Volume 01 REWORKED

Hey guys, I’m finished, the whole volume 1 has been reworked and posted, though I’ll still need to make the last few changes on RRL. The final bits were chapter 4, the epilogue, the extras, and the afterword.

Finally, this is something I wanted to do for a while, and I also like to do Volume 2 one day (though this might be far away, considering that I’m not as far with the new stuff as I want to be right now). With this, the first-time readers will have less of a heart attack when reading the early bits of the story.

Would I do things differenty nowadays? Of course, my writing improves (I hope), my idea of the story is better framed, but I’m still proud at the work I’ve done. The moment I may actually redo things is the moment I decided to give a premium version a try.

Like before, I share the pics with you, this time it’s two status pages at the end (which becomes a staple starting with volume 3) and a black/white-illustration. MioChin actually panicked about drawing them kiss, but after some conversation, we found things he feels more comfortable with… but I will force him one day to make a kiss-illustration… oops, spoiler! 😛

Chapter 4-2

Katsuragi Kenta Pikeman Level 38 (Epilogue)

Momokawa Kyou Priest Level 20 (Epilogue)

I like to thank the people of the now closed DRAFT-group for their help with the edits, also Orion Dye, who does the PR for me now despite being a Patron for finishing where they left off. Thanks you a bunch guys!

I also might try making a .pdf or E-book-file for the volumes, will try if I can do it, when I want to work, but can’t write for whatever reason. 😉

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Volume 01 – Chapter 3 REWORKED

The third chapter is edited, finally. My schedule was thrown a bit in disarray, but now it’s here. Included is another image. Might add another status-page for Kyou in this chapter later.

Also, I forgot to upload another image from chapter 2, it’s now here. This was clearly too much work, I totally missed putting it in.

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Volume 01 – Chapter 2 – REWORKED

Back to some reworked stuff, the entirety of the second chapter of volume 1 has been reworked, including adding an illustration and a status page. Like I said, for you I include this stuff in the posts.

Making the edits takes longer than expected, as DRAFT didn’t copied the first part of chapter 2-2 and I had to look where I had it. First I thought it was my mistake with a bad marking error, until I looked up their copies… Well, everything’s here! Just may need to look at that part myself soon to find all the faults. ^^’

Chapter 2-2

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Volume 1 – Chapter 1-2 REWORKED

Hey guys, after catching up to many things I missed while I was on the convention, I was finally able to update the next of the old chapters. Nothing too fancy here, but nonetheless a needed step. Will most likely pick up the pace starting next week, though I’ll add some status-pages in addition to MioChin’s illustrations.

Then when stuff comes around, I’ll also add other status-pages. Of course you’re gonna be up-to-date, I’ll post everything image-related here.

On another note, whenever I re-read anything I’ve written, especially that early in my writing “career”, my heart is aching and I have the desire to rewrite it entirely, though I should be proud of it, as it kickstarted everything… Hope that I can keep this rewrite-mentality for the day I may want to see my work on paper, and have the time and will to make it happen. 😉

Volume 1 – Chapter 1-1 REWORKED

Here it is. The longish chapter-part, as I wanted to introduce Kyou as fast as possible. Some might believe that introducing her at all was a fatal mistake… 😀

Also features an updated status-page for Kyou (I even removed the ring for new readers). Will most likely revised later, but I don’t know when we have time and resource to make a proper “Kyou Priest Before Volume 4”-picture. At least then I can ask for ringless and ring-on versions! 😀

Status Momokawa Kyou

Actually, I might soon pick up the pace with releasing the REWORKS, as the illustrations are doing well, 3 of 4 are finished and the last one only needs some minor quirks. May as well do the rest (more status pages, etc.) afterward, as the writing is more important… but doing it in one go just feels better, more complete than revisiting the rest… >_<

I’ll be at a convention this weekend (one of the biggest RPG/Tabletop-conventions of the country), so I’ll schedule the next chapter, so that you don’t have to wait for me to return. I hope everything will be alright with it…


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Volume 01 – Prologue REWORKED

Hey there, the prologue of volume 1 has been reworked… for a second time. Last attempt to rework the first volume failed due to lack of PRs, but some time ago, I asked a now disbanded group of PRs and Editors on RRL (DRAFT) to help me with this, though the job was left unfinished… well, with Orion’s help, who PRed the rest, it’s finally done, volume 1 will be updated, first on this blog bit by bit.

