The Blog

This is the blog “I hate being wed in a fantasy world!”, a fantasy/harem/comedy web novel, which tells the story about Katsuragi Kenta, who happened to be summon to a fantasy world with his classmates against their wills and how he ended up misfortunely being married to several women. Better you check out the Synopsis, since it’s more detailed.
There is no shedule to this blog, so I can’t guarantee chapters-parts on a regular basis. But the more you motivate me, the higher the chance that I use my precious free time for writing. I’m just that simple… 🙂
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The Author

I’m using the pseudonym kentusrpg and I’m just a regular D&D-player, read Japanese light and web novels and watch Anime in my spare time. At some point I began writing my own web novel and now I’m publishing it bit by bit.
I’m German, so this shows in every part I write, but I wanted as most people as possible read my work, so English it is. Be merciful or better: Helpful! Check the Help button to check out, how you may help this poor fellow, who is constantly trying to make something work.

The Artist

MioChin is a great guy from Indonesia. I got to know him due the help of BlaiseCorvin, who gave me a push to look at deviantart for an artist. He’s also a reader and fan of the story, which makes it so much better to have him on board.


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