Volume 04 – Chapter 5-3

That moment, when you realized that you f*cked up. Well, actually the chapter was there for a few hours already, but I had to go and couldn’t finish up this post. When I came home again, I realized, that I posted it in Volume 3 Chapter 5 instead… so yes, you could find this chapter-part under the wrong volume… ^^’

Nonetheless, here it is and it’s at the right place now! The hynoar’s true colors show and the unfolding of certain decisions is underway.

Had almost no time for writing this week, hope to get to the Extras soon to make a final draft… At least I’ll have time coming week for stuff like this… well, keep the ball/story rolling!

Next time, the epilogue. A last heartful scene between Kenta and his wife, plus some insight of what’s going on behind the perception of our MCs.


Like always, would be really appreciated, if you would take your time to vote on TWF. 🙂


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