• [Calculator] makes it possible to calculate arithmetic functions fast and accurate.
  • [Cipher] gives you the ability to create and solve ciphers.
  • [Fast Learner] allows you to learn and remember knowledge. It doesn’t help in physical training or remember contextless information.
  • [Fast Reminder] allows to remember information with little to no context, as long as something like a note is read or a sentence is heard.
  • [Statistics] gives you the understanding of statistics and supports you in creating them on the fly.

[Animal Ken]

  • [Bestiary] helps you to learn and remember information about normal beasts easier.
  • [Down] causes a verbal command to calm an animal down.
  • [Riding] makes it easier to remain on a mount, even while fighting or when you use quick movements.
  • [Whisperer] lets you confer simple information to animals, while you can also learn some from them.


  • [Slow] decreases the speed of movements and melee attacks of a target. Increased Casting Time.


  • [Balance] gives you a perfect sense of balance.
  • [Fliptrick] makes you use several flips in succession.
  • [Like the Wind] increases your jumping distances.
  • [Motion Health] counters any kind of motion sickness.
  • [Power Dive] is a charge from the air into the ground.


  • [Analyze Spell] give you information about active spells.
  • [Detect Mana] let you see the flow of Mana, the power of the planet that makes spellcasting possible.
  • [Empower] makes you spend more magic to empower a spell further.
  • [Magic Buffer] let you surround yourself with an invisible aura of magic, so that you can use more than your body is capable of carrying.
  • [Magic Recovery] collects magic back after a spell is cast, only ‘wasted’ magic can be recovered.
  • [Slow Casting] enables you to cast a spell slower to use up less magic in the process.
  • [Upkeep Spell] when a spell is about to expire, this skill can be used to lengthen the duration.


  • [Chain] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of chains, while increasing its protection.
  • [Cuirass] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of torso armor, like chain shirts or chain mails, while increasing its protection.
  • [Don off] removes the armor in a matter of seconds.
  • [Leather] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of leather, while increasing its protection.
  • [Hide] reduce felt weight and encumbrance of armors made of hide, while increasing its protection.


  • [Boomeraxe]throws an axe like a boomerang. Always return to the thrower.


  • No skills so far


  • [Quadruple Shot] shoots four arrows at the same time, even at different targets.
  • [Seeker] is an arrow, which corrects its course to a slight degree to hit the target you’re aiming at more easily.


  • [Flurry of Blows] is a combo of high-speed punches, which will create afterimages at some point.
  • [Turbo Tackle] propels the user fast into the target, tackling it mercilessly.


  • [Star Scratches] are six claw attacks at a fast pace, which aligns in an asterisk.


  • No skills so far


  • [Coating] transforms a herb into a coating, which is applied to an object.
  • [Grounding] quickens the grounding process.
  • [Poultrice] let you create HP-recovering poultries, which can even treat long lasting effects of wounds (like scars) more efficiently than most healing magic.
  • [Stomachic] let you create a medicine for the stomach.


  • [Glorification] makes the conservation partner believes the best about a person you’re talking about.
  • [Rumor Mill] convince other people to report what you want to others as hearsayys, spreading rumors fast and efficiently.


  • [Meal Lore] gives an idea, which ingredients are within a meal and if the meal is digestible by which species.
  • [Recipe Book] collects the recipes you learned and let you remember then precisely.


  • [Bouncebolt] hits one target and bounce off to another.
  • [Splinterbolt] is a powerful crossbow-shot, which shatters the bolt into several splinters, each with the power of a complete bolt.


  • [Parry] let the user spend less stamina parrying attack, makes parrying easier and general, while it also enables to parry strikes from much bigger foes.


  • [Year’s Fortune] let the user write down one or two sentences about the general outlook for the rest of the year of a specific person.

[Divine Magic]

  • [Delay Poison] slows the effect of any poison.
  • [Endure] decreases incoming damage to the target.
  • [Exorcise] deals damage to demons and undead and can dispel some of their special abilities.
  • [Heal] revovers some of your HP, even though it only closes wounds and doesn’t make them simply disappear, so deep wounds still leave scars and lost blood is not replenished.
  • [Protect] increases the target’s [Defense].
  • [Resistance] protect the target against magical attacks.
  • [Stamina] refreshes some of someone’s SP.
  • [Torch] creates a white ball of light atop of your palm. It’s as bright as a mundane torch.

[Dual Wield]

  • [Dual Thrust] makes the wielder thrust forward with both weapon in front.
  • [Wolf Fang] is an attack combo, which attacks the legs of a creature, to make it fall.

