Here are all published skills listed, sorted by their abilities.


  • [Calculator] makes it possible to calculate arithmetic functions fast and accurate.
  • [Fast Learner] allows you to learn and remember knowledge. It doesn’t help in physical training or remember contextless information.

[Animal Ken]

  • [Riding] makes it easier to remain on a mount, even while fighting or when you use quick movements.


  • [Slow] decreases the speed of movements and melee attacks of a target. Increased Casting Time.


  • [Chain] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of chains, while increasing its protection.
  • [Cuirass] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of torso armor, like chain shirts or chain mails, while increasing its protection.
  • [Leather] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of leather, while increasing its protection.
  • [Hide] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of hide, while increasing its protection.


  • [Quadruple Shot] shoots four arrows at the same time, even at different targets.


  • [Flurry of Blows] is a combo of high-speed punches, which will create afterimages at some point.
  • [Turbo Tackle] propels the user fast into the target, tackling it mercilessly.


  • [Star Scratches] are six claw attacks at a fast pace, which aligns in an asterisk


  • [Herbal Lore] shows you the name, substances and effect of herbs.

  • [Poultrice] let you create HP-recovering poultries, which can even treat long lasting effects of wounds (like scars) more efficiently than most healing magic.

[Divne Magic]

  • [Delay Poison] slows the effect of any poison.
  • [Heal] revovers some of your HP, even though it only closes wounds and doesn’t make them simply disappear, so deep wounds still leave scars and lost blood is not replenished.
  • [Protect] increases the target’s [Defense].
  • [Stamina] refreshes some of your SP.
  • [Torch] creates a white ball of light atop of your palm. It’s as bright as a mundane torch.

[Dual Wield]

  • [Dual Thrust] makes the wielder thrust forward with both weapon in front.
  • [Wolf Fang] is an attack combo, which attacks the legs of a creature, to make it fall.

[Elemental Magic]

  • [Dirt Sling] clusters earth and dirt to a bullet, which is shot in the direction, you’re pointing to.
  • [Earth Bind] shapes multiple hands made out of earth, to grasp at different targets. The caster has full control, which creature within the area will be grappled and which not. Increased Casting Time.
  • [Earth Grasp] is a hand, made out of earth, which will hold the ankle of a creature of your choice.
  • [Ember Arrows] is a spell, which creates multiple arrows made of fire, which are flying into a small area as a volley
  • [Fire Pillar] creates a pillar of fire, which lasts for a few seconds. It drains SP if you’re near and deals a lot of damage on contact
  • [Flaming Sphere] is a ball of fire, which is hurled to an enemy and explodes on contact
  • [Gust] creates a gust of wind, which is strong enough to push back enemies or disperse smoke and fogs.


  • [Edible] Let you see, if an animal, monster or plant is edible for a human. Can even detect poison.


  • [Darksight] let you see clearly in bad lightened conditions, even though it doesn’t work at complete darkness.
  • [Farsight] increases your sight distance and allows you to discern more details in range.
  • [Focus] decreases the amount of concentration to follow movements and your reaction time for those.
  • [Pitch] make it possible to discern multiple overlapping sounds with precision.
  • [Sleepurnal] allows you to hear sounds clearly while sleeping, even though only in a semi-conscious state.


  • [Relaxing] raise the regeneration rate while doing recreation.


  • [Blast Shout] is a cry often use by monsters, which throws back all creatures and even small objects which are around you
  • [Piercing Drum] is a focused sound attack, which renders the target deaf, dizzy and stunned, additional to minor damage
  • [Soundproof] creates an invisible field, in which sound can’t escape


  • [Perforate] is a skill, which unleashes multiple spear thrusts at high speed.
  • [Speedthrust] is a fast and strong thrusting attack with a pointed weapon.
  • [Throwing] increases your accuracy and power when throwing a weapon.
  • [Whirlwind] is a sweeping blow with a spear-like weapon and can hit multiple opponents for knock back plus minor damage.


  • [Camouflage] your body, clothes and even equipment changes color to match your current surrounding (and only your current).
  • [Distraction] will make everyone in about 10 meter distance look away from me for one second. The targets aren’t aware of being distracted, unless there is genuine reason to be.
  • [Hide Smell] weakens your bodily odor to a level, that even smell-focused monsters will have problems detecting you.
  • [Sneak] increases your ability to move silently.


  • [Camping] fastens the time to erect a camp and let you ignore even disadvantageous conditions for camping.
  • [Foraging] you’re able to discern edible plants, roots and other natural resources.
  • [Mountain-climber] decrease the exhaustion and increases the speed while moving in mountainous terrain.
  • [Set Traps] you can set up a owned trap in quick succession and increase its effect to a nearly magical level.
  • [Track] makes tracks more visible for you and easier to discern.


  • [Blade Tornado] hurls a small whirlwind made of cuts
  • [Dismember] is a combo-attack of nine swordstrikes, which has increased chance to lop of limps and other body-parts.
  • [Full Moon] is a swing in a wide arc to create cuts in a sphere-area in front of you
  • [Quicksword] is a skill, in which the user rushes to the enemy at highspeed to attack with one single strike


  • [Iron Defense] gives your skin the hardness of iron, but it can’t be used consequently