Volume 3 – Extras and Afterword

Sorry for the huge delay and the fact, that we really weren’t able to get some PR done. My PRs currently are plagued with a broken PC and a very hard time schedule, I hoped and hoped for the better, but now I’m not willing to wait any more. So yes, this time it’s without PR again, sadly. T_T

But here they are, the Extras (three this time!) and the Afterword. Finally, we’re done with volume 3.  The draft of volume 4 is revisited and only need a last check-up, some minor changes when some art-choices are made, and of course PRing…

In this sense, I’m welcoming new PRs right away, so that we can start working on these Extras first and then move on to volume 4, so that there won’t be such huge delays in between again.

The break between volume 3 and for will be most likely 1-3 months, my personal timetable looks a bit grim and there is still some stuff to do. If everything goes excellent, the whole volume will already be PRed before I release the prologue, but I guess I’m just dreaming there…

On a final note, I’m now hosting the first ever popularity contest in “I hate wed”, this time only the four MCs are included. I’m very curious about it, as this is a chance to see how popular each character is even including those votes, which aren’t that loud. You can read the Extras first, the same poll is also in the Afterword.


Sorry for the delay, but…

Hello people, currently the process of PRing the Extras is slow, but sure to start. There was some sort of things to sort out in terms of communications (my messages per googledocs weren’t received), now they are hopefully over and we can finally start that final step (as I was busy, I had trouble to keep chasing after what’s going on, as sleep is a valuable asset).

But MioChin, the artist, has finally finished the rework of the Volume 1 cover, here it is, one with logo, one without.

Let’s hope that the Extras are ready soon, as I still want a “real” break afterward… well, at least in terms of releasing stuff. To make final adjustments to the draft of volume 4, give MioChin time to make its cover, etc.

I’ll include a header with this cover as an additional one in the near future. I’m also kinda working on a party-header, but this proofs to be difficult. ^^’

Volume 3 Epilogue

I’m still sickly, but here is the Epilogue of the third Volume, the story-part is over. A fine conclusion and maybe one or two questions answered. A bit of foreshadowing as well. Nice way to end it.

Next time, it’ll be the Extras, this time I followed the series instead of putting up a poll, but there is some content, so it’ll take some time, I think more like two weeks, considering my current schedule. The Afterword comes out at the same time.

Seriously, I’ll try my best to make the next volume not stretch that long again…

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Volume 3 – Chapter 5-2

It may be not a romantic release, but happy Valentine’s Day regardless.

This is the end of the climax, only the Epilogue of the main-story remains, then we’re already at the Extras, which still have to be reviewed, but are already written. As I saw a trend in the last 3 volumes, I just continued it. So there was no poll for a reason.

I like about this chapter-part how nothing is gifted here, only an accumulation of experience, opportunities, and skills. No cheap way out, using the own wits.

On another note: I was invited to participate in a writing contest… the day before yesterday, while I had only about 3 hours to write that stuff without messing my sleep cycle, so I did a really quick and dirty job, had no time to properly PR it and everything, but I ended up second place nonetheless… Is it really that good? Well, read it and judge for yourself, I might PR it at some point, but for now I just keep it around.

The Epilogue should be out next week, I’m currently sick, which really limits my writing capabilities, but oh well… Things are starting to move in the background and starts a new arc.

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Volume 3 – Chapter 5-1

And here we have the first of two parts of volume 3. The fights are intense, but so are the combatants and now we need to see who will win! Too bad that one side is cheating…

The progress on the new chapters is slow again, but I have a plan how this should not happen during volume 4. But I need to revisit my draft first and… well, I have a lot to do. But at least the work of DRAFT on my first chapters started and I think they do a good job, especially considering that I became their customer before they started charging. I will need to change a few things for style and phrasing reasons (as they don’t know the characters as well as I do), but it’s pretty solid and will be a first step towards the plan to conquer even more sites.

I can’t tell exactly when the final chapter-part is coming, but I hope it’ll be around next weekend. But it will conclude the climax!

