Hey, kentusprg here. Seriously, I went into the volume thinking it would be the weakest, and maybe it is, but man, there was much I could tell, it’s actually the longest so far, and it might become a trend to have longer volumes.

Having four characters really make each interaction that much more complex and longer. I think I made a decent job, so I’ll just be glad, that it’s over for now. Well, with this volume at least, the next one is already in the working.

What can I say about this? Well, I made this volume, since I think, that some aspects of traveling around are just made a bit light of, like the weather and how it’s actually really annoying if you have to travel far distances in the rain. Of course, it’s not all that interesting to spent a whole volume only on this, so I threw the mercenaries and the oni in.

This is also an aspect, I miss in some works: The fact that sometimes the heroes have so little information about what is going on behind the scenes, that they’re more or less wondering the whole time, what is actually going on.

I went this route until the fight with the oni, so that the readers will know how unnerving that is. The way out of the situation seems to be a bit cheap, but as you don’t always know the threats, you don’t always know your allies. So this is what I was aiming for, you can blame me for this or maybe think: Hey, actually sometimes you just get an opportunity, that wasn’t visible before.

There is a lot of Kyou in this one, but I tried to tie in all of the girls to some degree. Still, giving more insight into her just made a lot of sense, especially since she finally have some more time to accept how things turned out. Sometimes stuff just have to sink in and to give a bit of insight of her past with Kenta and how things were at earlier volumes made her more relatable, I hope.

I will dive into her ‘very private matters’ another time.

The Epilogues are getting longer as well, it’s to blame that I want to give out information what specific people do at the time, while I want to build up for the next volume.


Next time we will be in Goldbrunn. Finally an urban setting, which will bring more insight how certain aspects of the society of the fantasy world works. Will be fun to write, I hope!

Like always, there will be a break. I’m keen to see, how much I will get done in that time. Please be patient, and we’ll meet again with the next volume!

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