Hello again, kentusrpg here!

This story became more popular than I’ve originally thought, so it makes me glad to write it. And we’re pass something like a first arc since I got all the main-characters I’ve originally planned for into the story.

When I started publishing everything, I always read comments like “Don’t make it a harem” and such, but I already set the course and noticed at some point: This is a bit of a satire. Plus, I need these typical tropes, to keep it interesting for me to write. Especially, since it’s the story like I pictured them: A harem fantasy story with a character who doesn’t want one!

So look, what archetypes do we have?

Classmate (even class president) as a love interest – check; she abuses the main-character whenever possible and dislikes him in general

Princess-character, which is also badass – check; she’s overly badass and also an idiot, who get on the main-character’s nerves

Strange beauty from another race – check; usually a love between them would be considered something in the line of bestiality and this story (like many others) forces them to take an interest in each other in a way, that’s above-threshold

And everyone likes the main-character – check; one would use any opportunity to separate, the other is so clingy, that it annoys the main-character, and the last one is a no-no

There are still some archetypes missing, but this should be enough for now. Not that I’m out of ideas, but for the time being I don’t need anyone else.

Well, there are a lot of typical situations in this story, so I won’t sell it as something new, but I hope that the spin to it is unique enough to make it a pleasant read.

In this volume, the alfar are introduced, and my, are they odd. My personal problem with multiracial settings is usually that the other races are still much like humans or (like in Tolkien) are like idolized archetypes of what humans are supposed to be. The wise elves, the loyal dwarves, and such.

I’m a fan of mythology. Elves are known in Northern Europe mythology; the Norse referred to them as alfar, which are different from elves from the celtic mythology, who would be more like wood elves.

Norse alfar are mean, wise due to their age, but led by emotion and they don’t like humans much, tricking them and even the gods whenever possible. They’re like the embodiment of the bad side of humans. And what did I do to my alfar? They hate the word ‘elf’ and are forever stuck in puberty, loving sex jokes, pranks of bad taste and other stuff, you wouldn’t expect from hundred years old people.

I experimented a bit for their appearance with my own drawings of Ara’ainn, and their physical behavior was mostly made up while writing the first draft of the story. I hope that the alfar seems strange to you.

So I had my alfar, but what about their view of humans? Well, I needed to pick something to give the humans some sort of alfr identity. Since there is so much fiction about bestiality, romance (and other things) between elves and humans and such, I decided that an alfr’s sexual life is more similar to many animals’. Means an actual mating period and little sexual variety, they don’t even have that much of fun while having intercourse.

Looking how human’s sexual biology works is fascinating and disturbing for them, leading them to think, that all that humans care about is their sex-drive.

I’m especially proud of the reactions of Kenta and Kyou, especially since I’m sure that I would act the same way, if someone asks out of the blue if I’d pork a girl I’m currently with.

In this volume, I go a bit into the setting and how languages work. To put it simply: There is only one single language in this world, even though there are different degrees in mastering it. The standard ss’rak, for starters, slurs their words.

Then we have the heroes, who got an auto-translation function build in. This is a vital part of the setting, so remember it: One language originally in this world and the heroes speak and understand it due to this auto-translation.

Some terms don’t translate, like names, places and plants, even though animal names do, as long as there is something similar in the respective languages.

The way alfar names work is also a bit different. I won’t delve that much into it, as long as nobody asks me, but they have a name (Ara) and a title (Ainn), they gain the latter when becoming an adult. Ainn means something along the line of “studious”.

Alfar uses prefixes to discern relationships, but as Japanese have their suffixes, those get translated by the hero-system. Ara’ainn hears Kenta calling her ‘Ko’Ara’, while the elder calls her ‘Ti’Ara’, which is used for little children. A growing alfr is something very little and cute for them, as they live so long, while their childhood is rather short.

So while the Ainn is part of the name and not translated, the prefixes aren’t and are translated. Will knowing this help you? Only for some jokes.

Finally, I want to talk about Ara’ainn. I like her. She’s funny, being overly curious and ready to try things out, even though this backfired at the end of the volume. But this happen if you withhold vital information regarding the curse, Kenta!

What I like most about her is the fact, that she actually tried to befriend Kenta and got all the way. While Kyou wants to end the relationship and Rine is so absorbed in her own thoughts, that she forces her fantasies onto Kenta, Ara’ainn is interested in the boy himself, and both of them have enough similarities to make a friendship work.

But now, while it was all A-OK on a platonic level, the curse interferes. So it’ll be interesting, how things will unfold from here since both of them knows, that they’re not supposed to find each other physically attractive.

So that’s it. I hope that you read the next volume as well like always I’ll do a little break after one volume. We’ll work on Volume 4 during the break, so there will be fewer breaks between chapters.

Next time we start with the introduction of another secret of the hero-system and the beginning of the new adventure. Which means to go deeper into the Correo-plot, the oni and the lady they’re working for!

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