Volume 05 – Chapter 2-1

Here is the start of the second chapter! It’s supposed to be a nice morning, but urban random encounters are bound to happen. Just imagine how it would be in games, if suddenly people talk to your character without any tie into the story… Just thinking about how the screen begins the encounter fade out just to show “A guardsman greets you! What will you do? <Greet back> <Ignore> <Item> <Attack> <Escape>” makes me laugh.

There is already an illustration in this chapter, almost at the end. It gives more questions than answers though. Writing this scene was a bit tricky.

Well, while the poll on this blog is tied and the one in RRL favors another setting by exactly one vote, we’ll do another setting. As I couldn’t get any comments what kind of settings would please you, I’ve decided to just throw in a bunch I imagine as doable, make the poll multiple choice and look at what will happen.

Next time, we’ll see what happened to the other half of the party while Kenta was busy with his own urban encounter! 😀

Please vote in TWF!


Volume 3 – Extras and Afterword

Sorry for the huge delay and the fact, that we really weren’t able to get some PR done. My PRs currently are plagued with a broken PC and a very hard time schedule, I hoped and hoped for the better, but now I’m not willing to wait any more. So yes, this time it’s without PR again, sadly. T_T

But here they are, the Extras (three this time!) and the Afterword. Finally, we’re done with volume 3.  The draft of volume 4 is revisited and only need a last check-up, some minor changes when some art-choices are made, and of course PRing…

In this sense, I’m welcoming new PRs right away, so that we can start working on these Extras first and then move on to volume 4, so that there won’t be such huge delays in between again.

The break between volume 3 and for will be most likely 1-3 months, my personal timetable looks a bit grim and there is still some stuff to do. If everything goes excellent, the whole volume will already be PRed before I release the prologue, but I guess I’m just dreaming there…

On a final note, I’m now hosting the first ever popularity contest in “I hate wed”, this time only the four MCs are included. I’m very curious about it, as this is a chance to see how popular each character is even including those votes, which aren’t that loud. You can read the Extras first, the same poll is also in the Afterword.

Volume 02 – Chapter 2-1 plus second Poll

Here is the first part of the second chapter and it’s the part, where we got a new main-character, Rine. Sadly, looking back, this is just not the moment to get a deep look into her character, since Kenta is mostly only thinking about his schemes.  But of course there are times, within this volume, where we will get a good impression on that princess. ^^’


And like promised, the second poll for this volume, this time it’s including old and new choices. This will be open for about two weeks, since I need the preperation time. And remember the first poll, it’s still on!


Next time is the second and final part of Chapter 2, this time it’s less pages, so the part will instead be longer. It’ll bring insight in Rine as a character, as well bring new problems. It may be out in Tuesday or Wednesday.

Volume 02 – Prologue + Poll: Noncanonical Extra

And here it is, the prologue of volume 02. Like every prologue, it’s still time to take it easy.

Like promised, here is the first poll for the Extras, first the non-canonical one. I will keep this poll up for at least four weeks (so that you can meet the new MC first). If you have other ideas what could be interesting Extras (canonical or noncanonical) please comment them. Then I’ll look if I’m willing to write it and if I am, then I’ll include it in the next poll.

Next time, the plot comes in. And we get a possible explanation, why nobody likes Kenta. 😉

Poll 1 closed

The polls on this blog and RoyalRoad are closed, the result is in and I’ll work on the Extra, I hope to make it happen until Wednesday.

I also began working on some new pictures, one cover for volume 02, and a image for RoyalRoad, which will present 4 characters. I plan to make one additional CG for the new main character in the second volume, but need to decide on a pose.

Some may have also noticed, that I have re-organized volume 01 a bit, so that it might be easier to access the pages. Also added an image-page to it.

I added a donation-link in “Help”, but seriously, that’s only for those, who don’t need that money!

Finally, I added a spoiler from Volume 02 for those, who may be interested:

Teru-chan had a higher score than me and I felt the difference.”


Kurosawa Teruko. … One of our classmates? … My friend?”

The one with the ponytail?”

That’s Eri-chan. Teru-chan is small and cute.”

Ah, the shrimp. So she’s called… Teru?”

Kurosawa Teruko. Can’t you remember your classmates names?”

You remember that I don’t care about these guys at all? Let me count… I know five names at all. Well, six now. Kurosaki Teruko!”

…I want to make a comment, but I don’t know where to begin.” Kyou-san is holding her head, as if she have headaches.


Poll: Volume 01 Extra

I’m pumped at the moment and I’m thinking about adding another story to Volume 01, not necessary canon or stroy-wise important. Since I got some ideas, I just thought, that I may leave it to you to decide, what I should write. I’ll add a similiar poll on Royal Road when I publish the next chapter part.