Volume 04 – Chapter 4-2

Second part of the fourth chapter, Kenta’s in deep trouble. Though he’s a problem-solver in his heart, so he might make it. He also got ‘the Hood.’ Its special powers will lead him through thos confrontation. Don’t underestimate ‘the Hood,’ as ‘the Hood’ rules supreme.

I’m still open to suggestions to non-canoncial Extras, my brain is a bit stimulated, but I won’t let the idea of the century go away by saying ‘I don’t need it anymore.’ MioChin is almost finished with the cover of the second volume, something dear to me, as I really like to close that gap! Looks great so far!

I want to thank Fossil and erowarrior again for another mentioning in NFU, though I ask myself what makes Kenta a “specialized MC” in your eyes, erowarrior. Not that I can’t see it, but I’m curious!

Next time, we’ll take a look what the girls are up to. It’ll be dramatic, it’ll be breath-taking, it’ll be great. I hope…


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