Volume 3 Epilogue

I’m still sickly, but here is the Epilogue of the third Volume, the story-part is over. A fine conclusion and maybe one or two questions answered. A bit of foreshadowing as well. Nice way to end it.

Next time, it’ll be the Extras, this time I followed the series instead of putting up a poll, but there is some content, so it’ll take some time, I think more like two weeks, considering my current schedule. The Afterword comes out at the same time.

Seriously, I’ll try my best to make the next volume not stretch that long again…

Well, have fun reading and please vote on TWF! Just takes a moment, no account or anything else, but it’ll help this story’s publicity.


2 thoughts on “Volume 3 Epilogue

  1. I was curious as to why you are not trying to sell these volumes on Amazon as litrpg ebooks? I think they would do well on there as well as the added bonus of generating funds to help you be able to write more. It’s a simple equation: Money = Quality of life = better health. Take care of yourself and I’m looking forward to Ken getting reamed again for “taking another wife”, even if she pretty much was asking to be cursed with her experiment.


    • A valid question. I’m actually considering it, but the moment I’ll try to take money is also the moment when I want to step up the work to the next level. This free version is my hobby, therefore while I take it seriously, it’s more about what I want and what I have fun writing, in a very direct way. The moment I’ll put something on amazon, I want it to be ‘better’ than the free version, so I like to rework the volumes, put more content into them, and maybe one or two little changes there. Maybe even changing the tense to simple past, as quite a few natives told me, it’d be easier to read. Plus, professional editing, after polishing everything to a certain degree.
      Therefore there will be a bit of time involved and I have to look for myself whether I can actually do all that work to satisfy my own standards. Plus, knowing me, I’d rather have the second ‘premium’ volume already halfway through before even publishing the first one. Considering that I also want to keep going with the free version, I want to organize everything first, so that I won’t end up publishing 3 premium volumes on amazon and then having such a chaos before me, that there will be a huge break in-between. ^^’

      Regarding my health, it’s not too bad, but in my day job, there is just a higher chance of getting infectious diseases like a stomach bug. So when I’m sick, it’s usually along the line, that I don’t feel well enough to do something which I take seriously.


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