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EDIT: I totally forgot! On the Novel Update Forum (NUF) is a group called the NUF book club. They look at free English stories and try to make people more aware of great English stories.

I want to thank Solracmar who nominated this fiction for the voting for a more depth review (even after he had a chance to re-nominate a work that wasn’t chosen for the last voting, instead of this one, he voted: “Ok I am going to keep i hate being wed in a fantasy world! . I like the other but well I think this one is more unique.”, and LifeFrog to second the nomination.

And I also want to thank polokoi, Sproutling, robsause115, gunmim & Natsume for their votes thus far. If you’re a member of NUF and want to help this fiction, go to this thread, ask to become a member of the club and vote here for “I hate being wed in a fantasy world!”.

Even though it’ll be hard to overtake all these other good stories, maybe there will be a miracle… xD

Volume 3 – Chapter 4-3

And the climax begins! Hope you’ll like it.

At the alpha-draft phase, this part was rather short, but after reviewing it, I made everything longer, pushed some things in a new, fifth chapter, and then I was happy enough to leave it like that.

Next part will continue where it left off, and an artwork will be included. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to post it, this and next week gonna be busy so it may be hard to keep track of all the work I’m doing for this story atm.

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Volume 3 – Chapter 4-2

Please vote on TWF! Just takes a moment, no account or anything else, but it’ll help this story’s publicity.

And the second part of the fourth chapter, we’re looking at the situation between Yoshimura, Hoshibashi, and the alfar. Poor Aera’jos, he may be a bit racist (or more like speciesist, since he’d get along with other alfr races), but… actually, poor Yoshimura and Hoshibashi! You guys are actually reasonable!

It’s a very valuable insight in what alfar of the fantasy world are like, but many of these characteristics are also perceivable when looking at Ara’ainn, she’s just… less wild. But there is a reason, why people don’t visit the alfar much.

Next part will begin with Kenta and the girls in the actual village of Aroahenn, and that part will be on the longer side. But now things are rolling and they will not stop until the very end.
I don’t expect that we’ll be able to finish the proofreading soon enough for me to post it this week. My weekend is just pretty full this time.

On another side, I got some people to help me reworking the older chapters in terms of proofreading. Will be the first step towards using other sites to spread this story, together with the rework of Volume 1’s cover.

There will be little changes here and there, but you don’t need to reread everything just to keep track. It’s more about aligning some things here and there and using some suggestions, questions, and feedback I got from you (my readers) to make things clearer.

Have a nice week! 😉

Volume 3 – Chapter 4-1

And it’s out, for some reason these last changes were what took most, so we already moved to the next part in terms of proofreading and it’ll be on time. This time we bring the relationship between Kenta and Ara’ainn on a very, very physical level. Even Rine has a part in it.

The rewrite of the former parts are still staggering, mostly out of proofread concerns, but I’ll ask the new established group on RRL, who more or less is dedicated to edit and proofread the stuff the authors have to better the quality on RRL. Such brave people!

Next time, we have a part that won’t include either of our MCs. It’s about Hoshibashi and Yoshimura. Should be out in less than a week this time… I hope. ^^’

Volume 3 – Chapter 3-2

And here is the second and final part of chapter 3.And here is the second and final part of chapter 3. Things are still going quiet, it’s more about the characters than the plot, but the relationship between them is quite important as well.

Hope that New Year went well for you, and that 2017 will be the blast. While some bad things happened in 2016, many good things also happened, it’s sad that you have to look on the internet to learn such amazing things like how the population of pandas (now taken off from the endangered list) and tigers, the fight against Ebola, and such. Look up “Good Things that Happened in 2016” and you get many, many lists with amazing news, that somehow had a hard time appearing in the news… Get some optimism back! 😉

Now that Volume 3 have all illustrations finished, MioChin and I will finally make the final adjustments on Kyou’s and Rine’s character designs and maybe the remake of the cover of Volume 1 will be finished before the third volume ends… which would mean, that I can start my expansion on more sites. 😉

My proofreaders are coming back from their own New Year, so I hope to return to a somewhat weekly release schedule.

And finally: Please vote on TWF! 😀