Summary Volume 1

WARNING: This is a massive spoiler, since it’s a summary of the whole volume 01. This is supposed to remind readers, what happened in this volume, so they can pick up future novels more easily.

If you haven’t read volume 01, you will get the whole story spoiled!

If you want to read the synopsis of the whole story, use the link.

Welcome to my life, my name is Katsuragi Kenta and I’m a hero. I was transferred from Japan to a strange fantasy-world, together with my classmates and even though I started as a normal highschool student, now I’m a full fledged hero which will defeat all evil.

As if.

Most of the previous is kinda true, but to be honest: I’m just a not very athletic highschool student, who got transferred by a dubious god with my whole class to play hero. We got some mysterious powers, which I call simply ‘hero-system’, and some abilities, which makes you think, that this world is actually a game.

For someone like me, who like games, this would be the perfect opportunity, you think? No, I hate it! Real games doesn’t involve curses, being lost in a chasm for days, meeting a dragon, killing intelligent life-forms and a duel to the death.

If any gamer is willing and able to switch with me, be my guest. I will play your games and you will suffer my life!

But back to topic: It’s around two and a half month since I got to this world. I separated early with my classmates, since I don’t really fit in and think, they’re a bunch of jerks, while I wanted to use my gaming skills to get a head-start.

I did, actually, but then I found a cursed ring, which would not only weaken me greatly, but kill me slowly. To undo the curse, I had to travel back to the city where we were summoned to, but even there the curse couldn’t be lifted by mundane means.

To do it, I had to spend more money than I owned and make a pilgrimage to the hot springs of Heißquellen. On the way I would gather divine power through prayers and in the end, gather the holy water, and finally, the best curse-breaker of the church would remove the curse and the ring.

I didn’t have the money to get this special ritual in motion, but with the help of my former class president, Momokawa Kyou, I was able to raise the funds. Kyou-san was left behind by her party, since her level was too low for adventuring outside the rather save area of the capital. But since the only way to gain XP (experience points) is to kill mobs yourself, she was stuck here as a supporter with no offensive potential.

She helped me, because I promised to raise her level and give some hints how to do it herself afterwards. She provided the rest of the money and much more important: Her support spells.

But at the Heißquellen we were captured by ss’rak, lizardfolk, which were raiding the shrine at the hot springs.

They brought us to a chasm, where even be there is a strenuous act and without gear, there were only few ways to protect against the monsters living there. A group of strange saberbeaked-birds cornered us, but then something happened. As Kyou-san was about to fall from a cliff, only hanging on my hand, the cursed ring activated and a copy appeared on Kyou-san’s left ring finger.

My curse was laid dormant and I kicked the asses of these shitty birds, only to see, that Kyou-san and I are forced into a strange form of marriage. We could buy several bonuses by spending WP (Wedding Points), which we earn by being flirty. There were some benefits (or demerits, depending who you ask) already, like sharing XP.

To find a way out of the chasm, we explored the caves and in the end, we found a mother-f*cking dragon! Who claimed to be the god of the ss’rak. Being all high and mighty (in fact he was, I almost pissed my pants), he gave us an ultimatum: To either kill the patriarch of the ss’rak (which doesn’t make sense) or to die. Of course we chose some assassination.

After killing some innocent ss’rak, a minor mental breakdown and punching one of their spiritual leaders in the face, we were in a position to challenge the patriarch into a life-and-death duel. It was a hard fight, since the patriarch was a hero himself, but I won…

The ss’rak let us return to the Heißquellen-shrine, where we were ambushed by the spiritual leader I punched, in the end we could go through this situation as well. Now all we have to do is to return to Esse to lift the curse, which is cast on both of us and then Kyou-san and I will go our different ways!