Volume 3 Cover is here!

And here we have it, Volume 3’s cover is finished! Thanks to MioChin, I can put something decent-looking at RRL, when I start releasing the chapters.


Image-wise, there are still plans, here a short view of the current goals (not in order):

  • Finishing up Kyou’s and Rine’s character designs
  • Making a in-story illustration, which will appear in Chapter 1 of Volume 3, and I want to add at least 2 more (here money is an issue, not things I like to have made into an image)
  • The Remade of the covers of the former volumes (especially 1, since I like to post the story in other places with a good-looking cover from the start)

Something almost banal, which fills me with pride!

I tried a bit for fun and ended up with an actual status page of Kenta. That’s the status after the second volume (put at the end of the Epilogue), and is the first peek on his official artwork.

Let me know how you think about it. Will update it on RRL shortly. xD


Volume 3 Preview

And here is the main-page for Volume 3 (cover is still in work, but from what I was seeing so far, it’ll look great!), there is a blurb written by me as well. Might edit it, when I get help from some people again, but it should give you the gist of what to expect.

Otherwise, here are bit and pieces of the coming work, I expect to start releasing it in mid-October.

[You just crushed them!] – Was it their hopes, their souls or maybe something even more precious?

[“Yay! The second wife-conference! *Pachipachipachi*”] – What is that supposed to be!?

[“Thank you, I thought we would be doomed. I’m a merchant. The name is Correo.” Sounds Italian to me. Yes, I guess the complexion would be also similar. “And how is your name, brave barbarian?”] – A merchant, which will show the characters what to do next.

[“Ken, now that we’re here, we have to talk.”] – Kyou has something important to say to Kenta.

[The elves I saw in games and movies are beautiful humanoids. They have pointy ears, but otherwise they look like slim humans. But how do I say… these ones look strange.] – Finally they meet the elves, but they are looking different…

[“Welcome to my research facility. I’m the one in charge, Ara’ainn.”] – Research? That doesn’t sound good.

[“…Why are there dead squirrels in my bed?”] – A question everyone has at some point of their life.

[“WE’RE HEROES, YOU MONSTERS!”] – Someone clearly has a bad day.

Volume 2 Extras and Afterword

Here is the Extra, here the Afterword. Not much to say, but that it was a fun ride until now and I plan to continue it. But first I take a break from releasing (writing not much so), especially since I want to bring the next volume out on a new standard and work over the older chapters.

Priority is on the new volume for now, but I plan to release it on more sites, after I got to haul over the former chapters with an editor. And add the MioChin-revised Covers, when I do so (atm we have the draft of Volume 3 cover and it’s a blast!).

Hope you enjoyed it so far, first spoilers will be posted here after a or two. 😉


Btw, I have now a twitter-account and an RSS-Feed.

Alpha-draft Katarine von Stolzherz aka Rine

This might be the most anticipiated, even though we already are at a later state. Rine is sure popular among the readers. 😉 MioChin drew her without knowing how to design her armor, which would take two other drafts, before we could get to it. Same goes for her weapon.

We had also a discussion how to make her headband, I’m still excited about how that will turn out. Since the drawing is more or less just for a first look to decide where to improve, there are still some cut corners, especially since some poses are difficult to draw fast (you can see it in the lower middle, where Rine is supposed to look at you with upturned eyes and due the pose, there is a bit of a shift in her stomach-area. But since positioning, poses and the overall design were in focus, she seems a bit small-eyed and chubby there, this is fixed later on).

I like how her faces are giving away a certain childishness and even though Rine will be the last of the MCs, who get some artistic love, it’s great to have first designs of all characters. This really makes my imagination runs wild, making it simpler to imagine how the characters move and look like, while writing about them.


Alpha-draft Rine by MioChin

Volume 02 – Epilogue

And here it is, the end of the main-story in Volume 2! Now we miss just the Extras and the Afterword, before everything will go on a break for a while. Not that I plan to not work on the story on the break.

During the break, I will continue writing the first draft for volume 4 (even though I’m a bit concerned, that I have too less story in the end, since the 4 characters eats up many pages, but we’ll see, I suppose), and I want to edit the former chapters, starting with Volume 1. The goal is, to make the story viable to share on more websites, to get a bit more of audience and to see, if it’s remotely worth it to make a published version (which would have additional scenes and material).

The Extra and Afterword might be out next week or the week after, I still need to edit it myself, before I can give it to the editors, but currently, I’m a bit occupied.

And finally some words from my new editor

Hello guys, I’m TheDarkLink. I’ll be editing from now on. Comment on stuff we missed below. Ok that’s all. Bye guys.

Alpha-draft Katsuragi Kenta

MioChin is on a roll and has made some character-designs over the course of only few days. But I like to share the first of Kenta so far. Each class has still different armor, we were looking for a good design, simple and practical, for his more or less starter-gear.

The face is well-made (MioChin told me, that he wants to punch him, whenever he draws Kenta, because he’s that unsympathic), but we’re still shortening the hair in his Volume 2 version (which is more or less his actual standard design).

With changes like these, keep looking forward the finished design. 😉


Alpha-character-design of Katsuragi Kenta made by MioChin

The Epilogue of the story will be released tomorrow. Got an editor, which did well with that. 😀