Volume 5.5 – Preview and I hate being wed in the Soundbooth Theater!

Hey there, I have posted a page for the Soundbooth Theater Live Extra and added a new portion, as Jeff reads a second scene. Thanks for your support. You can find the links to the readings there, already at the beginning of the actual scenes.

I’m a bit ashamed to say, that the PR-progress of volume 5.5 isn’t where I want it to be. PRing is taking time and nerves and it seems that there is a lack in one of these two, that’s why it’s currently delayed. I’m contacting the PRs again, hoping to motivate them a bit, but if I can’t, then I may need to release the next volume without proper PR, which might become a nightmare…

If you want to help, please contact me. I want to provide the readers a good experience despite the currently small wallet, but I’m hitting my limits!


Nonetheless, here is a preview of volume 5.5 in its unPRed glory!

“Kenta, I want to learn a new [Class]! One that makes me smarter!” – Rine wants to try something new.

“Ayup. Nothing better to train with but pain!” – Inoue Masahiko tries his best to accomplish his goals.

He will never notice what she wishes him to do, as he’s already Eri-chan’s, though neither of them will admit it. – The silent anguish of a girl who wants more.

«A demon hero is here.» Just a statement, no emotions involved, though something important was said. – Anguish and goals will falter, when reality strikes.

“Kenta? Are you sleeping?” “…I wish.” I’m merely just facepalming so much, that it looks like I’ve fallen asleep with my head in my hands. – Rine is about to break her beloved Kenta in ways both couldn’t imagine before.

“Then let’s slaughter our way through this.” Lent stands up and readies his staff. “It’s my turn.” – The reminder of a person is ready for battle.

“Heroes after all?” “True heroes!” – Or maybe fallen heroes…

“I’m positive that this is not how friendships work.” – Ara’ainn of all people questions gestures of friendship!?

Being a chemistry teacher should have some worth in a fantasy world. – Saegusa Mamiko is doubting her knowledge.

“We’re sorry, but currently the king is unavailable.” “Step aside! It’s important!” – Taniguchi Minoru is taking his stand.

“Chidori-chan? Welcome!” It’s Toriyama Chidori-chan, one of the girls who joined the combat group! – Tetsukawa’s party appears in the research facility, but things will never be the same.

My whole view on marriage, a vital and everyday part of the culture I’ve grown up, was crushed. This is really, really heavy. – Some knowledge is too much of a burden on the mind. Or common sense.

Also here a fanart from volume 5, the moment the old man steps between the running Kenta and the pursuing Crusaders and guards… a man like a weapon!

Unsheathing Intelligent Weapon by Ashcheul

Have a nice weekend and until next time!


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Extra – I hate being wed in the Soundbooth Theater!

(This will all be implemented in a proper Extra in Volume 5.5)


Thanks to all of the ones who voted. Jeff Hays reads the story here (youtube). Sadly, I was unable to join google hangouts in time due to train issues first and technical difficulties afterward. The moment I had everything ready, it was already over… the bitterness!

Hope it’ll work better next time.


RN (Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine): “Wow, this was amazing!”

AA (Ara’ainn): “So the chosen scene was the first time we met. What a good choice.”

MK (Momokawa Kyou): “I don’t sound as annoying like that!”

KK (Katsuragi Kenta): “I thought it was right on point.”

MK: “Shut up, Kenta! Why are we all voiced by a man in the first place.”

krpg (kenturspg): “Because there was only Jeff.”

MK: “We should have requested a woman to read our story aloud.”

KK: “Hey, I’m the narrator, so it makes sense to have a man do it… though we might ask for another reader one next time. He mispronounced actually every name.”

krpg: “It’s hard to pronounce everything right, as I foremost use Japanese and German names, and some letters are read differently in other countries. Funny thing is, that the pure sounds of letters are very similar between German and Japanese except the r, while English and those languages are very different from each other.”

RN: “We should tell Jeff. He called me ‘reney’, while it’s rather ree-ne. My whole name isn’t Kata-rin, but KA-TA-ree-ne.”

MK: “You also emphasize every second syllable of my name. MOmoKAwa Kyou. Also, not Ki-oh, here it’s a diphthong.”

KK: “Same for my surname, KAtsuRAgi.”

