A bit of re-organization

To make it more simple to navigate through the chapters, I added a table of the bottom of each part and whole chapter page (even though ), which is linked to the previous part/chapter, the next part/chapter and the main-page of the volume.

Please report me, if you find a wrong or broken link. ^^’

For those who didn’t read the edit in the last post, I changed the header to ngt’s image. Hope you like it. He asked me, if there are some things, I’d like to change and maybe he will change them (merely minor stuff).

Also asked him, if he’s willing to do more, since it’d be cool seeing more of his artwork of my characters. 😀


Volume 02 – Chapter 2-3

Here is the rest of the second chapter. It’s one of these cases, where you end a chapter and think “Yes!”, because it makes totally sense to start a new one at that point. Like I said, this part is shorter than the ones before, but it’s still acceptable. The pages went into other chapters.

At RoyalRoadL an artist called ngt is currently practicing by fulfilling requests and he did one of mine. I asked him to try to remake one or more of my characters and this is the result, a fine artwork of Kenta and Rine.


I added it into Volume 2 – Images, which was created, since I actually have more than the cover now. It’s a great piece of work, but I’m not sure, if I should use it as a RoyalRoadL-cover, since it’s not what I imagined it to be. But great, nonetheless.

EDIT: The more I look at it, the more I like it, even though Kenta’s simply too cool, almost looking like Kirito of Sword Art Only. But as you can see, I changed this site’s header to it, since it still beats the standard one.

Next time, I’ll switch back and forth in POV, since the story demands it, even though the focus lies on Kenta. I think either Monday or Tuesday might be possible, depending on how the new business year of my work start off next week.

Volume 02 – Chapter 2-2

Part 2 of the second chapter is here. I decided to split the remaining second parts in two after all, for time reasons. I plan to publish the rest on Saturday.

Like some of you know, I joined a new group in RRL, litRPG Society. It’s a group with other writers of stories with game-like elements, which were discovered by BlaiseCorvin, who’s not only liking the genre, but our stories, too. I don’t know how much I will put into that group, but I guess I can be proud to be part of it.

By the way, is it normal that the more followers and favorites you get, the lower your rating gets? Or is it because of the quitters, while the actual readers won’t rate? Well, I get new ones every time I release a chapter, so I have to ignore that, like that one guy who talk about things in a review, which didn’t happen and he didn#t change it, even after I told him that Kyou-san didn’t one-hit that Ss’rak guard and that it clearly doesn’t outlevel her, since 1.) non-heroes don’t have levels and 2.) a debuffed Kenta in [Student]-class was a match for one of those.

After getting that out of my system: Next time. It’s practically like what I said last time for this chapter, sorry for that. ^^’

Volume 02 – Chapter 2-1 plus second Poll

Here is the first part of the second chapter and it’s the part, where we got a new main-character, Rine. Sadly, looking back, this is just not the moment to get a deep look into her character, since Kenta is mostly only thinking about his schemes.  But of course there are times, within this volume, where we will get a good impression on that princess. ^^’


And like promised, the second poll for this volume, this time it’s including old and new choices. This will be open for about two weeks, since I need the preperation time. And remember the first poll, it’s still on!


Next time is the second and final part of Chapter 2, this time it’s less pages, so the part will instead be longer. It’ll bring insight in Rine as a character, as well bring new problems. It may be out in Tuesday or Wednesday.

The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin: Samurai’s Duel

Since I’m still sickly, I didn’t want to do too much on ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy world!’ and decided to translate an old Akageno-Sennin-story of mine into English with minor changes, since it’s hard to translate most puns.

It’s short, it doesn’t make sense and you can read it here.

I think I should be able to publish the next part of ‘I hate’ this weekend, but I think Sunday would be more probable than Saturday.

Volume 02 – Chapter 1-2

The second and final part of Chapter 1. We get real insight about Kenta’s relationship with his classmates and it’s the last part of preperation of this quest. Again a chapter which shows me the limits of my English.

It got a bit late, since I’m sick. Good thing that I could edit it beforehand and only did a last check today, since I’m not really that concentrated right now. So I don’t know if I got the energy to get with the plan on publishing the first part of chapter 2 at the weekend.

But next time: We will meet the new main-character, which will bring a bit of a change of pace to our moody duo. I hope that you’ll like her. 😉

Volume 02 – Chapter 1-1

Here it is, the first part of the first chapter. Now we officially know the quest of this second volume! Even though it was already told in the preview of the Volume 2 page.

Kyou and Kenta are somehow able to get along, but the relationship is still unstable. But both put some effort in it for the time being in their own way. Not that the other person will actually recognise it.

Next part should come out either Sunday or Monday, depending on mood and time. It’s summer, after all! 😉

The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin 01

The next part of ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy-world’ will be most likely posted tomorrow, but I sometimes I want to write something entirely different and so I did and publish it now, since I’m looking forward how people will react to it. I’m talking about the first story of The Amazing Adventures of Akageno-Sennin.

This is a character I used to have on a roleplay forum, and it was not a player character, but my game master account. I left the forum some years ago for time-reasons and when I had time again, people got into the GM, I don’t like.

Writing as Akageno-Sennin (or Perso-Senin, who ‘changed his name’ to fit his ‘new task and the setting’) was always fun. Most of the players thought so too, since he didn’t make any sense at all and so I decided to revive that character again. This time as short stories, when I don’t want to think hard about what I want to write. A bit for a change of pace.

I won’t let these stories interfere with my real attempt of a novel, which is still ‘I hate being wed in a fantasy world!’, it’s only to relax a bit. So there is no schedule and no way to bring me to write another story unless I’m in the mood.

But enjoy it. Here is the first story!

Volume 02 – Prologue + Poll: Noncanonical Extra

And here it is, the prologue of volume 02. Like every prologue, it’s still time to take it easy.

Like promised, here is the first poll for the Extras, first the non-canonical one. I will keep this poll up for at least four weeks (so that you can meet the new MC first). If you have other ideas what could be interesting Extras (canonical or noncanonical) please comment them. Then I’ll look if I’m willing to write it and if I am, then I’ll include it in the next poll.

Next time, the plot comes in. And we get a possible explanation, why nobody likes Kenta. 😉

New supplement. And also bragging!

I added “Setting” into the Misc-tab and some more pages under it. It might make it easier for the readers to look up some of the names and other things of the setting.

And I want to brag, since I just finished the first draft of volume 03 and it’s reassuring, that I’m a volume ahead for times, I really got no time to write stuff. And also, because I like to review a volume after some time, so that I can kill continuity-errors and prepare some ideas I had, after writing at a much later chapter.

Finally, volume 02 will most likely start being published on monday. Hopefully, you’ll like it. 😀