Volume 01

Katsuragi Kenta (桂木 謙太) [Face] The protagonist of the story thinks of staying home and playing games as a much more interesting past-time than being in a fantasy-world and fighting monsters for real. The former high-school student was summoned to another world to defeat the demon king, just like his classmates. Despise being a so-called hero, he may not be the most social person.

Momokawa Kyou (桃川 杏) [Design] The female lead of the first volume is the former class president of Kenta’s class. She’s a beautiful girl, which was quite popular in class and behaves decently to other people.

Inoue Masahiko (井上 正彦) – The most popular boy in Kenta’s class and a friend of Kyou.

Muaotef – God of the Ss’rak, the lizard people.