Summary Volume 4

WARNING: This is a massive spoiler since it’s a summary of the whole volume 04. This is supposed to remind readers, what happened in this volume so they can pick up future novels more easily.

If you haven’t read volume 04, you will get the whole story spoiled!

If you want to read the synopsis of the full story, use the link.

Oh god, four volumes of my suffering and you still have not enough!? Since I, Katsuragi Kenta, was summoned from Japan into this fantasy world, cursefully wed to three girls, former classmate Momokawa Kyou-san, murder-princess Rine, and sloth-alfr Ara’ainn-san, I’ve faced many problems and suffered quite a bit…

I really thought that the [Class-ups] would make things easier, so I graduated from [Scout] to [Ranger] by training with the alfar of Aroahenn. Then all four of us decided upon our next target: Zethtrin. It’s a really big city, maybe even a metropolis, which should have more than enough people capable of using [Divine Magic] or [Black Magic] to break this wedding-curse. So we set upon a journey, only to be hunted by mercenaries!

Not only mercenaries, even the oni from Aroahenn is there, the mercs were hired by Correro! They goal is to capture the runaway princess Rine, who makes me what, her appendix!? I was able to lure the sellswords into a trap, which causes them to lose sight of the girls who went ahead, while I also did some damage to them, just to slip through their net.

Guess what! The oni has attacked the girls, broke Rine’s arm, while Ara-san became so exhausted, that she entered the [Worn Out]-condition. I just came in time to fend the oni off, just to enter the the [Worn Out]-condition as well, as I pushed my body way over its capacities.

With Ara-san and me as baggage, Kyou-san and Rine weren’t able to escape at all, instead all of us were between an army of monsters and a squad of mercenaries. Then dumb luck saved us, the mercenaries had a ranger as well, Hrarks, who saved us because he feels a bit of brotherhood between him and me, and fighting us had already caused too much damage to the brigade.

This has to be Rine, because I’m never so lucky! Argh, what a mess! I also feel, how Kyou-san is gloating about my helplessness! Dammit, I even put up with more intimate actions to the girls to grind more WP, and we still barely escaped!