Sorry for the delay, but…

Hello people, currently the process of PRing the Extras is slow, but sure to start. There was some sort of things to sort out in terms of communications (my messages per googledocs weren’t received), now they are hopefully over and we can finally start that final step (as I was busy, I had trouble to keep chasing after what’s going on, as sleep is a valuable asset).

But MioChin, the artist, has finally finished the rework of the Volume 1 cover, here it is, one with logo, one without.

Let’s hope that the Extras are ready soon, as I still want a “real” break afterward… well, at least in terms of releasing stuff. To make final adjustments to the draft of volume 4, give MioChin time to make its cover, etc.

I’ll include a header with this cover as an additional one in the near future. I’m also kinda working on a party-header, but this proofs to be difficult. ^^’


4 thoughts on “Sorry for the delay, but…

  1. Kentusrpg, do you capitalize your nickname or prefer having it capitalized in comments?
    What about in the start of a sentence, like the first one in this comment? 🙂

    Are you and MioChin the only ones working on this book project?

    I’m quite envious that your hobby is so productive and probably fulfilling, writing that is.
    I used to write software, model 3d art and draw a bit, but then I got so distracted that I kind of “grew out of it”. Now I only read :/

    Congrats on getting close to shipping the product!


  2. Now that I took a look at your Patreon, your welcome-post answers my first question about the nickname, at least the first part of it.
    And WTF, a single patron, how fresh is that account? Gotta fix that.


  3. Thx for your patronage and therefore the reminder that I should at least post the non-PR version of the Extras there. ^^’

    Like you see, my nickname isn’t capitalized. When I was much younger, I tried to give me the nickname Kentus (which is formed by my full name) for the D&D forums, but it was too sad, that it was already taken. So lazy as I was, I added an RPG afterward, and when I tried to think about a pseudonym for writing, I was using it again after some consideration.

    Currently, there are following people working on this fiction:
    1.) Me, as the author.
    2.) MioChin as the artist.
    3.) Dreen and Rooker as PR for the new chapters (even though I think more would be better)
    4.) Two people of the group DRAFT on “Royal Road Legends” for revisiting the early chapters, which didn’t have PR (when I worked alone).

    I also dabbled rather late into this kind of hobby and did a lot before, then ended up doing nothing, and finally I came back to something creative. So not all might be lost for you. And tbh, I’m jealous of people who can stuff I can’t, so your skill set is worthy of my envy! 😀

    My Patreon page is so small and unknown right now because I’m still kinda dissatisfied with it. I want to make good pledges that I can hold up, but for that, I need some more preparation. Plus, making a Youtube video. -_-‘


    • Ah, the struggles with the inner perfectionist 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement about rediscovering my creativity! As for skillsets, I’m jealous of lots of people, including you, because I’m just greedy for skills. Comes with seeing yourself as a character in the game of life, I suppose.

      Four people doing PR, I see. Some authors rely on the entire body of readership to spot typos and such, practically invoking the Linus’s Law, but that requires a very active community, where people just open typo threads and fill them with things they spot.

      Good news it that some of your readers, who also read lots of other stuff (like me) are already used to being an additional proofreader in the swarm, so you just need a vertically slim comments box with threading support (indentation) and some glaringly obvious typos in your text that irk your readers into reporting them, hahaha


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