New Status-Design?

Hey there, volume 4 is having a blast being PRed right now, I hope to start releasing it in July on a weekly basis then. But for this, there are still some small tasks to do. For example, I’m working on a new design for status pages. Mostly, because I want to make it easier to update them, and I needed some more space for the Abilities and Skills, because Ara’ainn almost broke them already… well, I wasn’t paying that much attention to the future with the old ones.

This may or may not be the new design, I’m hoping to find someone who’s really good at making smooth designs and boxes on RRL, but if any of you is interested and capable to brush those simply status pages to something nice, but fillable, I gladly accept it.

Old Design

Second Design

New Design

Colored Design

The new design may be a bit less smooth in reading, but was made with space in mind.

If you really dislike the new design or have ideas how to improve it, be sure to share!

Take this as a try of me as an amateur, and I’m looking for ways and hands to improve! 😉

EDIT: Added a new design after some feedback from IronDoge. Thx for it.

EDIT2: A colored design with boxes, after I asked a friend of mine (who meant, that the boxed design feels more like a character sheet). The green of the boxes would be only for Ara’ainn, while the other characters would get their respective colors.


5 thoughts on “New Status-Design?

  1. Hi,
    I threw together a mockup from your mockup:
    Did a good job of cutting off her toes without noticing, if I do say so myself~

    I don’t think you should use the grey textboxes for an ocean of reasons:
    * Black on grey lowers the contrast between the text and background, making it slightly harder to read
    * Grey is a depressing color so having giant blobs of it feels depressing
    * Rigidly defined frames look good when they’re neatly aligned with each other and well-filled, both internally and the page the frames are on.
    * They come with these problems and don’t solve any problems, so I liked the open page structure you had before

    Frames around borders would be a bad idea since they’d use up space, and space is already cramped. An idea to reserve if you want to crop the portrait, though.

    I really think the life/stam/mana line should be near the top of the page. If this were a status screen you were using in real life, those would be the numbers you’d be constantly looking for when you call up your status.

    In the long run you’ll still have the same problem if your characters keep growing: an infinite amount of information crammed into a finite page. Games get around this by having tabs, multiple pages, or pages of infinite length. I think you’d have to go to “tabs” by then – only displaying the skills of the active class, with nothing more than the Skill Mastery type and rank of the inactive classes underneath.


    • Thx for your oppinion, and the toes are only cut off, because of the merging of layers, so when I remove the boxes layer, they will be back.
      Changing the position of the Health/Stamina/Magic-line to the top sounds like a good idea.

      Sadly, these are already the skills and abilities of the active class (in this case [Druid]), as Ara’ainn’s [Athletics], [Quarterstaff], [Knife], [Maneuvers] and [Performance]-abilities of the [Acrobat]-class aren’t displayed at all).
      Though the basic idea with the new stats-page is to rely more on text-boxes (on the file), so I have an easier time changing positions and text-size.

      I’ll stomp out a new design following your hints when I have some time (maybe tomorrow) and put it in the post. 😉


      • > Sadly, these are already the skills and abilities of the active class

        I only realized this a little after my post -_- the Academics fooled me didn’t think it was a Druid skill

        Nearly every class besides the beastly Druid would have a *lot* of empty space in this sorta format. Might wanna only use it when it’s necessary


    • And a fourth design, made after consulting a friend from D&D, who reads a lot, play some games, and has no idea of stuff whatsoever. He liked the boxes, so I changed to the colored approach. What’re you thinking?


  2. Added a new status page, using your suggestions. I removed the frames, moved the Health/Stamina/Magic-line, but kept the level at place, since it’s saving a bit of space and is the same for all classes (well, following that logic, Health/Stamina/Magic should also be above the classes, but it’s looking not as good…

    In terms of Abilities&Skills: Historical druids were actually lore-keepers and sages, therefore it was a viable [Ability]. I fused parts of the fantasy druid with the historical, though I was careful to not give some “archetypical, but somewhat annoying” [Abilities] here, like the fact, that many druids in games can heal (like in Might&Magic, where they’re practically priests and wizards in one, or D&D). The heart of the [Druid]-class is supposed to be [Spirit Magic] in conjuncture with [Elemental Magic].

    About the spacing, don’t worry. The reason I remake the whole thing in the first place is to make it easier to edit, therefore things like changing the text-size won’t be a problem. And for those classes that have almost nothing going on (like [Student]) a bit of vastness is a good way to confer that. I believe… ^^’


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