Volume 4 Preview and looking for (a) new Proofreader(s)

It’s sad, but Rooker has left the project due to RL-stuff, and Dreen has still problems with his PC. I’m also currently busy, partly because of the novel, partly because of other stuff, that’s why the current break is very appreciated.
But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to have volume 4 proofread during the break to ensure regular releases.

The problem is, I’m no native English speaker and therefore there is that barrier that prevents me from really grasping the whole feeling of the language.
That’s why I’m looking for a new proofreader, who can help me with it. I use “Google Docs” as the PR-platform and use Grammarly Premium before putting it there, so the actual work might be less than you might expect. Just polishing some sentences and declaring, what’s hard to understand, what doesn’t sound right, and other stuff that needs work.

Upsides are: You’re reading everything early, get early access to artwork (including drafts) and other stuff, and are part of a team, which may create a bit of a strange web novel, but a web novel nonetheless.

If you’re interested, please comment here or send me a message per twitter, facebook or other means.

State of volume 4, clean-draft almost ready, new character design of Kenta is finished, new character design for Kyou is underway (but mostly finished), the concept of the new cover finished, waiting for Kyou.
The draft may be varied a bit after Kyou’s 2nd character design is ready to reflect her new appearance.

Finally, here are the volume 4 spoilers!

[“And now, that he’s a ranger, he has also earned ‘The Hood.’”] – The training finally ended! But what is ‘The Hood’?

[A few days without the girls. That will be paradise!] – Finally vacation!

[Finally, Ara-san and the elder: “Finally, you’re about to set on a journey to be the hero, who you already were 92 years ago. There is no need for us to worry about your health anymore, or about your sanity. Nobody has to provide you with food and tea and all the other stuff. Ara-tan, even if you won’t become a productive member of our society, at least we lost you as an almost dead-weight.”] – The party sets out to a new journey with their new member Ara’ainn.

[With bearing shark teeth, the scaleetles attacks! Rine’s sword cuts right from above, while her other hand catches one of the teeth she just severed, throwing it in the eye of a second fish-monster. She trips a third with a sweeping kick, which turns into a roundhouse-kick while spinning, kicking the fourth one into the side.] – Rine’s fighting capabilities are as ridiculous as ever!

[I look at the ground. There are some suspicious tracks here, humanoid boots. Some paws also, but as far as my [Track]-skill tells me, the owners of these paws is bipedal. Maybe some sort of canine or feline human? Hard to tell, I never saw paws like that before. They don’t particularly look like dog, cat or bear paws.] – The mystery begins.

[A squirrel! And it has panda-spots! It’s on this lone tree, watching in our general direction.] – They’re back!

[“Welcome. Kenta, right? I suppose that Jarghls’ dead is your doing, right?”] – Don’t antagonize him!

[I met Ken in high school, we were in the same class.] – Flashback, Kyou’s point of view.


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