The high-school student Katsuragi Kenta is transported from modern Japan to a western fantasy world along with his whole class. These students are meant to be heroes in this world and fight against the evil demons, it’s a classic setting. They are granted special powers which allows them to gain strength quickly in a game-like manner.
Since Kenta is the unpopular kid in his class, he decided to use his gamer-knowledge to go solo-hunting. He doesn’t trust anyone in this world and only wants to return home, but first comes power, then everything else.
On his journeys he finds a ring, but after equipping it, he found out it’s cursed. To break the curse he have to confront several trials, using his wits, knowledge and his negative personality and along the way, find out what really lies behind the world.
But he doesn’t do it alone, since he will meet several girls on the way, who will join him on this journey. As his wives, that is…

Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Romance