking about, when Kenta is not around!


Another Thank you for Solracmar, who always put a good word for my story on Novel Upates.


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Volume 4 – Prologue

Today we start with volume 4, one chapter-part per week without excuses (unless I end up in a hospital or something severe like that), after the disaster with volume 3, I made sure that it’s in an almost finished condition.

Well, it’s time to thank a bunch of people: Thx Overseer_Sena for mentioning my story on Novel Updates Forum. Thx truenull for the same. Very thank you, Fossil, as you have done it three times! Thank you Stuart Grosse for that Facebook-mentioning, Thank you Blakethorburn and applemonkeymanfor mentioning my story on reddit. Thank you John, for putting my on your 259  Free Humor & Comedy Ebooks-list.  😀

Finally… thank you Irina Malina Kazan? For using my first version of the volume 3 cover to be downloaded on download-wall-paper.net? I guess, it’s something? ^^’

Well, here is the prologue. It starts a few weeks after the last volume, giving Kenta the probably most important item in his whole career (even more important than the Lion’s Wedding Ring!!!).

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Cover Volume 4 here!

Currently, the workings of Volume 4 are going well, though I’m a bit greedy and want to work a bit more before starting releasing it. But as I wanted to share at least something, I remembered that I still haven’t shown the cover of volume 4! So here it is, I hope you like it.

Textless Cover

Text Cover


Doesn’t Kenta looks like a boss here? Like: I’m surrounded by women, but who cares!

This is also the first appearance of Rine on a Mio-Chan-made cover, as there was no time to make a revise of the cover of Volume 2 so far. But maybe soon… Well, first volume 4 artwork, then we look how the time-table is faring.

Had no luck so far to find someone to make status-boxes, I guess I need to look elsewhere.

OK, that’s for now, still hoping to start releasing during July. But when I start, the chapter-parts will come in weekly. 😉


EDIT: Ah, also, I’ve updated the skill-encyclopedia and added summaries of volume 2 and 3 under “Misc/Synopsis,” so that everyone who wants to remember what happens don’t need to re-read everything (though they’re welcome to).

New Status-Design?

Hey there, volume 4 is having a blast being PRed right now, I hope to start releasing it in July on a weekly basis then. But for this, there are still some small tasks to do. For example, I’m working on a new design for status pages. Mostly, because I want to make it easier to update them, and I needed some more space for the Abilities and Skills, because Ara’ainn almost broke them already… well, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the future with the old ones.

This may or may not be the new design, I’m hoping to find someone who’s really good at making smooth designs and boxes on RRL, but if any of you is interested and capable to brush those simply status pages to something nice, but fillable, I gladly accept it.

Old Design

Second Design

New Design

Colored Design

The new design may be a bit less smooth in reading, but was made with space in mind.

If you really dislike the new design or have ideas how to improve it, be sure to share!

Take this as a try of me as an amateur, and I’m looking for ways and hands to improve! 😉

EDIT: Added a new design after some feedback from IronDoge. Thx for it.

EDIT2: A colored design with boxes, after I asked a friend of mine (who meant, that the boxed design feels more like a character sheet). The green of the boxes would be only for Ara’ainn, while the other characters would get their respective colors.

Kenta’s new character-design

Hey there, things are going well. This weekend I’m at one of the largest cons of my country, therefore I won’t be able to work much on the novel, though it doesn’t mean, that I others won’t.

Progress is fine, soon volume 4 will start to be released.

As a little teaser: Check-out the header of this post for a small glimpse at how the cover will look like (too many characters, too little space for a header), while checking out Kenta in his new gear and [Class]!

Character-design Katsuragi Kenta

Anniversary Special

Hey there, it’s been a year since I started releasing this story. Let’s celebrate it with an Extra, which will be put at the end of volume 4, but is already readable here.

I added a WordPress-page of Volume 4, there is also a synopsis. But too bad, that the cover isn’t finished yet, we worked much on the new character-designs, for Kyou only a colored version is missing (choosing color schemes for Kyou is always a challenge, as she has more sense of fashion than I have, so I ask around the female authors of my RRL-Group about that).

Current state is: I have one PR, which is now working on the Extras of volume 3 and has started volume 4, I’m halfway through the Edited and PRed version of volume 1, have finished the alpha-draft of volume 5, and I’m trying writing a volume 5.5 (stories about the side-characters like Inoue and his “Superfriends”, etc.) while also writing volume 6.

The break of releases gives me a peace of mind so that I can concentrate on other stuff, while still putting some “behind the scene”-effort into the story.

