Official Art

This artwork was made by MioChin (other than the tables, they were made by using his drawings) and when we have time, we will put more into this category. But first comes volume 1.

Textless Cover


character-design Katsuragi Kenta (Prologue)

character-design Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine (Chapter1)


Status-page of Kenta at the end of volume 2 (Epilogue)

Old Art

Artwork made by myself. I agree, that it’s nowhere the level of MioChin, but that’s how it started.

Cover Volume 2 Text

Current Cover (to be replaced)


Own draft of Rine, which has already turned into something better

Additional Art

This artwork was neither made by me nor MioChin.


Artwork made by ngt


Volume 1 Afterword Volume Page Prologue