Like mentioned in Volume 01, there is a difference between time in our world and the fantasy world. Here you can see, how the calendar works and how it’s relatively to our time.

time unit equals is in our time
1 second  – almost 0,6 seconds
1 minute 100 seconds almost 59 seconds
1 hour 100 minutes 1 hour and ~ 38 minutes
1 day 20 hours Exactly 28 hours and 18 minutes
1 week 10 days 11 days and ~ 19 hours
1 month 5 weeks ~ 59 days
1 year 10 months ~ 600 days

This is the calendar which works for the whole fantasy world.

Month Name Myth Climate
1st Bringing As the year begins, it opens its arm and cries for the land, which had to suffer much No snow anymore, rains often
2nd Flowering After the crying, the flowers starts to greet the new year First flowers bloom and sun comes out more often
3rd Lenzparade The Lenz and his court travels throughout the land, providing it with everything it needs Mostly sunny, flowers everywhere
4th Firemount The fiery horse chases away the Lenz’s court, trying to crush the Lenz beneath his smoking hooves Scorching heat waves, dry period
5th Brightdays The land is opening itself up, the heat has pierced the clouds, so the sun can shine Heat subsides a bit, longest days of the year, seldomly rain
6th Sipper The Sipper awakes from his freezing slumber, eating the light of the sun, which causes it to just visit for a short time Heat subsides each day, occasional rain
7th Lightdrop The Sipper’s plan works, rain comes so often Rain season with light drops
8th Deepdrop The Sun is waiting, trying to get back, but the Sipper is at it’s strongest Rain season, often coming with storms
9th Icenight The Sipper freezes, he was too greedy but will return Snow and freezing temperatures
10th Vale The year has matured and can now join the others, which will eventually combine and become a new star Becomes warmer again, but still snows often enough