Volume 02

Katsuragi Kenta (桂木 謙太) [Design] The protagonist of the story thinks of staying home and playing games as a much more interesting past-time than being in a fantasy-world and fighting monsters for real. The former high-school student was summoned to another world to defeat the demon king, just like his classmates. Despise being a so-called hero, he may not be the most social person.
Was ‘wed’ to Momokawa Kyou due a curse and both of them are in a party. His classes are [Student], [Scout] and [Pikeman].

Momokawa Kyou (桃川 杏) [Design] She is the former class president of Kenta’s class. She’s a beautiful girl, which was quite popular in class and behaves decently to other people while being not as decent inside.
She was left behind by her friends since she had trouble leveling up with her class-choices. She decided to help Kenta to lift a curse, which would kill him in exchange for information on how to increase your level fast. In the end, the nature of the curse changed and she became infected with it, too. Now both of them are ‘married’ through the curse, with many benefits, and the big minus, that they’re married.
Her classes are [Student], [Healer], [Priest] and [Cook].

Katarine von Stolzherz  [Design] Daughter of Heinrich von Stolzherz V and crown-princess of the Feuerberg-kingdom. She’s a bit of a wild girl, who has the reputation of being strong-willed and naive.

Inoue Masahiko (井上 正彦) – The most popular boy in Kenta’s class and a friend of Kyou. He’s the leader of his party, which are all his friends from school. The other members are Yamauchi Daichi, Kita Katsuo, Akiyama Eri and Kurosawa Teruko.

Muaotef – God of the ss’rak, the lizard people, and a motherf*cking dragon. Being near him fills you with primal fear and he has plans for the future, a mere mortal being won’t be able to understand.