Something almost banal, which fills me with pride!

I tried a bit for fun and ended up with an actual status page of Kenta. That’s the status after the second volume (put at the end of the Epilogue), and is the first peek on his official artwork.

Let me know how you think about it. Will update it on RRL shortly. xD



Volume 3 Preview

And here is the main-page for Volume 3 (cover is still in work, but from what I was seeing so far, it’ll look great!), there is a blurb written by me as well. Might edit it, when I get help from some people again, but it should give you the gist of what to expect.

Otherwise, here are bit and pieces of the coming work, I expect to start releasing it in mid-October.

[You just crushed them!] – Was it their hopes, their souls or maybe something even more precious?

[“Yay! The second wife-conference! *Pachipachipachi*”] – What is that supposed to be!?

[“Thank you, I thought we would be doomed. I’m a merchant. The name is Correo.” Sounds Italian to me. Yes, I guess the complexion would be also similar. “And how is your name, brave barbarian?”] – A merchant, which will show the characters what to do next.

[“Ken, now that we’re here, we have to talk.”] – Kyou has something important to say to Kenta.

[The elves I saw in games and movies are beautiful humanoids. They have pointy ears, but otherwise they look like slim humans. But how do I say… these ones look strange.] – Finally they meet the elves, but they are looking different…

[“Welcome to my research facility. I’m the one in charge, Ara’ainn.”] – Research? That doesn’t sound good.

[“…Why are there dead squirrels in my bed?”] – A question everyone has at some point of their life.

[“WE’RE HEROES, YOU MONSTERS!”] – Someone clearly has a bad day.

Volume 2 Extras and Afterword

Here is the Extra, here the Afterword. Not much to say, but that it was a fun ride until now and I plan to continue it. But first I take a break from releasing (writing not much so), especially since I want to bring the next volume out on a new standard and work over the older chapters.

Priority is on the new volume for now, but I plan to release it on more sites, after I got to haul over the former chapters with an editor. And add the MioChin-revised Covers, when I do so (atm we have the draft of Volume 3 cover and it’s a blast!).

Hope you enjoyed it so far, first spoilers will be posted here after a or two. 😉


Btw, I have now a twitter-account and an RSS-Feed.

Volume 02 – Prologue + Poll: Noncanonical Extra

And here it is, the prologue of volume 02. Like every prologue, it’s still time to take it easy.

Like promised, here is the first poll for the Extras, first the non-canonical one. I will keep this poll up for at least four weeks (so that you can meet the new MC first). If you have other ideas what could be interesting Extras (canonical or noncanonical) please comment them. Then I’ll look if I’m willing to write it and if I am, then I’ll include it in the next poll.

Next time, the plot comes in. And we get a possible explanation, why nobody likes Kenta. 😉

New supplement. And also bragging!

I added “Setting” into the Misc-tab and some more pages under it. It might make it easier for the readers to look up some of the names and other things of the setting.

And I want to brag, since I just finished the first draft of volume 03 and it’s reassuring, that I’m a volume ahead for times, I really got no time to write stuff. And also, because I like to review a volume after some time, so that I can kill continuity-errors and prepare some ideas I had, after writing at a much later chapter.

Finally, volume 02 will most likely start being published on monday. Hopefully, you’ll like it. 😀

Volume 02 – Preview

I promised you the preview of Volume 02 and while I added the page and the synopsis of Volume 02 a few days ago already (there you can check the new cover), here is another form of a preview.

Also added a summary of Volume 01 for those, who already read it and want to refresh their memory, when they start volume 02. So if you haven’t check out the first volume yet, don’t read it, it’s pure spoiler. But good, if you lost the outline of the story, since you read too many fiction to remember everything.

But now let’s take a look at the new preview.

[Uh, Kyou-san is looking at me as if I have licked her recorder. It’s a mix of shock and disgust.] – Kyou-san looks are as descriptive as ever.

[“500,000 Newgold for the ones, who bring her back! And double if unharmed!”] – A large sum for a recovery mission.

[“Ken, could it be, that we’re actually the worst?”] – A bit of self-awareness is showing.

[Their enemy is a single blonde girl, her hair just reaches her shoulders and is held back by a black hairband. She wears hardened leather armor pieces above her breast, arms and legs and wields a long, slender blade.] – A new main-character makes her appearance.

[“And you, Kyou? What would be your ideal?”] – What are Kyou’s tastes in men?

[“DAMN IT! I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!”] – Kenta is facing new peril. Some things never change.

[But seeing Ken getting beat will fill me with pure joy, because he deserves it.] – Someone is trying to make life hard for Kenta and Kyou will enjoy it. How evil!

The second volume will start next week. Kenta’s personal hell will reach the next level! 😉


Volume 01 – Afterword

With this, volume 1 is officially finished. Congratulations to myself, I really did it. Now I deserve a break, which isn’t really a break for me, since I’ll prepare volume 2 and continue to write volume 3’s first draft, but I’ll take that time easy.

Those who also looks at my story in RoyalRoad, please click on the Extras, when they appear there (I’m beginning to post them now), so I can get a more accurate number of viewers. 😉

Imagewise, I’m currently working on Volume 2’s cover (I also added a text-cover of volume 1 here before) and for some reason, I already did a draft for the volume 3 extra (chibi is even weaker than normal drawings and in volume 1’s one I kept failing at Kyou’s head and got so frustrated at some point, that I just ignored it).

I want to try to make a header, but seriously, being confined in a definite form makes it hard to fill the space in a way, that makes sense and seems interesting. Or good-looking. -_-‘

Still need an editor, who does a lingual overhaul to the chapters. -_-‘

But oh well, just keep going, hamster!

Next week or so I’ll publish a preview of the second volume. Until then, it’s break time from publishing! I’ll still answer comments and other forms of communication. ^^

More Drafts, Volume 02 spoiler

And here they are! First a CG-version of Momokawa Kyou’s earlier draft, it’s still far from pretty, but it took some time. But I suck at coloring skin, it seems. Well, too late.

Second, a new pencil draft for [Student]-class Kenta, looking annoyed. It will be put in a CG, too, then I put both CGs in a way, that both are looking away from each other and this would be the ‘cover’ of the first volume.

The Third image is for a character, which will appear in volume 2. A swordswoman, who is important enough, that I took the time to make a clean draft for her. Figure that out!

Poll: Volume 01 Extra

I’m pumped at the moment and I’m thinking about adding another story to Volume 01, not necessary canon or stroy-wise important. Since I got some ideas, I just thought, that I may leave it to you to decide, what I should write. I’ll add a similiar poll on Royal Road when I publish the next chapter part.