Volume 3 – Chapter 4-2

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And the second part of the fourth chapter, we’re looking at the situation between Yoshimura, Hoshibashi, and the alfar. Poor Aera’jos, he may be a bit racist (or more like speciesist, since he’d get along with other alfr races), but… actually, poor Yoshimura and Hoshibashi! You guys are actually reasonable!

It’s a very valuable insight in what alfar of the fantasy world are like, but many of these characteristics are also perceivable when looking at Ara’ainn, she’s just… less wild. But there is a reason, why people don’t visit the alfar much.

Next part will begin with Kenta and the girls in the actual village of Aroahenn, and that part will be on the longer side. But now things are rolling and they will not stop until the very end.
I don’t expect that we’ll be able to finish the proofreading soon enough for me to post it this week. My weekend is just pretty full this time.

On another side, I got some people to help me reworking the older chapters in terms of proofreading. Will be the first step towards using other sites to spread this story, together with the rework of Volume 1’s cover.

There will be little changes here and there, but you don’t need to reread everything just to keep track. It’s more about aligning some things here and there and using some suggestions, questions, and feedback I got from you (my readers) to make things clearer.

Have a nice week! 😉


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