Kenta drawn by Dorothee Wittstock

Hey guys, I’m back from the convention and I brought you something, an artwork from fantasy illustrator Dorothee Wittstock. I asked for a more realistic version of a character and she chose Kenta. 😉

Kenta drawn by Dorothee Wittstock

Still, there is something wrong here. Can any of you tell me what? 😀


7 thoughts on “Kenta drawn by Dorothee Wittstock

    • Drawing asians is rather hard for Europeans, as we don’t see many around and therefore they’re seldomly subjected to be drawn. Same goes for Asians trying to make realistic pictures of Caucasians, as they also lack the practice and facial proportions, height and other basic things are difficult. Still, she made it in 1.5h (while being on a con, therefore being asked a dozens times etc.)

      The thing I thought of is mentioned below. 😉

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