AA: “For my name, you need to make more Ah. AH-RAH-AAinn.”

MK: “Also, concerning voicing us… Kenta is more… how do I say… dark? Calm? More annoyed? More like, ‘what the heck is going on?’ or ‘…this can’t be good.’ Though when he’s surprised, it’s somehow funny.”

KK: “Jeff-san messed up Rine. I mean, she’s so… it’s almost like she’s shy.”

RN: “Tehehe, he can’t now that I’m more outgoing, he had to deal with so many characters after all and doesn’t know me well.”

AA: “Yeah, but you are a bit more… childish and bratty?”

RN: “Ara? Did you just call me a brat?”

MK: “Arako, you could call her ‘youthful.’”

AA: “My voice is screeching… I’m more collected, I believe.”

KK: “Still, Oro’hekk surprised me.”

MK: “Why does he sound so… like that?”

AA: “I think it was a nice interpretation. Aera’Jos as well. Also, the interaction between the two of them was captured perfectly.”

KK: “Yeah, it really is… I’m so glad that I’m not in Aroahenn anymore…”

MK: “Ditto.”

RN: “Let’s ask Jeff to do another request.”

AA: “We still need people to vote for it though.”

krpg: “Yeah, if you like to have another chapter-part read, please comment. Also, while we may continue the story from this point, we may also pick another part you like instead. This time I chose the scene to give new people an insight into how things work in the story, as the earlier volumes are still doing a lot of build-ups. I don’t have particular preferences what to do next. Starting from the beginning, continuing where we left off or looking at another scene? So if you have wishes, comment them as well! Make your favorite part of the web novel come to live!”

KK: “…can’t they just stay dead?”


I’ve asked for a second time if Jeff takes the time reading. Here is the link (Facebook).


Please make sure to comment here, so that I have some ideas what we may ask of Jeff. A request has only 3k words though so I might need to shorten a bit. Telling me what scene is enough for me to find it. Very Happy

Jeff Hays and “I hate being wed in a fantasy world!

Hey there, I sent a request today. The professional voice actor and audiobook narrator Jeff Hays makes regluarly his “Soundbooth Theater”, which features a part of a novel that he gives life. I just submitted a part from my story and to get it read, it needs votes.

To vote, you need to be part of the Soundbooth Theater group on Facebook and vote for my story here. While I don’t expect anyone to join them just for it, I still want to ask, since I believe it will be awesome to hear my work to come alive.

The Soundbooth Theater is awesome, joining the group in itself gives some good opportunities to hear other books life as well. 😉

Here is the link to the FB-post. Do what you like with it, but if my story is chosen, I like to share it with all of you. I’ll most likely also write another extra and post it as fast as possible, a commentary of the characters about them being voiced. 😀

Volume 05 Extra and Afterword

We have 3 Extras from now on, and of course there is always the Afterword, with another poll again. This time it’s all about wife material! It’s not about popularity, but who you think would make the best wife. For Kenta, for yourself, for a friend, choose it yourself! For those more interested in men, don’t worry, I’ll make a new poll for you when we have some of our male cast back in action.

I’m going on a break again, so that I can concentrate on writing more. Next volume only needs PR, I’m about to finish the alpha-draft of the volume after that. The next volume is an Extra-volume, I explain why in the Afterword, but the tldr is: I needed to do something else.

If you want to read ahead a bit, make sure to check out my Patreon site. I’ll also post a preview at some point, and I’ll also give you some of the artwork bit by bit. Because now all of the “Superfriends” are designed, and they look great! Just why it is, that Kyou looks better besides them than besides Kenta and the other girls… POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!

I hope you’ve liked volume 5, now it’s time to make that break and be ready to dish out volume 5.5 soon!

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Volume 1 pdf

Hey there! The Extras of Volume 5 will be ready this Saturday, rejoice! This means that volume 5 is then finished and I do my regular break between volumes. We’re about to PR the next, so don’t worry about it. Also, there will be the kind of announcment that might make you want to break my bones…

To distract from that, I’ve turned volume 1 of the story to a neat pdf. Still struggling to upload a epub-version, as wordpress doesn’t support it with my current plan and I didn’t intend to upgrade it… need to figure that one out. -_-‘

Nonetheless, for those who actually wants to reread the whole volume, this is a great way to do it when your internet is down or otherweise unavailable. This link is also added to the main-page of volume 1.

