Volume 03

Katsuragi Kenta (桂木 謙太) [Design] The protagonist of the story thinks of staying home and playing games as a much more interesting past-time than being in a fantasy-world and fighting monsters for real. The former high-school student was summoned to another world to defeat the demon king, just like his classmates. Despise being a so-called hero, he may not be the most social person.
Was ‘wed’ to Momokawa Kyou and Katarine von Solzherz due a curse and the three of them forms a party. His classes are [Student], [Scout] and [Pikeman].

Momokawa Kyou (桃川 杏) [Design] She is the former class president of Kenta’s class. She’s a beautiful girl, which was quite popular in class and behaves decently to other people, while being not as decent inside.
After falling out with her friends due multiple reasons, she sticks with Kenta now, and she really doesn’t like it. But with a curse like this, she has no other choice, so now she looks for a way to get somewhat of a hold.
Her classes are [Student], [Healer], [Priest] and [Cook].

Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine [Design] Daughter of Heinrich von Stolzherz V and crown-princess of the Feuerberg-kingdom. After running away from home to find adventure, she was originally supposed to be captured and handed over by Kenta and Kyou. But now she’s also cursed/married to Kenta and became a hero through this, even though it should be impossible.
Her stubborness is only surpassed by her skills with the sword, both combined makes it impossible to return her to her father. And how things turned out after the first try, Kenta and Kyou are most likely treated like a bunch of kidnapppers… But at least Rine is happy with her new best friend Kyou, and her husband Kenta.
Her only class is currently [Princess Knight].

Ara’ainn [Design] And alfr hero of Aroahenn, also called the ‘hero of knowledge’. She studied heroes for some time and is dying to get even more information, so she can unreveal the secrets of the hero-system and understand what exactly happened to her and everyone else.

Yoshimura Rentarō (吉村 蓮太郎) – That former classmate of Kenta and Kyou is someone who always tried hard in his life, but never was anything special despite all that effort. Now he’s on his way to the elves, trying to accomplish great this time. Also partner of Hoshibashi.

Hoshibashi Takashi (星橋 貴志) – A former delinquent and classmate of Kenta and also a hero. Works with Yoshimura to become more than just mediocre. When Yoshimura is the brain, then Hoshibashi is the muscle of the duo.

Inoue Masahiko (井上 正彦) – The most popular boy in Kenta’s class and a friend of Kyou. He’s the leader of his party, which are all his friends from school. The other members are Yamauchi Daichi, Kita Katsuo, Akiyama Eri and Kurosawa Teruko.
After they tried to capture Rine, Masahiko got badly hurt in the process. By Kenta.

Muaotef – God of the ss’rak, the lizard people, and a motherf*cking dragon. Being near him fills you with primal fear and he has plans for the future, a mere mortal being won’t be able to understand.