Volume 05 – Chapter 1-3

Next part is up. A small one, but one that includes a bathing-scene… the first one since volume 1! How often do my characters actually bath? Well, Ara’ainn usually uses the [Create Water]-spell to make some cleaning water at the morning, as in the evenings, it becomes a bit hectic with making a camp, collect firewood, etc. Though real baths are rare. So of course they jump into this.

The poll is still going on, this week and next week. If you like to have another setting, I’d really appreciate some suggestions for the setting to include your wishes.

Also, I’ve found many recommandations from erowarrior on NUF today, all over the last few months. Looks like my search algorythm has changed or so… Thx for all that praise! You make me blush!

Next time, Kenta will get into trouble. The sort of trouble, that might cost his life, but will still earn envy of some! 😀


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Volume 05 – Chapter 1-2

Two done, two to go to finish Chapter 1. This is a chapter about believable lies and reaping what was sown. Quite an odd combo. We also have a new illustration!

Currently, I’m somewhat busy writing the next thing after volume 5, I’m almost done with the alpha-draft, though I already know that I’ll change some things in the beta-draft anyways (less about what happened overall, more about some choices and descriptions).  Also need to write the canonical extra, and… sometimes a hobby is just a bunch of work. Still, having people read my stuff makes me incredible happy!

Remember the poll. Sadly, wordpress can only remember who voted for a week, so it’d be great if you won’t use it to vote a second time… Not like I can track it, votes are anomynous.

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Volume 05 – Chapter 1-1

Here we are, the first of four parts of the first chapter in volume 5. The party enters Goldbrunn and witness, that being in a fantasy city isn’t that nice as it sounds.

This time, I’ve included a poll for the non-canonical Extra at the end of the volume. I got some nice responses about last volume’s Pokémon-theme, so I like to know if you want to have a continuation, another setting (like Sword Art Online,  Mario, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, DC, Marvel, etc.) or if you like something entirely different.

I also added a status page onto the prologue, as it’s Kyou in the [Cook]-class it made too much sense to add it there after all. But I copied it for you here.

Momokawa Kyou Cook Level 41

Next time, the four will be in an inn since the beginning of volume 2. Finally, some time to explore some of the difficulties that come with civilization.

Happy Easter!

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Volume 05 – Prologue

It’s here! Finally, volume 5 will start. A bit of banter, a bit of revue, nothing that special, but it will also give the setting. I didn’t explore the urban areas much before, and even after finishing this volume, I think that I still have so much to do with the characters within city walls, that I could write another urban fixated one.

I will soon include a poll for the non-canonical Extra, as have several ideas, maybe the readers are interested in continuing the “I hate being in the Pokémon-world”-story or have a similar one with another known setting. Or I should do something entirely else, I like to provide you with what you want here… at least mot of you for starters… ^^’

Next time, the MCs will enter Goldbrunn, finally an adventure inside a city!


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Volume 5’s Cover is here, the Volume will follow!

Hey guys, PR to Volume 5 is done, I just need to check the last two chapters, than I’m done with the main-story. There were some quagmires on the way, but I’ll start with volume 5 this weekend or next one, depending on how I can make things work. I would rather start tomorrow instead of next week, personally…

The cover is finally finished and you can look at it today. I have to say, the alleys of the city are quite beautiful! 😉


Textless Version

Volume 5 Status February

Hey guys, I think it’s time for me to say hello and give a short status report. Volume 5 is fully written and pre-edited, we’re going through the edits right now. I was a bit hampered in writing the new stuff and looking at the edits, but I hope I’ll get to write more often now, as I changed some of my circumstances.

MioChin was very diligent and has already made 6 illustrations for the next volume (double of the usual amount, mostly due to difficulties to pick scenes and his personal preferences), look forward to it. Also, there will be a new character-design.

Aside from that, he also made another pic of one of the girls in a specific class, this time it’s Kyou as a [Cook]. I made a variation using a previous draft. 😉 Might be useful when I make status pages for the volumes 1-3… at some point.

kyou cook2_grey

Kyou Cook

kyou cook1_grey


I hope I can start releasing the next volume in March.

Volume 5 Preview

Merry Christmas 2017

I know, this is from last year, but it’s still viable, and I’m not the one who makes them, so I can’t whip out a new one of this quality! ^^’


Nonetheless, Merry Christmas and other winter solstice holidays!

Here is the preview of the next volume!

Goldbrunn is in sight, we look at the city walls from afar, surrounding a somewhat big town. – The new stage is set!

“I know the way.” An old man stands up. He didn’t even look at us before, but his crackling voice pierces through the atmosphere. – Another new side-character or a mere guide?

“Yes. In some cities, it’s hard to find a place as an alfr. People are racists.” “Isn’t it more you reap what you sow?” – The problems of an alfr.

I snip my finger near my ear to check my hearing. Did Kyou-san just thank me? Without a hint of sarcasm? – How did Kenta get there!?

“…phew… Fine, let’s call it a date. You can call a horse a duck, but it’s still a horse.” – Kenta has a date!

“So, you say her eyes were like on fire?” The trait of the royal family of Feuerberg. A teenage girl. – There is still a bounty on someone’s head…

I don my hood. Not only for the minimum protection, but also for the mood. – Kenta prepares for battle.

The atmosphere between Arako and Rine-chan is a bit cold. They don’t even talk to each other. Sometimes they look at the other party, but then both of them exchange a glance and turn their heads somewhere else. – If two wives are fighting, do you still visit a marriage counselor?

It doesn’t make remote sense, but I’m through! These bastards hurt me, they hurt me so much, that I’m going to make them pay! – Vengeful Kenta.

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Volume 04 – Extras and Afterword

Here we are, the Extras and the Afterword (plus the already posted Anniversary Extra in-between). With this, volume 4 is over, a bit sad to be honest. Still, was a great time while it lasted.

Now I’m back to writing for a while, as I take a break. I don’t think it’s realistic to start releasing volume 5 before the new year,  as I still work on some stuff there, though I hope to give something to my Patreons for Christmas.

Plus some spoilers for every other reader. It’s not like I’ll forget about you! Volume 5 will be a blast, I know it, the alpha-draft was really fun to write! :D:D:D

Like always, would be really appreciated, if you would take your time to vote on TWF. 🙂


In the Afterword is a poll, which is also posted here for convinience. Multiple answers are possible, I like to see how popular certain foes are, especially for the time when some of them will be back.

Status Pages end Volume 4

Here they are, I added them to the Images and Epilogue of Volume 4, but for easier access, I also put them here. 😉

I realized, that the last Priest-status from Kyou I posted had to be the one of level 5, Kyou has got a long way since then. 😀

Kenta Pikeman Level 50

Kyou Priest Level 41

Rine Princess-knight Level 45

Ara’ainn Druid Level 53

Volume 4 – Epilogue

Here it is, the Epilogue. Finally, the main-story of the fourth volume is done. Hope that you’ve liked it and are excited about volume 5! Like always, a bit of wrapping things up in the Epilogue, and some bits and pieces of what to expect in the next one, while showing that other things are also still in motion.

Also a part of a character-design included, so that you get a better picture at one of the main-antagonists, the entity behind Correo’s actions!

I’ll add some status pages after some sleep, while I do have the stats, somehow I always forget to prepare them. I wanted to give you this Epilogue at least, even the people of RRL will have to wait for it.

I don’t know if the Extras will be ready next week, can’t make promises here. Would still be great, if you vote on TWF. 😛