Volume 04 – Chapter 3-3

Here it is, part 3 of chapter 3 of volume 4. A last hint to what’s happeing around them, and the evidence: Speaking with others don’t always solve your problems. Sometimes it may give you some ideas, but no solutions.

Right now, I’m sick, good thing that I worked in front to provide you with chapter-parts, even if I’m a bit handicapped… Well, time to get better.

Next time, we’ll find first clues of what exactly happens around the party. Some questions might be answered, other might pop up. 😉


Would be great, if you vote on TWF, there is no account needed, and the vote will be valid for a week. It’s a nice way page to find popular, active stories, so not only can you find something else to read, but can help me attracting new readers. 😉


One thought on “Volume 04 – Chapter 3-3

  1. I don’t buy Kenta’s success in avoiding increase in physical contact. He may have will and desire to restrict it, but he’s a hot-blooded male. He can’t void the girls, and most of them are eager for more contact. Even with his will if you consider that he’s spent months having to engage in these activities every day he should’ve convinced himself that it’s OK. Like “Damn, Rine is trying to snuggle up to me again. Well, I just won’t bother doing anything.” He will know that he’s fooling himself if he thinks about it later, but daily temptations are chipping away at his determination.

    It’s like a reformed alcoholic stranded in a bar where he has to drink a couple drops of liquor several times a day to stay alive and other people inside urge him to drink with them. You may believe that he’ll hold up for several days, but there’s no way he’ll be able to not down a shot after months.


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