[Elemental Magic]

  • [Air Bubble] creates a bubble filled with air around the user when underwater.
  • [Boil] heats up water.
  • [Create Water] collects humidity around the user and makes it an actual fluid.
  • [Dirt Sling] clusters earth and dirt to a bullet, which is shot in the direction, you’re pointing to.
  • [Dry] dries up water and other open fluids.
  • [Earth Bind] shapes multiple hands made out of earth, to grasp at different targets. The caster has full control, which creature within the area will be grappled and which not. Increased Casting Time.
  • [Earth Grasp] is a hand, made out of earth, which will hold the ankle of a creature of your choice.
  • [Earthshield] creates a globe made out of earth and dirt to protect the user and their surrounding.
  • [Ember Arrows] is a spell, which creates multiple arrows made of fire, which are flying into a small area as a volley.
  • [Falling Mist] creates instantly a fog cloud. It holds for about a minute.
  • [Fan] creates a weak gust of wind to cool down people.
  • [Fire Pillar] creates a pillar of fire, which lasts for a few seconds. It drains SP if you’re near and deals a lot of damage on contact.
  • [Flaming Sphere] is a ball of fire, which is hurled to an enemy and explodes on contact.
  • [Fountain Gun] shoots a strong waterbeam, which can throw people back.
  • [Freeze] chills water and other open fluids.
  • [Gust] creates a gust of wind, which is strong enough to push back enemies or disperse smoke and fogs.
  • [Icicle Knives] creates knives made out of ice in the hand of the user, which can be thrown.
  • [Ignite] sets easily ignitable things on fire.
  • [Oni Fire] spits a ball of fire, charge-able. (Might be oni-only)
  • [Tidal Wave] collects water above an area to smash it all at once on the creatures below. Increased Casting Time.
  • [Watershield] creates a spheric shield made out of water to defend the caster or someone else.
  • [Wind Pillow] creates a puffer of air, can be used to soften falls or as a one-time stepping stone.
  • [Wind Weasel] hurls a fast a blade of air.

[First Aid]

  • [Bandaging] wraps a bandage correct and just tight enough within a second.
  • [Check up] gives you a general idea, how well a person is, and what conditions they have.
  • [Set Bone] sets quickly up a bone in a way, so that it can heal most efficiently.

[Herbal Weapons]

  • [Itching Breath] instantly grounds herbs to make itching powder, which is blown to a direction, makes it less effective than regular itching powder though.
  • [Sleep Breath] instantly grounds herbs to make sleeping, which is blown to a direction, however the effect lessens.


  • [Edible] Let you see, if an animal, monster or plant is edible for a human. Can even detect poison.
  • [Preperation] shows you how to make different meals with the ingredients you have.


  • [Fast Writer] increases the writing speed by at least a hundredfold.
  • [Memory Note] makes you recall things you’ve written down at some point, as long as you have a keyword.


  • [Butcherknife] penetrates skin and flesh easily, removing parts of it.


  • [Phantom Circle] makes the user circle around an enemy while staying close, possibly confusing him.
  • [Sidejump] makes you leap to the side without any delay.
  • [Superslide] let you slide several meters, even on rough terrain.
  • [Stepping] makes it possible to make side-steps, fore-steps, and back-steps even in physical impossible stances, also decreases the stamina costs.

[Nature Lore]

  • [Conservation] gives you information how to conserve things accordingly.
  • [Distinguish] let you distinguish plants and animals easily, even though they look similiar to other.
  • [Harvesting] supports you when harvesting herbs, berries, roots, and others, so that there will be less waste. Also fastens the process.
  • [Herbal Lore] shows you the name, substances and effect of herbs.
  • [Identify Plant] gives you general traits of plants, in conjunction to lore-skills, you get more specific informations, like what can they be processed to.
  • [Poisonous] gives you information whether a plant or animal is poisonous and what the poison does.
  • [Tree Lore] shows you the name, substances and effect of trees.


  • [Darksight] let you see clearly in bad lightened conditions, even though it doesn’t work at complete darkness.
  • [Dormurnal] allows you to hear sounds clearly while sleeping, even though only in a semi-conscious state. (formerly known as [Sleepurnal])
  • [Farsight] increases your sight distance and allows you to discern more details in range.
  • [Focus] decreases the amount of concentration to follow movements and your reaction time for those.
  • [Penetrate Light] makes you ignore brightness effects.
  • [Pitch] make it possible to discern multiple overlapping sounds with precision.


  • [Brilliance] gives you a certain sparkle in the eyes of the spectators.
  • [Center of Attention] makes people look at you.
  • [Dance] decreases the stamina loss for dancing and let you perform even difficult step sequences with ease.


  • [Forward March] increases [Agility] and [Attack] of a formation.
  • [Iron Veil] increases [Vitality] and [Defense] of a formation.
  • [Two Rows] makes melee attack miss allies inside a formation, supernaturally warping the weapons to do so.


  • [Chin-upper] is an attack that lifts the target into the air.
  • [Scorpion’s Tail] is an attack from a salto.
  • [Stingfall] is an airborn thrust to the ground.
  • [Windfeeler] stems yourself up to the air, to evade attacks or to position yourself for another attack.


