Volume 2 – Cover!

This might come from the left field, but currently, MioChin is on fire. He’s finished some stuff for later on my behalf (like certain character-designs for future characters) and he also made the rework on the Volume 2 cover in lightspeed.

Of course I won’t hold it back from you, finally that gap was closed! Now it’s time to show you the magnifient piece of work MioChin did!

Volume 2 Cover

Volume 2 Textless Cover

With the new cover also comes a new banner. You can see it by having this post selected or any volume 2 related page (I hope).


Next work will be a bit of character-artwork, an illustration for volume 1 maybe, and the cover of volume 5!


2 thoughts on “Volume 2 – Cover!

    • It’s still volume 2 Kenta, after all. Back then, he thought he keeps his headaches until he delivers Rine back to her father. Now he learned to live with them instead. 😀

      Though cute Rine stays cute. ❤


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