Summary Volume 2

WARNING: This is a massive spoiler since it’s a summary of the whole volume 02. This is supposed to remind readers, what happened in this volume so they can pick up future novels more easily.

If you haven’t read volume 02, you will get the whole story spoiled!

If you want to read the synopsis of the full story, use the link.

My name is Katsuragi Kenta, and I’m a great hero of justice. Hah, if that’d be right! I’m just a regular gamer, who may have not be as popular in school, I think I was actually kinda bullied.

Like you know, I was just back from completing the ritual to decurse me and Kyou-san, but you know what!? The priest told me, that I “lost” all that divine power I’ve garnered, and I have to do it again! I even have to pay another “donation”! This a*hole!

I was still stuck to Kyou-san!

Since the first attempt took almost all of our money, plus our lack of knowledge about curses, we jumped at the next opportunity to get enough coin to pay those clergy bastards: The capture the runaway princess of the country.

We met up with the other heroes at the Wächter-fort, where the princess, Katarine von Stolzherz, ran away from. I think, meeting her old friends made Kyou-san kinda grumpy, so she was all in for the plan to lay some traps for our sorry classmates to get a headstart.

But tracking someone in the mountains was a pain in the ass! Monsters, climbing -oh, so much climbing- and the accompany of Kyou-san bitching around. Luckily, we found the princess, but… she’s unreal! Her sword skills are so insane that I feel sorry for the monsters, she’s able to kill you ten times over while asleep, because she just hacks at everything which moves up to her, before even realizing what she just cut!

If Kyou-san hadn’t befriended her to trick her into some scheme, we’d been dead ten times over!

Additionally, the now nicknamed princess “Rine” was a dreamy fool, who had just pink clouds between her ears. Basically, my exact opposite: Cheerful, positive, and stupid.

While Kyou-san and I tried to figure out a way to overcome that fortress of imbahness, we were attacked by giant four-legged birds bombarding us with boak-crawlers, whose guts were able to incapacitate people by making them puke.

Kyou-san was separated from us, a giant mountain creature awoke, I almost died again, and I got a message, that I needed to rescue Kyou-san or else the curse would reactivate at full power, a total mess.

Rine and I tracked the birds as good as possible, just so that the curse could turn me back into my unathletic [Student]-form right when we were attacking. Another almost disaster, Rine was hurt badly, and the curse struck back!

It “married” me to Rine without denouncing my “marriage” with Kyou-san, therefore I had two wives for some reason! It actually changed Rine into a hero and with her newfound power on top of her already ridiculous capabilities, she defeated the giant birds swiftly.

But I had to find out three things, which would prove most disastrous: First, Kyou-san wasn’t with the giant birds. Second, Rine somehow convinced herself, that she was in love with me. Third, having two wives made me broke the “Divine Law,” which marks me as the worst kind of sinner, and if there were too many divine lawbreakers within a species, it meant genocide.


Kyou-san contacted me via our connected backpacks and explained, that she was saved by that fake Inoue and his friends, so we arranged a meeting, which didn’t go well… I really hate spider-monkeys. Especially that boss of theirs.

Maybe I was a bit too greedy because I went after the mob-boss after it almost killed every single one of us until Rine was able to cut off its arm. Without the means to pursue him, I might have taken a bow from one of Inoue’s friends, and I might have accidentally shot Inoue in the bag with it, due to lack of experience. I might have panicked a little there so that I took Kyou-san and ran away with her and Rine…

Though I was plagued by two wives, one a nagging bitch, who blamed me for destroying her friendship with Inoue’s posse, the other a willful, childlike princess, who refused to go back to her father while being capable of forcing us to do whatever she wanted with pure violence…

Can it be worse…?