Sorry for the delay, but…

Hello people, currently the process of PRing the Extras is slow, but sure to start. There was some sort of things to sort out in terms of communications (my messages per googledocs weren’t received), now they are hopefully over and we can finally start that final step (as I was busy, I had trouble to keep chasing after what’s going on, as sleep is a valuable asset).

But MioChin, the artist, has finally finished the rework of the Volume 1 cover, here it is, one with logo, one without.

Let’s hope that the Extras are ready soon, as I still want a “real” break afterward… well, at least in terms of releasing stuff. To make final adjustments to the draft of volume 4, give MioChin time to make its cover, etc.

I’ll include a header with this cover as an additional one in the near future. I’m also kinda working on a party-header, but this proofs to be difficult. ^^’


Character-designs finished

The character-designs of the party are finally done, and the blog will be the first one to see the whole gallery.  Hope you’ll like them.









Next chapter-part (first of the next chapter) is coming out next week.

Volume 1 – Prologue Edited

While it may not excite you as much as a new chapter, at least I got the first Prologue edited. But before I get into this, first about the next chapter (Volume 3, Chapter 1-1).

The current state is: Draft completed, overhauled, artwork done, editing in process. Seems like TheDarkLink has much on his hands and the part is slightly longer than others, so while he works in his freetime there, it’s still not at a state of being released. Now that I have an editor, I like to put him at work as well.

But in November a new one might join the team, so I hope that things will get better then. And until that moment, I concentrate on some stuff like the alpha-draft of volume 5, working MioChin to get the next artworks done, and preparing some things around the story (like a map, more status screens, etc.).

And while I’m sorry about the delay, I don’t plan to rush things for now. For those who can’t wait, here a bit of a spoiler, if you haven’t already seen it: You can take a look at the new artwork here.

Now on to the edited prologue: We started it during a break and after Dreen got another look, it was somewhat finished some time ago, still lacking a last overview. But since editing the new chapter takes so long, I wanted to share at least something with you, so here it is.

In general, I make a lot of my formatting so that I have at least trouble as possible while writing. But that doesn’t always look good. So now I have actually put some effort in making actual tables here, in RRL they are even colored (well, mostly because it doesn’t work too well with wordpress).

I also put some images on that, the Lion’s Ring and Kenta’s lineart face during this time. The actual character-design (already put it in Volume 2 Prologue, you can see it there or here) is mostly about Kenta after he get his hair cut, so I put only the long haired version in it.

The content is practically the same, but I added some more sentences into it, taking into account what you, the reader, let me know about the part. So now there is, for axample, a bit more of an explanation, why Kenta tries out the rings, taking the almost non-existence risk of being cursed. 😉

Well, have a nice week, I hope as much as you, that the new chapter is finished soon. ^^’

A bit of re-organization

To make it more simple to navigate through the chapters, I added a table of the bottom of each part and whole chapter page (even though ), which is linked to the previous part/chapter, the next part/chapter and the main-page of the volume.

Please report me, if you find a wrong or broken link. ^^’

For those who didn’t read the edit in the last post, I changed the header to ngt’s image. Hope you like it. He asked me, if there are some things, I’d like to change and maybe he will change them (merely minor stuff).

Also asked him, if he’s willing to do more, since it’d be cool seeing more of his artwork of my characters. 😀

Volume 01 – Afterword

With this, volume 1 is officially finished. Congratulations to myself, I really did it. Now I deserve a break, which isn’t really a break for me, since I’ll prepare volume 2 and continue to write volume 3’s first draft, but I’ll take that time easy.

Those who also looks at my story in RoyalRoad, please click on the Extras, when they appear there (I’m beginning to post them now), so I can get a more accurate number of viewers. 😉

Imagewise, I’m currently working on Volume 2’s cover (I also added a text-cover of volume 1 here before) and for some reason, I already did a draft for the volume 3 extra (chibi is even weaker than normal drawings and in volume 1’s one I kept failing at Kyou’s head and got so frustrated at some point, that I just ignored it).

I want to try to make a header, but seriously, being confined in a definite form makes it hard to fill the space in a way, that makes sense and seems interesting. Or good-looking. -_-‘

Still need an editor, who does a lingual overhaul to the chapters. -_-‘

But oh well, just keep going, hamster!

Next week or so I’ll publish a preview of the second volume. Until then, it’s break time from publishing! I’ll still answer comments and other forms of communication. ^^

Poll 1 closed

The polls on this blog and RoyalRoad are closed, the result is in and I’ll work on the Extra, I hope to make it happen until Wednesday.

I also began working on some new pictures, one cover for volume 02, and a image for RoyalRoad, which will present 4 characters. I plan to make one additional CG for the new main character in the second volume, but need to decide on a pose.

Some may have also noticed, that I have re-organized volume 01 a bit, so that it might be easier to access the pages. Also added an image-page to it.

I added a donation-link in “Help”, but seriously, that’s only for those, who don’t need that money!

Finally, I added a spoiler from Volume 02 for those, who may be interested:

Teru-chan had a higher score than me and I felt the difference.”


Kurosawa Teruko. … One of our classmates? … My friend?”

The one with the ponytail?”

That’s Eri-chan. Teru-chan is small and cute.”

Ah, the shrimp. So she’s called… Teru?”

Kurosawa Teruko. Can’t you remember your classmates names?”

You remember that I don’t care about these guys at all? Let me count… I know five names at all. Well, six now. Kurosaki Teruko!”

…I want to make a comment, but I don’t know where to begin.” Kyou-san is holding her head, as if she have headaches.


Volume 1 – Epilogue

And here it is, the Epilogue. It’s quite short, but hey, it’s an epilogue. So the story-part of the first volume is concluded, now we wait until the poll will be closed in two days and then I work on the Extra.

So don’t expect anything this weekend. After completing and publishing the Extra, I’ll definetly do an Afterword (it’s for my own ego) and then I take a bit of a break, maybe one or two weaks, before I start with Volume 02. There are several steps before I can publish it, but I’ll most likely do some more supplement materials (like Character Profiles) and maybe some images in the meantime.

Volume 1 – Chapter 4-3

Final part of the final chapter of volume 1. Since I finished one step in character developement of Kenta, I wanted to add one for Kyou as well, so this part was added after the first draft (plus a lot that leads to it). Hope you enjoy.

Now to the planning of the rest of the content of Volume 01. I try to get the Epilogue ready next week (most likely Wednesday), on Friday 24th June I will evaluate the poll (here and on Royal Road) and start writing the Extra. It should be out on Wednesday 29th, if there are no problems.

Then the first volume will be completed and I start working on the second, which is still in its first draft state. So there may be a one or two week break, before the second volume starts, but I may bring some supplement out. And of course a preview. 😉

The third volume is under work toward the first draft. Almost finished with the second chapter.

Next time, the Epilogue. You know, that part which ties some ends and brings some new insight of things to come.

Volume 01 – Chapter 4-2

And here it is, the second of three parts of the fourth chapter. It’s a bit bloody and altered a bit from the first draft, lengthening the fight a bit, to show a bit more of desperation.

I’m not that satisfied with this part, since I hit my limits in terms of language hard, so really: If someone is willing to edit it, to make false English right, please contact me. -_-‘

I don’t now, if I can ready the next part this weekend. This would conclude chapter 4, only leaving the epilogue of the main-story of the first volume.  For the content… karma. 😉