This afterword was made right after completing the first draft of this volume, weeks before even publishing the prologue. This way, my thoughts back then could be caught.

Hey there, kentusrpg here. I’m surprised , that my first volume of I hate being wed in a fantasy world! is done. Though my novel still needs to be edited, I am proud of the work of fiction that I have written. However, I am more proud of the fact that I was actually able to complete my novel’s first volume than of my work of fiction’s inherent quality, as I am not certain it will really ever be read and enjoyed by others…

I was inspired by web novels like Tate no Yuusha, Slave Harem, Master of Monsters, Arifureta, and others to create a story with world-transcending heroes in a game-like system.

I think highly of some those works of fiction but they are not perfect. Sometimes their balance seems to be a bit off, other times the characters become unlikable at some points in the plotline, and occasionally the story is prolonged  by several things that I do not care about. I personally don’t mind a slow story, as long as there are cute girls and interactions between characters to deepen their relationships. You need a rest here and there, after all, but if this goes on and on and on, it becomes pretty frustrating.

Well, whenever I used to think about the numerous weaknesses of these works, I would shrug my shoulders and think that I have no reason to complain, since I did not spend many hours and sleepless nights to write all that stuff down. And this brought me finally to my own original work and the fact, that now I know how hard it really is to sit down and just write stuff. Of course now that I have, I really do  have the right to complain!

My work is probably also suffering from imbalance between character- and plot-development, but hey, spend hours writing and publishing a story, before you wise-crack! :3



Here we go with some details. Written below are some names of some characters in English and Japanese. Yes, I actually thought about how to write these character names in Japanese since each name in Japanese can has multiple meanings, depending on which kanji are used.

Katsuragi Kenta (桂木 謙太): Kenta is written with the kanji ‘humbleness’, which is, of course, not exactly his strong point. At least not until the end of the first volume, when Kenta was taught some humility. Probably. Katsuragi (written as cinnamon wood) was selected because it is pleasing to the  ear and because it is one of the more common surnames . I realized too late that the reason the name sounds so good is because it’s not that different from the name of the character Katsuragi Keima from TWGOK, but oh well: The name stays!

Momokawa Kyou (桃川 杏): The surname, Momokawa, is written as ‘peach river’, since I wanted to somehow have the word ‘peach’ within. It’s sweet on the outside, with a poisonous kernel on the inside, which describes Kyou’s character quite well. And this leads to the first name, 杏 (apricot) read as ‘Kyou’, which isn’t that uncommon (even though Kenta mistook it for ‘Anzu’). You can also write Kyou as 凶, which means ‘calamity’.

Muaotef (ムアオテフ): This name is actually self-made, even though I altered the name Duamutef, the Egypt guardian god of the Canopic jars, for my means. You would pronounce it as ‘Muh-Ah-Oh-Teff’. It’s kind of a tongue twister for English natives, but I wanted to make a dragon’s name exotic. For those who don’t know Japanese, the name is simply written in Katakana, so there is no hidden meaning. At least in human tongue.


In my next volume, we will have a new main character! Since my novel’s description includes a ‘harem’ tag, the new character will obviously be a girl . Stay curious! I hope for positive feedback, so I that I can motivate myself to continue adding some sentences every day.

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