Volume 04 – Chapter 5-1

The final chapter starts, things aren’t getting hot now, as it’s more of a small flashback, actually the first since volume 1, which is certainly something. I like this one, as it gives some perspective of the things Kenta always think about Kyou.

Last Sunday, I lost something precious to me… while copying the draft of volume 5 to overwrite the back-up, both got destroyed… good thing that I had another one, but it was two weeks old, so I had to redo stuff. Due to time reasons, it’s not like I had done much these two weeks, but all the small editing portions vanished forever… Good thing about it, the new editing is much better. 😀

Well, that’s why most work was to make as many edits as possible, still need to rework one scene again, but I hope it’ll also turn better. Especially, since the first rewrite was just with the feeling “I’m not satisfied with this,” while this time it’s “I actually have an idea!”

Next time, things get hot! Also, the rise of the final illustration of the novel!


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Volume 04 – Chapter 4-3

The third part of chapter 4 is here! This time, we start from Kyou’s POV, it’s much easier to write from her perspective, as Ara’ainn thought processes are hard to follow, and Rine doesn’t think so much about stuff, which puts the burden on the reader.

What happens to the girls while Kenta is away? While Kenta has to catch up, they have to face their own perils, the trouble is still coming! It becomes harder and harder for the party to keep up.

The week passed fast, I wanted to write so much, but somehow I didn’t get as far as I wanted in terms of writing… on the other hand, everything is clean at home, so… progress?

Next time, we’ll have a flashback. This shows some events of the past from anothrpoint of view.


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Volume 2 – Cover!

This might come from the left field, but currently, MioChin is on fire. He’s finished some stuff for later on my behalf (like certain character-designs for future characters) and he also made the rework on the Volume 2 cover in lightspeed.

Of course I won’t hold it back from you, finally that gap was closed! Now it’s time to show you the magnifient piece of work MioChin did!

Volume 2 Cover

Volume 2 Textless Cover

With the new cover also comes a new banner. You can see it by having this post selected or any volume 2 related page (I hope).


Next work will be a bit of character-artwork, an illustration for volume 1 maybe, and the cover of volume 5!

Volume 04 – Chapter 4-2

Second part of the fourth chapter, Kenta’s in deep trouble. Though he’s a problem-solver in his heart, so he might make it. He also got ‘the Hood.’ Its special powers will lead him through thos confrontation. Don’t underestimate ‘the Hood,’ as ‘the Hood’ rules supreme.

I’m still open to suggestions to non-canoncial Extras, my brain is a bit stimulated, but I won’t let the idea of the century go away by saying ‘I don’t need it anymore.’ MioChin is almost finished with the cover of the second volume, something dear to me, as I really like to close that gap! Looks great so far!

I want to thank Fossil and erowarrior again for another mentioning in NFU, though I ask myself what makes Kenta a “specialized MC” in your eyes, erowarrior. Not that I can’t see it, but I’m curious!

Next time, we’ll take a look what the girls are up to. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be breath-taking, it’ll be great. I hope…


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Volume 04 – Chapter 4-1

Here it is, the start of the fourth chapter. Kenta finally meets someone, who may or may not answer his questions… he shows how capable he is with women… ouch, this can’t be good, right?

I’m still working on the canonical extra, because I’ve rewritten it about halfway again. It’s clearly good, that I work on something like this, as it’s also expanding the setting, but this comes a bit from the left-field. Though may new approach may finally be the one I’m looking for.

I’ve dropped my former idea to the non-canonical extra, now I’m looking for another idea. Or maybe, I’ll just include some party-banter here, I liked them much in Baldur’s Gate II, though I still have to rethink it… ah, the end of the volume is too soon, I need more time! ;_;

Next time, though, it’s going to be tough. Will Kenta’s idea succeed, or will he again fall into a big mess? Stay tuned! 😀


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