Volume 3 – Chapter 4-1

And it’s out, for some reason these last changes were what took most, so we already moved to the next part in terms of proofreading and it’ll be on time. This time we bring the relationship between Kenta and Ara’ainn on a very, very physical level. Even Rine has a part in it.

The rewrite of the former parts are still staggering, mostly out of proofread concerns, but I’ll ask the new established group on RRL, who more or less is dedicated to edit and proofread the stuff the authors have to better the quality on RRL. Such brave people!

Next time, we have a part that won’t include either of our MCs. It’s about Hoshibashi and Yoshimura. Should be out in less than a week this time… I hope. ^^’

Answer to the question whether to change the tense or not

For those who didn’t know: I was considering rewriting the story into past tense and I now have reached the decision: I won’t.

Now I’ll go a bit into the details: I start because of a native reader and writer I like and who invited me into a group of others writers, who complained about the tense, after finally starting volume 3 after a break. He was a bit disillusioned because I had some proper proofreading and a better grasp of the English language at that point, which means: My use of present tense was more constant (because in my native tongue, the use of tenses is more fluent). He told me, that present tense is jarring to read, and that it’ll be hard to continue as a reader this way.

This made me thinking, but I needed more input. I asked other native speakers (like my proofreaders), then I asked my readers on RRL (since I have about 900 followers there now), to get more input.

Finally, I decided to try rewriting some parts on my PC, to see how it works. And even after editing and rewriting, etc., it was no good. Too much work, too many changes in wording, the change of flow, it’s clear as day, that this would blow this hobby out of proportion.

For those who like past tense more, I’m sorry. But please put up with this. ^^’ I try out something else, which should address you, but I won’t go into details, before I’m sure it’ll be possible.

Volume 3 – Chapter 3-2

And here is the second and final part of chapter 3.And here is the second and final part of chapter 3. Things are still going quiet, it’s more about the characters than the plot, but the relationship between them is quite important as well.

Hope that New Year went well for you, and that 2017 will be the blast. While some bad things happened in 2016, many good things also happened, it’s sad that you have to look on the internet to learn such amazing things like how the population of pandas (now taken off from the endangered list) and tigers, the fight against Ebola, and such. Look up “Good Things that Happened in 2016” and you get many, many lists with amazing news, that somehow had a hard time appearing in the news… Get some optimism back! 😉

Now that Volume 3 have all illustrations finished, MioChin and I will finally make the final adjustments on Kyou’s and Rine’s character designs and maybe the remake of the cover of Volume 1 will be finished before the third volume ends… which would mean, that I can start my expansion on more sites. 😉

My proofreaders are coming back from their own New Year, so I hope to return to a somewhat weekly release schedule.

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Volume 3 – Chapter 3-1

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

And here we are, the first part of chapter 3. In this volume are 5 chapters, so we’re somewhere in the middle right now. I hope you’ll enjoy it. And I want to say extra thanks to MioChin for presenting me with this image. 😉

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I don’t know, whether I’m able to post the next (and final part) of chapter 3 around New Year or if I have to wait for a while. Hard to say in the holiday season.

Happy Holidays and also a Happy New Year!

Volume 03 – Chapter 2-3

And the final part of the chapter is out! After meeting Ara’ainn, we start to get to know her a bit better.  I hope you like her as much as I do.

Atm I’m thinking about changing the story to past tense, it’d be a greater rewrite, but maybe it’ll be easier to read then? Well, I’m still considering, so if you have a something to say, please comment. And/or take the vote here.

I try to get the first part of Chapter 3 out on Christmas, but there is no guarantee here. It’s one of the longer ones, after all.

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Volume 3 – Chapter 2-2

Here is the second of three parts of chapter 2, introducing the girl on the cover, and her species in general.

This time we were actually kinda quick, hope that we can keep this speed up, even though Christmas is coming. Hope that Santa gives me a Writing Bot with integrated vocabulary and Grammar checker.

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I hate wed in the TWF Top 15!

Let’s see when the final part of this chapter comes. I want to make it happen next week, but maybe this almost fast release is just a fluke. ^^’

Volume 03 – Chapter 2-1

Here is the first part of the second chapter. The wait was long, but it’s finally here. While chapter 1 was about updating Kenta and his companions, chapter 2 is more about establishing the plot.

Now Rooker joined the team and finally, we might get back to the original speed in releases.  I hope… but we’re making progress with the next part even now, so I remain hopeful.

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Next part is about meeting the elves. I hope to get it out next week! There will be a character-design included.

Volume 3 – Chapter 1-2

Hey there, sorry for the current relays. This is mostly because of the limited time of the editors, so I’m looking for additional ones. If you’re interested, please send me a message.

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And here is the chapter, giving some insight in the inner workings of the party. Kinda.

Due to the slow editing right now, I can’t say when the next comes out, but the next artwork is finished at least, only one to go for this volume and then we may be able to finish off some of the older stuff. ^^’

But in the next chapter-part, the start of chapter 2, the new topic and direction of the volume will become apparent.

Also updated my Patreon PagePatreon Page.

Volume 3 – Chapter 1-1

And we finally have it. When working with multiple people it’s hard to match timetables, especially if you try it within your free-time and live on other ends of the globe.

Not much to say here, a bit of insight what happened until the day the third volume starts and how the story of the prologue turned out. Here we have an image right from the get-go, but there are only 3 black-white images planned for the volume and it’ll take some time until we get to the next.

Next time we set the beginning of the next goal and we look what happened behind poor Kenta’s back. 😉

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