Volume 2 – Chapter 4-3

The last part of the final real chapter, only Epilogue, Extras and Afterword left. This time, I got someone to edit it and the difference really shows. But I really still want and need an editor, who does that regularly, so if you’re interested, please comment. ._.

The chapter has the whole climax, which might or not might be what you’ve expected. When writing it, everything was written fluently, without anything like breaks, so it ended up as a big part, after I split the chapter for releasing. Here we can observe, how Masahiko sees Kenta’s behavior and how much Kenta actually cares about the ‘Superfriends’, as BlaiseCorvin from RRL calls them.

I don’t know when I have time to release the Epilogue, I think much of that depends on, if I get with a more aggressive approach actually an editor, and how many people will apply. But I hope it’s done within next week.



Alpha-draft Momokawa Kyou

Maybe you know the feeling, when you’re not necessary proud of your skills in something, but also not too ashamed? I have that feeling with my drawings, I like to think of myself as ‘just beyond the horrible spectrum’, I’m nowhere good, but I don’t totally suck.

Well, today I tasted defeat in one single, lethal blow. And I love it!

My artist MioChin has started his work, and just sent me an alpha-draft of the character-design of Kyou. He took my own drawing as a base and improved it in ways, I can’t even describe. I just fell in love with it, after I got over my initial shock, which was like “Who’s that? Wait, that’s Kyou!” And I like to share that experience with everyone, who follows my blog. You get a taste of this fine piece of work, which will still improve, before the readers on RoyalRoad! Be proud!


Alpha-draft character-design Momokawa Kyou by MioChin

Volume 2 – Chapter 4-2

Middle-part of the fourth chapter of the second book. Well, more like fulling up to the middle of the chapter, since the next part will be twice as long as a regular chapter-part, since most of it is taken by the climax-scene, which is one single scene from Kenta’s POV. I really wrote that first draft in one session only, that’s how immersed I was. I could part it in 6 and 14 pages of my document, but that would cut into the reading experience even more than normal. ^^’

I finished the first draft of the second chapter of Volume 4, which fills me with pride, since it’s hard to keep the balance between action and character-interactions I’m aiming for, without beginning to throw  big storylines into the mix. And that’s not what I’m aiming for, at least yet. Begin slow and don’t hurry. 😉

I’ll post the next part (which will end the fourth chapter) net week, most likely at the weekend, since it’s like I said, twice as long as regular parts.  So I want to take some more time to prepare. After that is done, there are only the Epilogue, the Extras and the Afterword left.

Btw, I made a new synopsis for RoyalRoadL, for that I have to thank BlaiseCorvin and ResonantIce, the first one was the one, who wrote it and the second one criticized it. 😉

Volume 02 – Chapter 4-1

Here is the first part of the final chapter of volume 2. It’s most likely become a 3-parter. Then the Epilogue, the Extras and the Afterword! In this part, the stage is about to set up.

Like some of you already saw, I finally was able to get a paypal button on the sidebar and even a patreon link. I can’t offer much, but as long I don’t get vast amounts, I’ll use the money to pay this hobby, which means, that I’ll throw it at MioChin for more drawings, the moment he can work for me (like I said before, he have prior arrangements at the moment).

Next part may be difficult, but i’ll try to post it at the end of the week. I just have a lot to do, most of them things I don’t like to. -_-‘

EDIT: Just finished the draft of the Extras. Writing from Rine’s perspective is hard (even though I already did it in volume 3’s draft)!

MioChin joins the project

I’ve hired an artist, MioChin, whose work I saw on deviantart. Since MioChin was making commissions anyway, I asked directly if he’s willing to make some artwork and after he read my work, he was all up for it.

Since prior engagements, he won’t much time the next two weeks, but after that time, we’ll step up the game by another notch (hopefully). Check out his gallery to get a feeling, how this might turn out. 😉

Now onto the shameless part: So that I can feed MioChin, it would be great, if some people would donate a little bit via paypal. I’m also considering making a patreon-account, but I’m still busy this week, so maybe I’ll check it out, after I got the time to prepare the next chapter part.

As long as I don’t get vast amounts, I’ll only use the money to pay MioChin for more work, since currently I don’t strive to become a professional author, it’s a past-time. I have the wish to make it pay itself, but I make these things for fun. So even if I get more, I would rather hire a professional editor next to eliminate all the mistakes I make.

Volume 2 – Chapter 3-3

WOOOOOOHOOOOO! More than 2k views, considering the fact, that this blog is about an original work of mine, it’s great! *_*

The final part of the third chapter. Now we’re over the cliffhanger and we know how Masahiko’s party is exactly involved in the story.

The polls about the Extras are finished, I’m working on them currently. It’s interesting to see, how much of a change is there, with “Love is Gold”, when we switch Kyou with Rine.

I think I’ll get to the next part on Monday or Tuesday, it’s just too much to do until then for me.

Volume 02 – Chapter 3-2

Here we are, the second part of the third chapter of volume three.  There is a bit of a cliffhanger, but I think that it also makes fun to theorize about the coming, even though I’m not exactly hiding it. 😉

I’m somehow not anywhere with the supplements, where I wanted to be, but I may have some time in the near future for this. Don’t forget to vote on the two polls about the canonical and non-canonical extra. There are only two days left.

I think I can post the final part of chapter three on Wednesday. The conclusion of the fourbird-fight and the first step toward the climax is made.