Different places from the fantasy world.


It’s a kingdom ruled by Heinrich von Stolzherz V. It’s the realm which summoned Kenta and his classmates as heroes and have a landscape full plains, mountains and some volcanos.

Places to visit
  • Esse: capital of Feuerberg.
  • Vulkan: A mountain-range to the west of Esse.
    • Heißquellen: A holy spring, which heals damage and alignments. The shrine is a popular pilgrimate spot.
    • Muaotef’s chasm: Don’t visit it, it’s a deadly place, which will kill you either with heat or the vast amounts of monsters down there. And there is a chance, that you will run into a motherf*cking dragon.
    • The City of Ss’rak: Don’t visit it either. Ss’rak are not very welcoming. Especially if you’re from Feuerberg!
  • Wächter: A fort near the border to the land of demons. It’s commanded by Captain Ulf.