Volume 04 – Chapter 1-2

The second part of the first chapter of Volume 4. We take a look at the daily life of Kenta and his wives, but there is also the bad p-word involved… Do your best!!! >.<

On the art-side, we try to get some extra done in time, I hope it’ll be ready next week, just a slight add-on, but one that would make me happy. The other artwork is done for volume 4, will be great!

Still considering what to add as my non-canonical extra, either a chance for readers to ask questions to the characters, or maybe I’m starting rewriting a simple fairy tale, as I can’t help to think it’d be hilarious to see how things like Little Red Riding Hood would end up, if we set the “I hate wed”-cast in there. Your opinions or ideas?

Well, final par of chapter 1 will be released next week again, we’ll see one of many strategies to come up with, when the “p” emerges! 😉


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