Kenta Pikeman Red Armor

Here we have another image of a character in another [Class], this time it’s Kenta as a [Pikeman] in his red armor. Also got a version for his old armor and even his old armor and longish hair, will put it when I’m posting the reworked volume 1. 😉

Also changed the status-page at the end of volume 4.

Kenta Pikeman Level 50


Volume 04 – Extras and Afterword

Here we are, the Extras and the Afterword (plus the already posted Anniversary Extra in-between). With this, volume 4 is over, a bit sad to be honest. Still, was a great time while it lasted.

Now I’m back to writing for a while, as I take a break. I don’t think it’s realistic to start releasing volume 5 before the new year,  as I still work on some stuff there, though I hope to give something to my Patreons for Christmas.

Plus some spoilers for every other reader. It’s not like I’ll forget about you! Volume 5 will be a blast, I know it, the alpha-draft was really fun to write! :D:D:D

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In the Afterword is a poll, which is also posted here for convinience. Multiple answers are possible, I like to see how popular certain foes are, especially for the time when some of them will be back.

Status Pages end Volume 4

Here they are, I added them to the Images and Epilogue of Volume 4, but for easier access, I also put them here. 😉

I realized, that the last Priest-status from Kyou I posted had to be the one of level 5, Kyou has got a long way since then. 😀

Kenta Pikeman Level 50

Kyou Priest Level 41

Rine Princess-knight Level 45

Ara’ainn Druid Level 53

Volume 4 – Epilogue

Here it is, the Epilogue. Finally, the main-story of the fourth volume is done. Hope that you’ve liked it and are excited about volume 5! Like always, a bit of wrapping things up in the Epilogue, and some bits and pieces of what to expect in the next one, while showing that other things are also still in motion.

Also a part of a character-design included, so that you get a better picture at one of the main-antagonists, the entity behind Correo’s actions!

I’ll add some status pages after some sleep, while I do have the stats, somehow I always forget to prepare them. I wanted to give you this Epilogue at least, even the people of RRL will have to wait for it.

I don’t know if the Extras will be ready next week, can’t make promises here. Would still be great, if you vote on TWF. 😛

Volume 04 – Chapter 5-3

That moment, when you realized that you f*cked up. Well, actually the chapter was there for a few hours already, but I had to go and couldn’t finish up this post. When I came home again, I realized, that I posted it in Volume 3 Chapter 5 instead… so yes, you could find this chapter-part under the wrong volume… ^^’

Nonetheless, here it is and it’s at the right place now! The hynoar’s true colors show and the unfolding of certain decisions is underway.

Had almost no time for writing this week, hope to get to the Extras soon to make a final draft… At least I’ll have time coming week for stuff like this… well, keep the ball/story rolling!

Next time, the epilogue. A last heartful scene between Kenta and his wife, plus some insight of what’s going on behind the perception of our MCs.


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Volume 04 – Chapter 5-2

Here it is, this week’s chapter-part! Stuff is raining down, figuratively and literally. There is a certain doubt, whether things look good or bad, but at least there is an important decision made in this part! There is also an illustration, looks cool! Wouldn’t like to be Kyou here…

I’m really capable of posting the main-story in a weekly manner right now, though I sure have stuff piled up… At least the first drafts of both extras for this volume are finished, I used the fact, that this is a free web novel to my advantage for the first one, though I really need to consider, whether I should make it longer or keep it compact in style of the “Love is Gold!”-Episodes…

Volume 5 is almost ready to put to the final phase before being a finished draft for proofreading. Almost at the end, just to extend and add up to the ending again (since I lost it during the horror of corrupted files). Then comes putting everything in Grammarly… which will make me feel like an idiot again… ;_;

Next time, final part of the final chapter before the epilogue. The hynoar will show his true intentions!


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Volume 04 – Chapter 5-1

The final chapter starts, things aren’t getting hot now, as it’s more of a small flashback, actually the first since volume 1, which is certainly something. I like this one, as it gives some perspective of the things Kenta always think about Kyou.

Last Sunday, I lost something precious to me… while copying the draft of volume 5 to overwrite the back-up, both got destroyed… good thing that I had another one, but it was two weeks old, so I had to redo stuff. Due to time reasons, it’s not like I had done much these two weeks, but all the small editing portions vanished forever… Good thing about it, the new editing is much better. 😀

Well, that’s why most work was to make as many edits as possible, still need to rework one scene again, but I hope it’ll also turn better. Especially, since the first rewrite was just with the feeling “I’m not satisfied with this,” while this time it’s “I actually have an idea!”

Next time, things get hot! Also, the rise of the final illustration of the novel!


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Volume 04 – Chapter 4-3

The third part of chapter 4 is here! This time, we start from Kyou’s POV, it’s much easier to write from her perspective, as Ara’ainn thought processes are hard to follow, and Rine doesn’t think so much about stuff, which puts the burden on the reader.

What happens to the girls while Kenta is away? While Kenta has to catch up, they have to face their own perils, the trouble is still coming! It becomes harder and harder for the party to keep up.

The week passed fast, I wanted to write so much, but somehow I didn’t get as far as I wanted in terms of writing… on the other hand, everything is clean at home, so… progress?

Next time, we’ll have a flashback. This shows some events of the past from anothrpoint of view.


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Volume 04 – Chapter 4-2

Second part of the fourth chapter, Kenta’s in deep trouble. Though he’s a problem-solver in his heart, so he might make it. He also got ‘the Hood.’ Its special powers will lead him through thos confrontation. Don’t underestimate ‘the Hood,’ as ‘the Hood’ rules supreme.

I’m still open to suggestions to non-canoncial Extras, my brain is a bit stimulated, but I won’t let the idea of the century go away by saying ‘I don’t need it anymore.’ MioChin is almost finished with the cover of the second volume, something dear to me, as I really like to close that gap! Looks great so far!

I want to thank Fossil and erowarrior again for another mentioning in NFU, though I ask myself what makes Kenta a “specialized MC” in your eyes, erowarrior. Not that I can’t see it, but I’m curious!

Next time, we’ll take a look what the girls are up to. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be breath-taking, it’ll be great. I hope…


Please take your time to vote on TWF for this story. You don’t need an account, you can vote for as many stories as you like, and your vote will be active for 7 days. This is a great way to get some new readers for me.