You can read the prologue here.

What exactly changed? Here and there a sentence more or less, trying to get past Grammar issues, and so on. Nothing big overall, but I hope that it is an improvement to get new readers more easily hooked up.

MioChin is also working on the illustrations of volume 1, that’s why I make it weekly (or try to), so that there is more time to include them when they appear. I’ll also post the new illustrations when updating on the blog.

RRL will get the updates simultaneously, so if you prefer to read there, you can do it.


Adding the stuff below just because I got used to it. 😉

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Sorry for the delay, but…

Hello people, currently the process of PRing the Extras is slow, but sure to start. There was some sort of things to sort out in terms of communications (my messages per googledocs weren’t received), now they are hopefully over and we can finally start that final step (as I was busy, I had trouble to keep chasing after what’s going on, as sleep is a valuable asset).

But MioChin, the artist, has finally finished the rework of the Volume 1 cover, here it is, one with logo, one without.

Let’s hope that the Extras are ready soon, as I still want a “real” break afterward… well, at least in terms of releasing stuff. To make final adjustments to the draft of volume 4, give MioChin time to make its cover, etc.

I’ll include a header with this cover as an additional one in the near future. I’m also kinda working on a party-header, but this proofs to be difficult. ^^’

Volume 1 – Prologue Edited

While it may not excite you as much as a new chapter, at least I got the first Prologue edited. But before I get into this, first about the next chapter (Volume 3, Chapter 1-1).

The current state is: Draft completed, overhauled, artwork done, editing in process. Seems like TheDarkLink has much on his hands and the part is slightly longer than others, so while he works in his freetime there, it’s still not at a state of being released. Now that I have an editor, I like to put him at work as well.

But in November a new one might join the team, so I hope that things will get better then. And until that moment, I concentrate on some stuff like the alpha-draft of volume 5, working MioChin to get the next artworks done, and preparing some things around the story (like a map, more status screens, etc.).

And while I’m sorry about the delay, I don’t plan to rush things for now. For those who can’t wait, here a bit of a spoiler, if you haven’t already seen it: You can take a look at the new artwork here.

Now on to the edited prologue: We started it during a break and after Dreen got another look, it was somewhat finished some time ago, still lacking a last overview. But since editing the new chapter takes so long, I wanted to share at least something with you, so here it is.

In general, I make a lot of my formatting so that I have at least trouble as possible while writing. But that doesn’t always look good. So now I have actually put some effort in making actual tables here, in RRL they are even colored (well, mostly because it doesn’t work too well with wordpress).

I also put some images on that, the Lion’s Ring and Kenta’s lineart face during this time. The actual character-design (already put it in Volume 2 Prologue, you can see it there or here) is mostly about Kenta after he get his hair cut, so I put only the long haired version in it.

The content is practically the same, but I added some more sentences into it, taking into account what you, the reader, let me know about the part. So now there is, for axample, a bit more of an explanation, why Kenta tries out the rings, taking the almost non-existence risk of being cursed. 😉

Well, have a nice week, I hope as much as you, that the new chapter is finished soon. ^^’

A bit of re-organization

To make it more simple to navigate through the chapters, I added a table of the bottom of each part and whole chapter page (even though ), which is linked to the previous part/chapter, the next part/chapter and the main-page of the volume.

Please report me, if you find a wrong or broken link. ^^’

For those who didn’t read the edit in the last post, I changed the header to ngt’s image. Hope you like it. He asked me, if there are some things, I’d like to change and maybe he will change them (merely minor stuff).

Also asked him, if he’s willing to do more, since it’d be cool seeing more of his artwork of my characters. 😀