Volume 3 – Chapter 5-2

It may be not a romantic release, but happy Valentine’s Day regardless.

This is the end of the climax, only the Epilogue of the main-story remains, then we’re already at the Extras, which still have to be reviewed, but are already written. As I saw a trend in the last 3 volumes, I just continued it. So there was no poll for a reason.

I like about this chapter-part how nothing is gifted here, only an accumulation of experience, opportunities, and skills. No cheap way out, using the own wits.

On another note: I was invited to participate in a writing contest… the day before yesterday, while I had only about 3 hours to write that stuff without messing my sleep cycle, so I did a really quick and dirty job, had no time to properly PR it and everything, but I ended up second place nonetheless… Is it really that good? Well, read it and judge for yourself, I might PR it at some point, but for now I just keep it around.

The Epilogue should be out next week, I’m currently sick, which really limits my writing capabilities, but oh well… Things are starting to move in the background and starts a new arc.

And like always: Please vote on TWF! Just takes a moment, no account or anything else, but it’ll help this story’s publicity.


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