Volume 04 – Extras and Afterword

Here we are, the Extras and the Afterword (plus the already posted Anniversary Extra in-between). With this, volume 4 is over, a bit sad to be honest. Still, was a great time while it lasted.

Now I’m back to writing for a while, as I take a break. I don’t think it’s realistic to start releasing volume 5 before the new year,  as I still work on some stuff there, though I hope to give something to my Patreons for Christmas.

Plus some spoilers for every other reader. It’s not like I’ll forget about you! Volume 5 will be a blast, I know it, the alpha-draft was really fun to write! :D:D:D

Like always, would be really appreciated, if you would take your time to vote on TWF. 🙂


In the Afterword is a poll, which is also posted here for convinience. Multiple answers are possible, I like to see how popular certain foes are, especially for the time when some of them will be back.


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