  • [Relaxing] raise the regeneration rate while doing recreation.


  • No skills so far


  • [Blast Shout] is a cry often use by monsters, which throws back all creatures and even small objects which are around you
  • [Piercing Drum] is a focused sound attack, which renders the target deaf, dizzy and stunned, additional to minor damage
  • [Soundproof] creates an invisible field, in which sound can’t escape


  • [Armor Piercer] halves the enemy defense for the attack, it works best against heavily armored, not so tough foes.
  • [Perforate] is a skill, which unleashes multiple spear thrusts at high speed.
  • [Rising Point] catapults the user and the target into the air, creating a small air current around them-
  • [Speedthrust] is a fast and strong thrusting attack with a pointed weapon.
  • [Throwing] increases your accuracy and power when throwing a weapon.
  • [Whirlwind] is a sweeping blow with a spear-like weapon and can hit multiple opponents for knock back plus minor damage.

[Spirit Magic]

  • [Awaken] gives an animal or a plant conscious.
  • [Bloom] makes flowers bloom early.
  • [Bug Repellent] keeps insects and similiar vermin away.
  • [Entangle] moves plants so that they restrain creatures.
  • [Far Call] can send messages to those, who have the [Spirit Magic]-ability within roughly two miles, as long there are plants to convey the message.
  • [Freeze Animal] paralyzes a normal animal.
  • [Growth Spurt] makes plants grow suddenly, can kill the plant without enough nutrient.
  • [Mask of Wildlife] lowers the awareness of you from people around you, making it hard to be detected. Especially effective in wanton terrain.
  • [Mind Shield] protects the caster from magic that targets the mind.
  • [Mirrored Moon] creates an illusional double of yourself in the mind of a creature, it’s just blurred and therefore easy to identify.
  • [Plant Eye] creates a artifical visual sense in a plant to look through it.
  • [Plant Memory] gives the caster impressions of what the plant experiences within a certain time-frame.
  • [Plant Whip] causes a plant to whip someone.
  • [Regrow] heals a plant.
  • [Root Lances] uses roots to impale the targets.
  • [Share Sense] let you share senses with an individual.
  • [Sleep] causes an animal to sleep. For people and monsters, they need to be exhausted.
  • [Synchronize] increases the power of [Spirit Magic] by synchronizing with other users of that ability.
  • [Trance] makes someone lose focus.
  • [Warp Plants] make plants move in strange, irregular ways.
  • [Whisper] sends a whispered message to another person in sight.
  • [Wild Eyes] strengthens the sense of spirit by focusing it.


  • [Assassinate] increases the effect of attacks, when you attack in hiding.
  • [Camouflage] your body, clothes and even equipment changes color to match your current surrounding (and only your current).
  • [Distraction] will make everyone in about 10 meter distance look away from me for one second. The targets aren’t aware of being distracted, unless there is genuine reason to be.
  • [Hide Smell] weakens your bodily odor to a level, that even smell-focused monsters will have problems detecting you.
  • [Sneak] increases your ability to move silently.


  • [Camping] fastens the time to erect a camp and let you ignore even disadvantageous conditions for camping.
  • [Dowser] gives the user the ablity to find water under the ground.
  • [Foraging] you’re able to discern edible plants, roots and other natural resources.
  • [Mountain-climber] decrease the exhaustion and increases the speed while moving in mountainous terrain.
  • [Rest Anywhere] makes resting always effective, no matter under what circumstances.
  • [Set Traps] you can set up a owned trap in quick succession and increase its effect to a nearly magical level.
  • [Stellar Navigation] supports the user when using stars to find out the position and directions.
  • [Track] makes tracks more visible for you and easier to discern.
  • [Weather Forecast] gives a feeling what kind of weather is coming for the next few hours.


  • [Blade Tornado] hurls a small whirlwind made of cuts.
  • [Crescent Moon] creates a flying sword cut in the form of a crescent.
  • [Dismember] is a combo-attack of nine swordstrikes, which has increased chance to lop of limps and other body-parts.
  • [Full Moon] is a swing in a wide arc to create cuts in a sphere-area in front of you.
  • [Quicksword] is a skill, in which the user rushes to the enemy at highspeed to attack with one single strike.
  • [Rock Smash] attacks the ground to hurl rocks at your opponents.
  • [Steel Slicer] is one powerful swing from above.


  • No skills so far


  • [Medication] makes you know what kind of medicine a patient needs and how much of it, taking age, species, and physical condition into account. Can also detects side-effects.
  • [Nutrition Counseling] gives you knowledge how to create an effective diet.


  • [Iron Defense] gives your skin the hardness of iron, but it can’t be used consequently.
  • [No Pain] let the user ignore pain entirely.
  • [Regeneration] heals wounds constantly by spending SP.


  • [Bribe] coerces a person to act upon their bribe, even if circumstances change.