You need help? Me, too. How can you be helpful? Well, there are several ways.


This is the part, where I beg for money! Well, it’s fully voluntary and is only a motivation for me, to spend more time writing this web novel. Since being paid at least gives the impression, that I should pay it back with work.
You can use my paypal-me site or the button below.

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Or you can use Patreon to spent a little money per month, so that I feel obligated to work more, harder and give more commissions to MioChin, so that there will be a lot more images.
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I’m no native, so I need editors and my current ones are nice people, who spent some of their free-time, but it doesn’t hurt to decrease their workload by joining them.


I already have MioChin as an artist, but it’s not like I won’t love some fanarts here! MioChin is a busy person, so he can’t nearly cover as much images as I like. And even if he could, I lack the budget to make him do so (he needs food)!

This site

I only have rudimentary knowledge of web design, so everyone who can tell me in easy words how I can improve this website is welcome.