Volume 4 – Prologue

Today we start with volume 4, one chapter-part per week without excuses (unless I end up in a hospital or something severe like that), after the disaster with volume 3, I made sure that it’s in an almost finished condition.

Well, it’s time to thank a bunch of people: Thx Overseer_Sena for mentioning my story on Novel Updates Forum. Thx truenull for the same. Very thank you, Fossil, as you have done it three times! Thank you Stuart Grosse for that Facebook-mentioning, Thank you Blakethorburn and applemonkeymanfor mentioning my story on reddit. Thank you John, for putting my on your 259  Free Humor & Comedy Ebooks-list.  😀

Finally… thank you Irina Malina Kazan? For using my first version of the volume 3 cover to be downloaded on download-wall-paper.net? I guess, it’s something? ^^’

Well, here is the prologue. It starts a few weeks after the last volume, giving Kenta the probably most important item in his whole career (even more important than the Lion’s Wedding Ring!!!).

Please vote on Top Weekly Fiction, it’s just a few clicks, no account needed, and it’ll help me a lot!


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