The official gallery of “I hate being wed in a fantasy world!”, including drafts, works of artist’s besides MioChin and everything, that wouldn’t fit in the novel. To get here, it must be not officially included in a volume.


Alpha-draft Katsuragi Kenta  by MioChin

Here we have some choices how Kenta’s armor could turn out. While his short hair was still subjected to change, the face was fine right away. You just don’t get the feeling, that you want to befriend this one. ^^


Alpha-draft Momokawa Kyou by MioChin

When I first saw it, I fell in love. It’s still not finished, MioChin likes to make her clothes not so plain and is trying to figure out how he design the lioness’ ring (if at all), but to think, that he used my crappy drawing as the basic to make this, fills me with pride and shame at the same time! 😀


Alpha-draft Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine by MioChin

The armor and weapon is still in progress and we weren’t that happy with the lower-middle drawing, but it’s more about the general design. To be honest, Rine was the one I had the hardest time recognizing, since MioChin changed her hairstyle to a similiar, but more wild one. I like it! xD


Alpha-draft Ara’ainn by MioChin

This one needed the most work, because MioChin and I had to balance out the strangeness and the familiarity of the alfar, while Ara’ainn should still be pleasing for the reader to see. There was once the thought of how to make her dress, especially considering her [Acrobat]-class. And in this draft, she still have breasts, But alfar don’t have breasts, they have only chests. 😀

A chibi MioChin scribbled next to some design-drafts for the cover of volume 5.5. Stole and posted it! Let’s see where I can use it as well. Maybe for the afterword? Should I get more chibis? …WANT!!!