Also, added 3 posts for my $2 supporters on Patreon. 😉

Well, have fun with the Extra. 😀

Volume 4 Preview and looking for (a) new Proofreader(s)

It’s sad, but Rooker has left the project due to RL-stuff, and Dreen has still problems with his PC. I’m also currently busy, partly because of the novel, partly because of other stuff, that’s why the current break is very appreciated.
But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have volume 4 proofread during the break to ensure regular releases.

The problem is, I’m no native English speaker and therefore there is that barrier that prevents me from really grasping the whole feeling of the language.
That’s why I’m looking for a new proofreader, who can help me with it. I use “Google Docs” as the PR-platform and use Grammarly Premium before putting it there, so the actual work might be less than you might expect. Just polishing some sentences and declaring, what’s hard to understand, what doesn’t sound right, and other stuff that needs work.

Upsides are: You’re reading everything early, get early access to artwork (including drafts) and other stuff, and are part of a team, which may create a bit of a strange web novel, but a web novel nonetheless.

If you’re interested, please comment here or send me a message per twitter, facebook or other means.

State of volume 4, clean-draft almost ready, new character design of Kenta is finished, new character design for Kyou is underway (but mostly finished), the concept of the new cover finished, waiting for Kyou.
The draft may be varied a bit after Kyou’s 2nd character design is ready to reflect her new appearance.

Finally, here are the volume 4 spoilers!

[“And now, that he’s a ranger, he has also earned ‘The Hood.’”] – The training finally ended! But what is ‘The Hood’?

[A few days without the girls. That will be paradise!] – Finally vacation!

[Finally, Ara-san and the elder: “Finally, you’re about to set on a journey to be the hero, who you already were 92 years ago. There is no need for us to worry about your health anymore, or about your sanity. Nobody has to provide you with food and tea and all the other stuff. Ara-tan, even if you won’t become a productive member of our society, at least we lost you as an almost dead-weight.”] – The party sets out to a new journey with their new member Ara’ainn.

[With bearing shark teeth, the scaleetles attacks! Rine’s sword cuts right from above, while her other hand catches one of the teeth she just severed, throwing it in the eye of a second fish-monster. She trips a third with a sweeping kick, which turns into a roundhouse-kick while spinning, kicking the fourth one into the side.] – Rine’s fighting capabilities are as ridiculous as ever!

[I look at the ground. There are some suspicious tracks here, humanoid boots. Some paws also, but as far as my [Track]-skill tells me, the owners of these paws is bipedal. Maybe some sort of canine or feline human? Hard to tell, I never saw paws like that before. They don’t particularly look like dog, cat or bear paws.] – The mystery begins.

[A squirrel! And it has panda-spots! It’s on this lone tree, watching in our general direction.] – They’re back!

[“Welcome. Kenta, right? I suppose that Jarghls’ dead is your doing, right?”] – Don’t antagonize him!

[I met Ken in high school, we were in the same class.] – Flashback, Kyou’s point of view.

Volume 3 – Extras and Afterword

Sorry for the huge delay and the fact, that we really weren’t able to get some PR done. My PRs currently are plagued with a broken PC and a very hard time schedule, I hoped and hoped for the better, but now I’m not willing to wait any more. So yes, this time it’s without PR again, sadly. T_T

But here they are, the Extras (three this time!) and the Afterword. Finally, we’re done with volume 3.  The draft of volume 4 is revisited and only need a last check-up, some minor changes when some art-choices are made, and of course PRing…

In this sense, I’m welcoming new PRs right away, so that we can start working on these Extras first and then move on to volume 4, so that there won’t be such huge delays in between again.

The break between volume 3 and for will be most likely 1-3 months, my personal timetable looks a bit grim and there is still some stuff to do. If everything goes excellent, the whole volume will already be PRed before I release the prologue, but I guess I’m just dreaming there…

On a final note, I’m now hosting the first ever popularity contest in “I hate wed”, this time only the four MCs are included. I’m very curious about it, as this is a chance to see how popular each character is even including those votes, which aren’t that loud. You can read the Extras first, the same poll is also in the Afterword.

Sorry for the delay, but…

Hello people, currently the process of PRing the Extras is slow, but sure to start. There was some sort of things to sort out in terms of communications (my messages per googledocs weren’t received), now they are hopefully over and we can finally start that final step (as I was busy, I had trouble to keep chasing after what’s going on, as sleep is a valuable asset).

But MioChin, the artist, has finally finished the rework of the Volume 1 cover, here it is, one with logo, one without.

Let’s hope that the Extras are ready soon, as I still want a “real” break afterward… well, at least in terms of releasing stuff. To make final adjustments to the draft of volume 4, give MioChin time to make its cover, etc.

I’ll include a header with this cover as an additional one in the near future. I’m also kinda working on a party-header, but this proofs to be difficult. ^^’