I hate being wed in a fantasy world volume 1

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Volume 05 – Epilogue

The story-part of volume 5 is over! This volume was a piece of work, trust me. Especially as I had to do the initial editing twice, due to a loss of data while trying to update the safety. Well, I have the feeling that the parts I had to rewrite and add again are now better than before, so… no hard feelings. Just tears of blood. T_T

Somehow, my vacation didn’t go as I wanted, though I make progress. But I wanted to do more progress… well…

There is also a slight problem with my Patreon, you can still access it fine and everything, but for some reason the site decided to file my page at 18+ without letting me know, so I try to ask them to change it back, after I made a slight alteration… I know, most of you are adult, so no real problem, but currently, I see my story as something that even teenagers can read, and I like to not give them a legal barrier, though they’d probably ignore it anyways…

Only the Extras left, don’t know if we’re ready next week, as I like to get it through PR first. If we aren’t able to do it within 3 weeks, I post the unPRed one, though it’ll hurt me.

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Where is my beret, we’re going French!

I found out today, that someone picked my story up to translate it into French. I’m serious, we’re going French! Here is the page, it’s a website full of French translations of JP novels, so mine standing next to it is seriously awesome, though the real job will start in August. However, the prologue and chapter 1-1 are already finished!

Thx Douglas Mikail for making this, I’m proud as an ox right now. Also added another page above to link to foreign versions to the story, even if it’s unlikely to get there… though I’ve never considered it being translated into French either. Maybe I should look if I can find the time to make a German version as well…

Also, I’ve also updated now the RRL-version of volume 1 completely.

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Volume 01 REWORKED

Hey guys, I’m finished, the whole volume 1 has been reworked and posted, though I’ll still need to make the last few changes on RRL. The final bits were chapter 4, the epilogue, the extras, and the afterword.

Finally, this is something I wanted to do for a while, and I also like to do Volume 2 one day (though this might be far away, considering that I’m not as far with the new stuff as I want to be right now). With this, the first-time readers will have less of a heart attack when reading the early bits of the story.

Would I do things differenty nowadays? Of course, my writing improves (I hope), my idea of the story is better framed, but I’m still proud at the work I’ve done. The moment I may actually redo things is the moment I decided to give a premium version a try.

Like before, I share the pics with you, this time it’s two status pages at the end (which becomes a staple starting with volume 3) and a black/white-illustration. MioChin actually panicked about drawing them kiss, but after some conversation, we found things he feels more comfortable with… but I will force him one day to make a kiss-illustration… oops, spoiler! 😛

Chapter 4-2

Katsuragi Kenta Pikeman Level 38 (Epilogue)

Momokawa Kyou Priest Level 20 (Epilogue)

I like to thank the people of the now closed DRAFT-group for their help with the edits, also Orion Dye, who does the PR for me now despite being a Patron for finishing where they left off. Thanks you a bunch guys!

I also might try making a .pdf or E-book-file for the volumes, will try if I can do it, when I want to work, but can’t write for whatever reason. 😉

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Volume 05 – Chapter 4-4

Final part of the final chapter, only the Epilogue remains. The hunt is over! I’ve rewritten this part twice to make it satisfiying, hope you also see it as such and not as cheap.

I’m on vacation neext week, I’m already scheduling as much writing into it as doable, hope that I get my current alpha-draft ready at the end. Because I need to save money, so I’m doing vacation without suitcase.

Will also finish posting the rework of volume 1 during the next week (I hope). Just had to settle some things before my vacation, therefore needed more time to relax.

Next time is the Epilogue, things that need some sort of conclusion, things that need to start now, though they’ll be reaped a bit later.

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Volume 05 – Chapter 4-3

Last time, the old beggar said that he punches the air so hard that it explodes! This time, some things are cleared, some are thrown into more confusion!

Instead of editing the Extra 1, I added something else, and continued writing alpha-drafts, though I plan to finally start today… but Evenicle is distracting me, as it has some similarities to my story (man going on adventure and getting several wives on the way, just that they like him; mature content included).

Next time, the end of the chase!

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